Monday, 1 January 2018


Welcome to 2018, when most of us I guess, are all looking ahead with a sense in the collective unconscious of a mixture of bewilderment, some incredulity and if we are honest, some fear for the future. Only incurable optimists will be confident all will be well.

The year starts interestingly with a very unusual January, as this is an exceptional “blue moon” month. The phrase “once in a blue moon” which basically means “rarely”, derives from the unusual event of a full Moon occurring twice in one month, and this month is such a month, with the significant added rarity of the second one being a total lunar eclipse. The first standard full Moon is on the 2nd at 2.24 GMT at 11 degrees of Cancer and the second one, the special Total Lunar eclipse, is on the 31st at 13.30 GMT, at 11degrees of Leo.

 If one has a personal natal planet at the same degree as the full Moon, or at the opposite degree, (same degree in the opposite sign) it is likely to impact you personally, more powerfully than others.

Full moons bring a tendency for the eruption of the unconscious and there is a mood of rather untamed events, which will out, and the unpredictable and primeval is in the air as are culminations and endings. Things rise to the surface. Tides are high as are inner tensions. We reap consequences on the full Moon. When the full Moon is also manifesting as a total lunar eclipse, we can expect the same effect, but as if on steroids.

The new Moon falls on the 17th at 26 degrees of Capricorn, a benign influence, where we sow and prepare new beginnings.

Saturn now firmly into his own home sign of Capricorn (since December 20th and for 2 and a half years) points to the principle that it is not money that is the root of all evil, but the love of it (greed) that earns that crown and which holds huge power currently. The great economic divisions and inequality in our global society will be a source of ever increasing karma, as pursuit of monetary power and its fallout for further inequalities becomes truly the driving mover and shaker of the globe and its woes. The power of money has in many ways on the globe trumped democracy. Large egos and authoritarian leaders, who see themselves as emperors, in many respects are increasingly the trend.  Trump’s tax cuts for the wealthy and (temporarily) for the middle classes will underscore the inequalities. Trickle down economics, (i.e. the theory that the wealthy will invest for the betterment of the poor) has proved with Pluto (power/obsession) in Capricorn since 2007/8 to be a wishful thinking fantasy. Plutocratic wealth dominates.

Capitalism was originally based on the protestant (Calvinism) work ethic, which was designed for the good and benefit of all (trickle down). That has long been largely lost, as the uber capitalist ethic has very visibly prevailed, especially over the last 10 years.

However because Saturn (in Capricorn) is the lord of karma, and Pluto’s sign position (also in Capricorn since 2008 and till 2025) suggests that abuse of power pays a big price. We are facing a rather significant nemesis, even a meltdown, re our value system and a full on facing of the fallout of our, (or the system’s) economic abuse of power and the drive of materialism, consumerism and the seemingly unquestioned holy grail of “growth”.  The planet/environment itself is as much the messenger of this karma as anything else. It is already groaning loudly in our face, in ways there is no necessity to elucidate.

Neptune in Pisces now (from 2012 till 2026) is however simultaneously shouting out at us to focus on the planets survival, both ecologically and of course climate wise, or all is lost. Without a sustainable planet and ecosystem there is no sustainability for humanity. We can put some faith in technology to help save the day, especially from 2025, when Pluto (power) moves into Aquarius (technology… but there are concomitant dangers then too, of abuse of power re technology) but we also have to change our collective behaviour, not just compensate for it.

This issue is existential, even biblical in its implications, like never before, because we know what we are doing, but it really is an “inconvenient truth”, so therefore deniable to many of those whose total focus is on money and growth.

This month is quite intense. It is after all, also the month of Capricorn, so all pressure is on, re value systems.

Because the Sun and Venus both conjunct Pluto on the 9th and 10th and on the 24th/25th, Mercury also conjuncts Pluto, they will be significant dates, that point to potential crisis and abuse of power in some context. Egos are highlighted. Danger and brinkmanship dominate.

Mars is also now in Pluto ruled Scorpio, (since December 10th till Jan 26th). This is a powerful position and brings a ruthless energy and often determination of a single-minded nature to achieve power, for good or ill. This position is also very linked to sexuality (and money).  Because Scorpio is very forensic in nature, as a sign, revelations re sexual abuse and financial scandals have been to the fore. The principal of power and sex is intense when Mars is in Scorpio and with Jupiter also now in Scorpio for a year, these will be a predominant issue.

Another major astrological fact for this year is that in May, Uranus moves from Aries, (where he has been for 7 years) to Taurus (the sign of his fall, as the planet of Uranus and the sign of Taurus are incompatible energies). He stays there initially for 6 months, then reverts back to Aries, to rubber-stamp a few issues no doubt, and then returns to Taurus for the long approximately 7year haul, in March 2019.

 In Aries (the individual), Uranus (unpredictable change/technology/revolution) indeed revolutionised individual’s power via technology/social media and created “surprise” unpredictability and rebellion (anti establishment mood) and a desire for independence and brought a change in peoples voting motivation, aided and abetted of course by technology.

Taurus is about feeling and instinct, safety and security/money (earth) while Uranus (air) is about the power of mind, the new and revolutionary, and takes risks and wants liberty, and change, often for its own sake.  He is about the future, rebellion and the innovative, not least in technology. He can create chaos.

Uranus in Taurus means therefore that we can expect a revolution in the way we deal with money especially because of new technology and digitisation. . From Taurus the focus for change will be in what constitutes security and our material values that will be subject to revolution, and it will bring to many a feeling of much insecurity as the old security systems simply break down. Unpredictable and game changing shifts in the economy and how money works is pretty well guaranteed.

The great US depression, the fallout of the Wall Street crash, and the dropping of the gold standard, correlated with the last time Uranus was in Taurus (1934-1941), healed incidentally only by the advent of World War 2.

Back to this month, Mr Trump has got Mars conjuncting his natal IC and squaring its own natal place and his natal ascendant, all between the 19th and the 27th. He will likely to be angry, impulsive, and dangerously confrontational then, not least in relation to foreign policy and legal issues that may directly affect him and family.

Fortunately Mars globally, currently is not in conflict with other planets, and is even very constructive between the 8th and 10th.

However between the 5th-8th when Mars conjuncts Jupiter, (crusading determination) there is a great confidence and a go getting energy in a pioneering and zealous way, amongst powerful players on the world stage, that can tempt bold moves that need squeaky clean motives, or over reaching can have troublesome consequences.

The 12th-15th sees the Sun and Venus square to Uranus. The unpredictable is in the air then, including potential geophysical events (earthquakes, volcanic disturbance etc)

Theresa May has a difficult period in the second half of the month, courtesy of Mars, and the whole Brexit issue will rumble on with ever more complications thrown up, till exhaustion will take over for her in February.  Her position looks very shaky then, but With Venus (and possibly her Moon.. no birth time known) conjunct Pluto in her birth chart, she is however steely in her determination to maintain power and not be defeated. If she survives February and March politically, the last 3 months of 2018 will probably see her power radically undermined in some way.

Nationalism and protectionism is an instinct that feels safe and redemptive and is becoming an increasingly strong tribal drive in the face of and in reaction to what is seen as the downside of globalisation, but it carries the real danger now of a breakdown in global cooperation, when never before have we needed it so much, in order to cope with the huge issues on every level that face us/the planet… Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces will bring to us all over the coming decade, the message that we need to start again somehow and to totally reconsider our prevailing economic value system which is largely redundant and self-defeating. A necessary total economic and political breakdown may be, just maybe, the only way that can happen…

There are however potential phoenixes out of the ashes.

The good news is that Jupiter sextiles Pluto this month, exactly in the second half of the month, which augurs well for constructive determination for renewal and regeneration with the collective power to achieve. All that matters is the motive.


Keep on your toes career wise.  It’s a good period, but avoid over-confidence. 

Indeed, all after the 11th need to be sure that their communications are clear ,as there is a lot of room for misunderstanding.

Before the 18th, if born after March 28th, your charms in the workplace are significant.  Don’t misuse them. 

After the 18th, if born up to April 7th, friendships provide love, support and harmony and fun and love is in the air. 

After the 26th, for all born up to March 24th, there is a surge of energy that is very constructive.  It is very positive for internationalism, the law and academic studies.  Your ruling planet is baptising you with courage and strength.

Saturn, now established in Capricorn, is currently squaring the Suns of those early Aries, born up to March 26th.  Some restrictions and difficulties are in the air.  This is short lived. Be mature. Step up to the plate.  Face facts and get rest.

Uranus is still directly emphasising the principle of change, restlessness and potential liberation if born April 13th to 15th.   This is gone by March.  Look back on the last year and acknowledge the changes. 

If born April 7th to 10th, Pluto is still on your case, as he has been most of last year and indeed will be this year.  Inner struggles need to be conscious.  Power struggles at work need to be carefully thought through, controlled and do not let your active anger get the better of you.  Draw boundaries.  Veto others’ behaviour and yours, if it is in any way coercive or controlling.


Long distance and legal issues are flagged up and indeed after the 11th, all of you may find that communications, learning, study and travel are all agreeable and constructive. 

Before the 18th, you are also likely to encounter the harmonious and the love in long distance contacts and study will give you joy.

After the 18th, if born up to May 10th, don’t overdo charm to get your own way. 

Before the 26th, if born after May 4th, Mars in your 7th house is creating some potential war-drums in your social life and in your relationships.  Others are immovable and challenging.  Do not match with equal stubbornness, but know to draw boundaries.

However, Jupiter is enhancing the lives of those born May 6th to 13th.  Fun, expansion, optimism and potential travel is yours, but be careful about over confidence and over-trusting in others who may encourage extravagant behaviour.  Be your own master.

Saturn, now in Capricorn, is constructive in a very practical and mature way for those born up to April 26th.  Duty and obligation connected to travel or study is strong but it is all very practical and giving you a good foundation.  Discipline and hard work comes easily. 

Neptune is still continuing to inspire on a spiritual, creative and emotional level all born May 1st to 4th.  This yearlong influence has softened you for more empathy and more emotional vulnerability. It brings a very inspiring dimension.

Finally Pluto is bringing for those born May 8th to 11th, in this very rare positive transit, a sense of courage, insight, destiny, power and self-reinvention.  Not least in relationships.  This is regenerative and transformative.  Enjoy.  It is yours for the next year.


You may have no choice but need to accept that everything is quite profound this month  and complex financial issues need focus, probably in a good way.

Before the 11th, all born after June 7th will have excellent communications skills and news and discussions with others will be fruitful, enhancing and your input is valuable.

After the 18th, all born up to June 8th are also likely to be experiencing happiness and emotional fulfilment in a long distance context and working hard on an academic or a study issue will bring joy.  Love, travel and study can all combine. 

Mars, however, for those born up to May 26th will, at the end of the month, in the last six days, bring some confrontations with others.  People may block your path and you may be easily irritated.  Stop and think before you react.

For those born June 14th-16th, Uranus is in his last lap of providing some inner inspiration that has been going on for nearly eighteen months.  This journey is coming to a close, but it has brought inspiration from others too.  Awakening you to ideological views, more humanitarian concerns, friendships that have provided catalysts and an ability to work for the greater good.  You are looking more outside the box more than you were two years ago.

However, Neptune has been a little confusing for about a yearor many born June 1st to 4th.  There has been some vague smoke and mirror input, possibly professionally.  You have possibly been vulnerable to other people who have not been as straight as they could be and you have certainly needed to be straight yourself.  Confusion and uncertainly and a sense of some lack of security has been in the air and it’s possible you have been over-idealistic about something, but it has inspired you creatively and brought your heart centre into strong focus.  Greater clarity will emerge in a month or so.


Relationships are a focus. After the 11th, all of you may find that the power of communications extremely helpful and gratifying.

Before the 18th, if born after June 30th, romance, affections are underlined and your ability to attract others with charm and a good heart is notable.  This is reciprocated.

Before the 26th, all born after July 6th will find that your desires and your passions are inspired both in the arts and in love life.  Energy is productive and creative, psychologically, physically, spiritually is constructive and needs to be taken advantage of.

Jupiter also is very much supportive of those born July 8th to 15th.  He is enhancing creativity, love life, fertility in all contexts and bringing fun, enjoyment, optimism and positivity and growth. It is also very pleasant for travel, combined with Romance.

However, Saturn is in the opposite sign to yours now and will be for two and a half years and in this month he is directly opposing those born June 23rd to 27th.  Some potential conflict or reality check about a relationship is in the air.  There is a sense of challenge and a need to face facts about somebody.  Obligations and duties are also underlined.  Know what is reasonable and what isn’t. Delays and blocks are there to make you re-think issues and people. 

Uranus is coming to the end of a long period of creating some disruption and uncertainty and insecurity in the lives of those born July 16th to 18th, particularly in terms of your status in life.  This is gone by March and security will be more tangible.  In the meantime know you have been on a journey, although uncomfortable, that has probably kick-started you into a more valid future.

Also Neptune, again in a rare transit, has been inspiring those born July 2nd to 5th.  He has brought inspiration, creatively, spiritually and through travel.  Your heart is even bigger than it was before. 

Finally Pluto, in his once every 248 year opposition to your Sun is still bringing for those born July 10th to 13th.  Some feeling of a power struggle is still lingering.  Be conscious.  Don’t sink to dark motives and draw boundaries around those who would.

The 1st full Moon in the month is on the 2nd in your sign and effects those born around July 3rd/4th.  Issues are brought to a head… and it can act as a clearinghouse.


The work ethic needs underlining this month and sorting out a lot of unresolved issues.

However, before the 11th, if born after August 9th, creativity and enjoyment is on the cards. Communications with offspring and love life will be important, but make time for work too. 

After the 18th, if born up to August 10th, romance is flagged up.  Your charms are undoubted and you can attract favours from others, as well as affections. 

However, before the 26th, if born after August 6th, there are some people on the family front who may be challenging and disruptive and your stubbornness or strong will can create domestic conflict. Others are no pushovers.

However, after the 26th, if born up to July 28th, your desire for play, pleasure and enjoyment is strong and your will is constructive and confident.

Jupiter, now in Scorpio is, this month, a mixed blessing for those born August 8th to 15th.  He is bringing self-indulgence, over-confidence, over-optimism and possibly over-reaching.  Good times can be had, but only if there is measured moderation and humility.  Avoid a sense of entitlement.  

Uranus is in the last ditch of his once every 42-year inspiration to those born August 16th to 18th.  He has brought a sense of awakening and enlightening from long distance issues and in academic study.  He has awoken you from your subjectivity and are now taking a more objective viewpoint.  The bigger picture matters more to you now than it did and you are to some extent more liberated as a result.

The total Lunar eclipse on the 31st impacts those born around August 4th. For this group there is a real possibility of significant events that are aligned to a need to face up to issues that are shouting out for attention.


Make time for leisure, pleasure and love life this month.

After the 11th, all of you will find that communications with both partners, romantically or otherwise, and with children are very beneficial.  

Indeed, before the 18th, all born after August 31st will find affection and love life comes easily, as indeed does creative skill. 

Before the 26th, for all born after September 6th, there will be a sense of power of communication and insight that will be advantageous.  Your actions, your thinking and your attitude will be constructive.  

However, after the 26th, if born up to August 29th, tread carefully on the home front.  Family may be quick to be irritable and you may seem a little bit like a bull in a china shop to others.

Jupiter in Scorpio is beneficial now to those born September 8th to 15th.  He is bringing extra wisdom, good communications and news from siblings and a sense of insight and luck and confidence is yours. 

Even Saturn, now in Capricorn, is providing pragmatic progress for those born up to August 29th.    Serious, responsible attitudes are needed and evident..  Loyalty and maturity of approach to love life, children’s issues and speculative issues will give you long-term advantage.  Hard work comes easily.

Neptune, still opposing the Suns of those born September 3rd to 6th, is coming to a close in his influence by March.  This rare and long-felt feeling of uncertainty and confusion from others and over-idealisation of others and a need to be black and white about all things has taught you some lessons, but it has also inspired you creatively and your heart has been opened, if not a little vulnerable.

Finally, Pluto is continuing in his rare trine to your Sun to empower those born September 10th to 13th.  He is giving you courage, determination and destiny in love life and creativity and not least possibly around offspring.


Focus on family and real estate and home issues is important.

Before the 11th, all born after October 10th will find that your communications and your insights and wisdom are to the point and work for you.

After the 11th, you will all need to ensure that your communications are crystal clear and there is potential for confusion. 

After the 18th, all born up to October 11th can enjoy leisure, pleasure, indulgence and love life.  Relax and enjoy.

After the 26th, if born up to September 28th you are no pushover and your usual self-surrender will be replaced by more constructive self-assertion. 

Saturn in Capricorn now is in square relationship to your sign and this month those affected are born up to September 29th.  Some family issues may be showing their face.  Lack of confidence, blocks, restrictions, and frustrations are possible.  Reality checks and some learning curves are in the air.  Step up to the plate and also remember that no one is getting younger, including you.

Uranus is nearly finished with his eighteen month long visitation to oppose the Suns of those October 17th to 19th.  Disruptions brought into your life by other people’s unexpected change of attitude or stance continues until February, but ironically their unpredictability can be your liberation.

Finally, those born October 11th to 14th are still dealing with the power of Pluto. The need for liberation to find your own unique power and destiny is strong, but it may involve some struggles within self and with others.  Just keep aware, conscious and controlled, but do not repress this need for change.


Your mind is sharp this month and alert and indeed after the 11th, all of you will be even more insightful than usual. 

Before the 18th, if born after October 31st, your charms combine with your intellect to make you very persuasive of others.

After the 18th, if born up to November 10th, there is a tendency for over-indulgence, over-reaching and over-spending.  Have a care.

Mars is now seriously in your sign, directly by conjunction, impacting those born after November 6th.  For this group, you will all be extra assertive, extra powerful. Extra wilful, extra determined, extra energetic.  Use it positively.  Do not let it tip into hostility or control.

Jupiter however, in your sign, will also be benefiting many of the same group, born November 8th to 15th.  Luck, confidence and determination is yours.  Expansiveness and travel is flagged up, but beware over-confidence and do let an over-zealous nature and urge get you carried away.

Saturn is giving some steadying of the boat for those born October 24th - October 29th He is bringing common sense, steadfastness, loyalty and hard work, constructively so. 

Neptune is finalising his inspiring eighteen-month period for those born November 3rd to 6th.  Your creative side continues to flourish.  Your empathy and compassion is now being cemented.  You’re sensitivity, idealism and spirituality has also been and continues to be a real focus.

Finally, those born November 10th to 13th have your ruler Pluto still enforcing the power of your Scorpionic insight, depth, profundity of mind and desire for the truth, all in a very positive way.  A sense of destiny is well established now.


Finances may need some focus in a good way this month.

Before the 11th all born after December 8th will find that your communication skills and your wisdom will be beneficial in all areas. 

After the 18th, if born up to December 9th, your heart and your mind combine effectively to persuade other people to back your goals and desires and ideas.  Your charms are strong.

After the 26th, Mars moves into your sign, initially affecting this month all born up to November 27th.  For this small group, those last few days of the month will see you assertive, determined, focused and disciplined; and possibly even a little on the coercive side.  Keep it constructive.

For all born December 15th to 17th, you are coming to the end of a long period of Uranus enhancing your spirit, need for freedom and individuality.  Since June of last year, this has been effective.  It has brought an awakening; an enlightening and opportunities connected to love life, creative work and offspring issues.  It has awoken you to so much more about yourself and life.  Celebrate this journey as it comes to a close.  You are now more uniquely true to self. 

However, Neptune is also coming to the end of a long period  (started in April 2016) of causing some confusion and uncertainty in the lives of those born December 2nd to 5th.   There has been a feeling of dissolving of certainty about many issues in life.  Not least domestically, career wise and general insecurity.  The fact is the old is dissolving and is meant to and this journey has been a rather blind one, but will take you to a place where you can be more true to yourself and who you are.  It is redemptive.  Trust.  By next year clarity will be established.


Your month, so you can shine and indeed after the 11th, you will all find the power of your intellect and your communication skills enhanced. 

Before the 18th, if born after December 29, your charms and your ability to attract affections is also accentuated.  You give and receive. 

Before the 26th, for all born after January 4th, your power to be a leader and to have people who are constructive in helping you and also you helping them, all add to your ability to make progress in life and to contribute to the greater social good.

Jupiter is also very much your friend now if born January 6th to 13th.  Again, your social life and your contacts  are filling you with benevolence and your ability to be incredibly effective for others should not be underestimated.  Luck, opportunities and protection and growth is in the air, as is travel.

Saturn however entered your sign last month.  He is your ruler, so he is a powerful influence, but you handle Saturn better than most.  Those most affected by his conjunction this month are born up to December 27th.  Look after your health and take it easy. He is the lord of time and age.  You can feel tired quite readily and reality checks are in the air.  Hard work, focus, discipline and maturity are needed.  Don’t let under-confidence be your worst enemy and your usual one, get the better of you. This can be a time to rise to the occasion.

Uranus is about to finish his rather disruptive journey over the last 18 months for those born January 13th to 15th, particularly on a domestic level.  The calm after the waves is approaching early next month, but you have been awoken.

Neptune also has nearly finished his journey of inspiring those born January 1st to 4th.  Your sensitivity, your heart centre, your creative and spiritual self has been matured over the last year or so.

Finally, those born January 8th to 11th are still dealing with the power of Pluto in his once every 248-year visitation to your sign.  You are still being transformed, regenerated, re-invented and are confronting certain destinies.  This can be magnificent, but endings of chapters and new ones being born, are in the air.
The new Moon is in your sign on the 17th affecting those born around that date.
This augurs well then for the initiation of the new and for a sense of building a new chapter.


Some privacy of thoughts and contemplation is yours this month.

Before the 11th, if born after February 5th, valuable communications with friends and in groups are to be savoured.

After the 18th, all born up to February 6th will enjoy a boost to your sense of physical charms and you will attract and give love and affection.  Popularity is yours. 

Before the 26th Mars is in square position to the Suns of those born after February 2nd transiting your solar 10th house.
For this group there is a distinct need to be wary of over competitiveness and ruthless ness at work or in pulling rank and that can come from self or others. Impatience is yours and so is impulsiveness and possibly a refusal to compromise.. Watch out for these qualities, as they can be troublesome.

After the 26th, for all born up to January 24th, leadership skills are strong, competitive skills are well placed and your energies are constructive and admirable. 

Jupiter in Scorpio in square to your sign is now affecting those born February 4th to 11th.  This is a mixed blessing.  It gives you desire for enjoyment and confidence and assertion, but it can make one over-confident, or even a little arrogant, so be careful about pushing your luck, particularly on the professional front. 

Uranus, your ruler, is finalising his long, once every 42 year sextile, which is very positive to your Sun, if born February 12th to 14th.  This has brought even more big picture understanding, awareness, lateral thinking and passion about the human condition in a very constructive way to your consciousness.  Your intuition is sound and insight invaluable.  Job nearly done.

The fact that the total solar eclipse this month is in your opposite sign of Leo on the 31st at 11 degrees, it is likely that those born around January 31st- Feb.1st will feel its impact on the 31st.
This may manifest as quite a powerful feeling that someone or something is necessitating you to reassess some situation quite profoundly.


Friendship, goals, group concerns are strong this month.

Before the 11th, if born after March 7th, ensure, particularly in work, that you are clearly understood.  Misunderstandings are in the air.

After the 11th, however, you will all benefit from good learning and communication with friends and in social life.

Before the 26th, for all born after March 4th, international issues, whether it be travel or communications, are very favoured and very dynamic.  Study too brings enthusiasm as a constructive progress.

After the 26th, early Pisces, born up to February 25th need a little caution about being impulsive or impatient on the work front; and indeed others may be a little difficult. 

Jupiter is very much your friend now from Scorpio if born March 6th to 13th.  Wonderful for travel or planning a holiday, and  very good for benefits in terms of academic interests or study and brilliant for extra wisdom and understanding on a metaphysical level. Luck and progress is yours. 

Saturn is also constructive for those Pisces born up to February 24th.  Your mind is grounded and realistic and pragmatic and discipline is yours.  Enjoy.

Neptune, your ruling planet is bringing out the ultimate of Pisces traits and has been for over a year, for those born March 1st to 14th.  This journey is nearly over, but he has completed a period of potential great inspiration, great empathy, great spirituality and psychic powers, or the possibility, more negatively, of over idealism, escapism, or deceptive circumstances.  The arts, however will have flourished within your life and commitment to the natural world. 

Finally Pluto has been empowering for some time and will continue to do so for the next year, the lives of those born March 8th to 11th.  Enjoy this journey.  It has brought you powerful, important contacts and you have been transformative and healing for others and others for you.  It has brought you courage, destiny, insight and power that need to be used wisely.  Not for you alone, but for the whole world is it called for.. 

Friday, 1 December 2017


The very significant planetary shift this month is Saturn’s move into its own home sign of Capricorn on the 20th.

He has been in Sagittarius for two and a half years and from the 20th he will move through Capricorn for 2 and a half years.  He travels through each sign every approximately 29 years, for 2 and half years.

The sign he is in has great implications for our charts, especially if we have planets in our chart that are in Capricorn or in angular relationship to Capricorn. Saturn is a transpersonal planet linking the inner planets with the outer planets. He therefore symbolises how what is gong on in the world around us, trickles down and impacts us personally.

Saturn rules Capricorn so it is well placed in this sign to imply its very intrinsic character as a planet.

 It is a planet, especially in its home sign, which rules economic structures  (the economy) with great value on money and self-sufficiency; it can put too much emphasis on the material and forget the spiritual. It gives endurance to overcome difficulties and pride and reputation is important.  Status can become an end in itself. If well used however, honesty and integrity in power is underlined and if not ,   unscrupulous means can be used to gain or keep wealth and social power.. but which eventually brings a nemesis.

Saturn always tests for hubris and the resultant nemesis rather like Pluto, but more subtly.

The test lies in use of power and money..  Saturn brings out the best or worst of the sign it is in; for the greater good for all or for selfish, self-seeking, egotistical purposes. It tests the powers that be, to realise that we are merely stewards of power and money, but not the owners of it. It tests for selfishness or service.   Universal responsibility or self-serving.

 England is a Capricorn country according to the chart of 1066.  England has always seen itself as powerful and from colonial days it has felt to be a great influence in the world, and still sees itself as a force majeure.

Saturn in the sign of Capricorn will test the country to the limit to prove its ability to be self sufficient and effective as an economy, not least with the coming Brexit situation. Arrogance, presumption, self seeking, or pride and extreme nationalism, could however be its downfall, not least economically, especially with Pluto now also in Capricorn till 2025.

Capricorn rules conservatism with a small and capital C. and Saturn in that sign will test the resilience of a Conservative government to the limit. The political ideology of austerity (and nationalism/protectionism) will be pushed to the limit while the powerful and wealthy thrive. But that limit will be a suicidal precipice for all.  Power without responsibility/humility and fairness will always bring a steep price to pay. The demise of democracy may have to be endured before revolutionary change is a total necessity. 

Saturn in Capricorn is a particularly harsh karmic schoolteacher for nearly 3 years… but Pluto also is there till 2025, so this is a long, long haul. 

And then there is the power of technology … another planetary story.

Indeed globally we are all, with Pluto in Capricorn, facing, big time, the impact on the world and its environs of global greed and the power of the apparently only value system on offer… of the unthinking holy grail of economic growth. Globalised uber capitalism now reigns, with the tragic results, manifesting, apart from great inequalities, such as plastics etc being now ubiquitous in our seas, in our fish, killing creatures and in our drinking water, and not to mention the impact of climate change and all its fallout for our planet and us all. Saturn in Capricorn will now join power with Pluto in the hard lesson we are all to learn (lessons are cyclical)… this time with added global intensity and potential shock.

There is a sense of crisis within most people, if they are honest, re the state of the planet on many levels, and this will culminate in late 2019 / 2020 when Saturn conjuncts Pluto. A global change of direction will be a total necessity, not a choice, by then.

This month the first few days are rather rocky with Mars opposition Uranus.. This is quite unpredictable and the chances of unexpected upheavals politically and geo physically are strong then.

The Sun, Mercury and Venus are all conjuncting Saturn this month, so there are reality checks abundant, but also there is a sense of discipline and a serious approach to events than can be sobering but necessary.

The Moon is full on the 3rd at 11 degrees of Gemini and squares up to Neptune, suggesting some shocks and eruptions that have a smoke and mirror basis, are in the air. Not all is, as it seems.

The Moon is new on the 18th, at 26 degrees of Sagittarius (an important degree.. the galactic centre). A powerful day of insight with the birth of the new somehow, based on an ability to take a more objective overview of the planet.


Mercury moves retrograde on the 3rd and remains as such until the 23rd.  For your sign, this means that there may be some delays or blocks or misunderstandings in long distance communications, or indeed in travel, but travel is flagged up for many of you. 

After the 1st, all of you, before the 25th, will find that love and happiness comes through higher study, learning, or indeed travel and long distance interests. 

Before the 9th, all born after April 13th may find that others are a little confrontational.  There is a definite feeling that they are no pushovers and it is important that you do not invite this response in others by being stubborn yourself.  War drums are slightly audible.

Before the 20th, Saturn will be, for those born after April 15th, demanding discipline, hard work and focus, which is ultimately very constructive.

However, if born at the very beginning of your sign, around March 21st/22nd, after the 20th, Saturn’s big move into Capricorn, which is very important this month, ( and where he will stay for two and a half years), will bring some feeling of negativity, restriction and challenge around professional issues.  This is short lived, but needs mature attention. 

Uranus is in his last phase of stirring up the lives of those born April 13th to 16th.  You are nearly at the end of a period that has lasted since summer 2016, which has created some turmoil, change, awakening, chaos and a need for freedom; and risk and adrenalin being part of the picture.  You have made a transition and you are just about to finalise it.

Finally, those born April 6th to 9th need to remember to use power wisely, without manipulation or coercion and to avoid those who would do the same.  Notably connected to career.  This is with you throughout next year as well, so take note.


Saturn’s move into Capricorn on the 20th, where he will stay for two and half years, is significant to your sign in the fact that he is supportive, strict, and promises constructive progress if mature and willing to do what is necessary.  Those targeted this month, after the 20th are born around April 21st/22nd

This month feels quite profound for many of you in terms of sharing deep feelings and dealings with finances.

However, after the 25th, for all born up to April 29th, happiness, love and favours come from long distance quarters and from your wisdom. 

Mars after the 9th, however, is bringing for all born up to May 5th, some confrontations with others.  Stubbornness will not help, nor will theirs.  Be prepared to give ground, but avoid people who are gratuitously challenging. 

Jupiter, now in Scorpio of course is good news for your sign, notably this month if born May 1st to 8th.  He will be making you extravagant, indulgent, happy, enjoying self and others, who are particularly enhancing of your life; and travel and people from other cultures are particularly beneficial for your relationships. 

Those born May 1st to 3rd are enjoying the blessings of the sensitivity of Neptune and communications are emotionally and intellectually balanced and your empathy, compassion and appreciation of nature, the arts and spirituality is still ongoing and growing.

Finally, those born May 7th to 10th are still benefiting from Pluto’s empowerments, which are transformation, belief in self-emanating from higher wisdom, study and long distance connections.  Confidence and self-regeneration is in the air.  This is rare.  Enjoy. 


Saturn’s move into Capricorn this month on the 20th, where he will stay for two and half years, is a relief for many of you because his presence in Sagittarius for the last two and half years has been a very maturing process that has not always been easy.  Hopefully you are now better for the process. 
Relationships are powerful in your life this month and in a positive way and indeed for all born after June 7th, communications with others will be paramount, but because Mercury your ruler goes retrograde on the 3rd till the 23rd, you must ensure during this period, clarity in communication and that communications are properly/correctly received, whether you to others or visa-versa.   

For all, before the 25th, there is a very great boost from Cupid and love and affection is all around and you give as much as you receive.

Before the 9th, if born after June 15th, energy creatively is strong.  Your passions are strong and romance is flagged up in a constructive and confident way. 

Uranus is still encouraging those born June 15th to 18th to be more aware of the world, more altruistic, more humanitarian and who wish to make change for self and others.   An enlightening period that has lasted for over a year is coming to an end and you are a better person for it.

However, if born around June 1st to 3rd, you are still experiencing a period of some confusion and the potential for over-idealism and potential deception from self or others is strong.  This is about to finish, so look forward to clearer times, but don’t underestimate the journey that you have been on, which has actually redeemed you to some extent, as you have watched and waited.
The Moon is full on the 3rd in your sign directly affecting those born around June 1st –4th. For this group, emotions are powerful and rather primeval, from within you or from others. Truths and tensions will out and potential endings are in the air.  There is a reaping of what has been sown.


Big news this month is Saturn moves into Capricorn which is your opposite sign and will stay there for two and a half years, which means that you will all, to some extent  at some points over the coming period, experience some growing pains and learning curves that are necessary for your maturity; and which, handled well, are constructive. 

Those most affected this month, after the 20th, are born June 22nd/23rd.  This will bring some reality checks re relationships, or even blocks and you have to make decisions based on whether others are Karmic schoolteachers or actually who not helpful at all.  Delays however, are there for you to have space to re-think things. 

Uranus is about to come to an end of a period, which has lasted for about a year of some chaos in the lives of those born July 16th to 19th.  This has mostly affected your status and work direction which has been unstable and in which you have felt dissatisfied.  Change is nearly complete and the restlessness that you feel should calm.  You should be in a different place, either psychologically or literally but new.  The unpredictable however is nearly at an end.

Those greatly benefiting from Neptune still are those born July 2nd to 4th.  The creativity, spirituality, empathy and compassion you feel, particularly emanating from long distance issues is still with you for a short time.  Your emotions and your heart are more mature now, as well as more sensitive.

Finally, Pluto is still bringing tests to those born July 9th to 12th in his once every 248 challenge to your Sun.  There is a little way to go yet with this journey, but it is important that you absolutely recognise when other people are abusing power and don’t sink to their level and recognise bullies for what they are. 


Saturn moves out of Sagittarius where he has been for two and a half years and into Capricorn on the 20th, where he will stay for two and a half years and be less likely to impact your sign (although of course he may impact other planets and points other than your Sun of course) Whilst Saturn has been in Sagittarius he has taught you some important lessons in a stern way, but hopefully constructively and has encouraged you to work hard and be more mature.  

Mercury moving retrograde this month from the 3rd will however ask of many of you that you ensure that you communicate clearly to those that you love, not least offspring and that in any dealings to do with speculation, beware of misunderstandings, but delays are inevitable. 

After the 1st and before the 25th, Venus is, for all of you, giving an opportunity to really enjoy love life, offspring, fun, to live life to the full and to express creativity.

Before the 9th, if born after August 17th, you will also have confidence in speech and communications and to be assertive, constructively so. 

After the 9th if born up to August 7th there is definitely some impatience and irritation at home and with family.  Stubborn resistance is in the air and you yourself may be contributing heavily to the problem.  

Jupiter, now well established in Scorpio, is, for those born August 3rd to 10th, bringing some bonuses in your home and family situation and around real estate, but there is a potential element of self-indulgence, over-extension and over-expansion and some potential arrogance which needs watching.  Do not assume all is always going to fine. 

Those born August 16th to 20th, are still experiencing, although it’s nearly over now, a long period of a sense of opportunity to renew and regenerate and to look outside the box to see a bigger picture and to be true to your individuality. Awakenings will have come in the area of creativity, romance and possibly through children’s issues.


Saturn’s move into Capricorn on the 20th, where he will stay for two and a half years is very constructive in many respects for your sign.  He will force many of you to very grounded and pragmatic and disciplined around love life and offspring and also hard working and disciplined in creativity as well, which will pay off. 
The most affected this month, after the 20th, are those born August 23rd to 25th

Mercury, your ruler, is retrograde from the 3rd till the 23rd which will suggest that many of you need to check that your communications with family members in particular, are absolutely understood and clear, but blocks, restrictions and delays on plans, particularly domestically, may haunt you.  Re-thinks may be necessary.

After the 25th, for all born up to September 1st, there is a boost to the world of your heart.  Romance and affections flourish.  You are warm, people want to be with you and your artistic skills are underlined. 

After the 9th, for all born up to September 7th, you are assertive and determined in communications and constructive in your actions.  People listen.

Jupiter is very much favouring those born September 3rd to 10th this month.  He is bringing extra eloquence and wisdom to your being.  Good news and confidence is yours and  at the least a quiet contentment.  Travel too is well indicated.

Neptune is still opposing, in his long, protracted transit, the Suns of those born September 3rd to 5th.  This transit is over by next month.  There have been confusions and deceptions re others.  Your projections onto others and your idealisation of others are starting to diminish.  Empathy and compassion has been strong, but sometimes misplaced, but you are more psychic and more sensitive and more aware of the power of your heart now, which is no bad thing, but clarity will start to dawn, not least re others. 

Finally, Pluto has been really empowering and will impact, all next year, the consciousness and confidence of those born September 9th to 12th.  You know who you are and you know what you need to do to fulfil yourself, not least in creativity, romantic issues and to do with empowering your creativity.  Insight into self and life has been and continues to be regenerative.


Saturn’s move away from Sagittarius into Capricorn on the 20th will impact all of you at some point over the next two and a half years, but initially after the 20th, those most affected are born September 24th and 25th.  Issues to do with home, family, real estate may become a little demanding and reality checks are in the air.  Remember Saturn is a benevolent despot, but he also brings realities to your door that need dealing with. 

After the 3rd, when Mercury goes retrograde, you will all need to ensure that communications are absolutely clarified, but before the 25th, your ability to combine heart with mind in what you say and think will be enhancing of all your dealings with others. 

After the 25th, if born up to October 1st, have a care that you are not expecting too much of others or over-indulging yourself.

Uranus is finalising his long period of some chaos in relationships or unpredictability for those born October 16th to 19th. Stabilisation will come soon.  The changes and the unpredictable events that others have brought to your life have actually been liberating, even if you have resisted them. 

Finally, those born October 10th to 13th are still grappling, and will do for some months to come, with issues possibly to do with domestic relationships and change., courtesy of Pluto. You want liberation and empowerment.  Be just very conscious how you go about getting it.  There is a battle within as well as externally and you need to dig deep to find how you can calm this journey down, which can’t be denied, but must be controlled. 


Saturn moves into Capricorn on the 20th, having been in Sagittarius for two and a half years and from Capricorn, where he will remain for a further two and a half years, he will impact you all during that period in a constructive way, but he will be emphasising duty, obligation and hard work.  Most affected this month is born October 24th/25th.  Your mind will become more stable, more grounded, more serious, as will your communications.

After the 25th, for all born up to November 1st, will be able to bring harmony to communications with love.

After the 9th, however, all born up to November 6th will find that Mars in your sign is bringing a forceful, determined, ambitious, competitive mood.  Just be careful that you do not ride roughshod over others.

Jupiter, of course now in your sign, is extremely positive this month for all born November 3rd to 10th.  Bonuses, luck, travel, advantage, protection, enjoyment are yours, not least financially. 

Neptune is also, for those born around November 4th, in his final fling, bringing love, empathy, compassion, caring and sensitivity to your door.  Not least connected to the arts and love life and also caring for those who are vulnerable in your care.

Finally, Pluto, your ruler, still in Capricorn, is currently and for all next year still bringing for those born November 9th to 12th insight, strength, power of communications and wisdom. He is bringing out the best in your sign. 


This is your month and in many ways you can all feel relieved that Saturn is finally leaving your sign on the 20th, where he has been for the last two and a half years, so some of the stress is off, although you will have grown enormously over that period, if you really reflect on the truth of your challenges.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 3rd till the 23rd in your sign, suggesting that for many of you it will be very important that your mind is as clear as possible and that you are aware that delays, hiccups and misinformation, misunderstandings are possible, more than usual. 

Before the 25th, Venus is your sign, for all of you however, will be accentuating your charisma, your charm, your love life, your friendships and your work in a very positive way.

Before the 9th, all born after December 16th, will be feeling very constructive, particularly in dealing with others and groups.  Your leadership skills are honed and your goals can be achieved. 

Before the 20th, however, those born in Sagittarius, after the 18th, are still experiencing the final hurrah of Saturn’s influence. Tiredness, restrictions, blocks, responsibilities and duties are on your shoulders.  Face facts, do what you have to, step up to the plate, but also recognise lessons.  After the 20th you can  start to say goodbye to this energy.

Uranus, however, is inspiring, for a final fling, those born December 16th to 19th.  You are coming to the end of about eighteen months of waking up to new possibilities, creatively and in love life and celebrating your uniqueness with confidence and belief. 

Those born December 3rd to 5th are finally coming to the end of around eighteen months of a sense of confusion, uncertainty, tiredness and an escapist feelings, but this will have served you well as this has allowed you to transition from one consciousness to another, to tune into your more spiritual self.
The new Moon is on the18th in your sign targeting those born around December18th. For this group new starts and innovations are likely. Positive seeds can be sown.


The big news is that Saturn, your ruling planet, is leaving Sagittarius and entering into your sign on the 20th, where he will be for two and a half years, therefore, his energy will impact you all at some point during this period. 

Initially, after the 20th, those affected are born around December 22nd/23rd and for this group, this month there will definitely be a feeling of a reality check and it is a significant one.  Having to be mature, step up to responsibilities and obligations and discipline and hard work is necessary and yours to face, but also it is important to look after your health and pace yourself.  Saturn is a Karmic schoolteacher and we have to learn and grow under his influence, which with courage we all do. 

After the 25th, all born up to December 30th however, have Venus directly affecting them, which will bring charm, grace, charisma and love into your life, both given and received. 

Before the 9th, however, all born after January 14th need to be careful about rather obstructive or difficult people in the work front and it is important that you are flexible and not stubborn or indeed impatient.  Egos can clash. 

However, after the 9th, if born up to January 5th, your capacity for leadership skills, for determination and for pursuing your goals is both constructive and successful and others can help you in cooperation.

Jupiter is on your side very much now if born January 1st to 8th.  He is bringing bonuses from significant others in your life.  Friends are helpful and travel is in the air.  Opportunities and wisdom and fulfilment of goals is very much a possibility in action or in the planning stage too.

Uranus is finalising his period of bringing a note of chaos to the doors of those born January 14th to 17th.  Uncertainty around home, real estate and family is coming to an end and your inner-restlessness will be assuaged.   

Neptune continues to finalise his mission to enlarge your heart and your spiritual sensitivity and your creative soul if born around January 2nd.  Your emotions have been freed.

Finally, Pluto in your sign is still, and you are used to this, directly impacting those born January 7th to 10th.  Intense experiences have been yours for some time.  Endings and new beginnings and empowerment and self-reinvention have been in the journey..  You have found your potential.  Use it wisely and remember that the only true friend of power is humility.  This transit only happens every 248 years.


Saturn’s move into Capricorn is a rather dumb note for your sign so it really is not of significance. 
However, before the 20th, those affected in a constructive way by Saturn are those born after February 15th.  For this group, obligations and duties to others, hard work, responsibility is strong, but coped with wisely and bring admiration and progress.

After the 3rd, and till the 23rd, Mercury moving retrograde does imply that communications with friends need to be clarified or you can end up in the wrong place, wrong time, and with wrong message. 

Before the 25th, there is much love and support from friends and you can give them what they need as well.

Before the 9th, if born after February 12th, travel is in the ether and study is constructive and determined and your goals are easily achieved.

After the 9th, if born up to February 3rd, there is a possibility of being at loggerheads with someone in your work and avoid impatience, intransigence and irritation, as others will be quick to give back the same.

Jupiter is bringing for all born January 30th to February 6th potential for a little bit of over-confidence or over-indulgence and possibly a little bit of perceived arrogance.  Don’t over reach.  Enjoy but have a little moderation. 

Your ruler, Uranus is finalising his journey of enhancing of your being, if born February 12th to 15th.  He is just bringing your natural intuition to its height.  Your insight, your wisdom and your lateral thinking is at its best and awakens many.


Saturn’s move into Capricorn on the 20th will serve you all constructively at some point during the next two and a half years.  Meanwhile those born after March 17th will this month, before the 20th, feel the last squeeze of Saturn as he brings a few blocks or restrictions or reality check, particularly connected to work and career.  Look after your health.  Pace yourself.  Don’t lose confidence.  Step up to the plate and face facts. 

After the 20th, those born around February 20th will be feeling the beneficial side of Saturn as he brings maturity, discipline and progress to your door through constructive hard work and loyalty and duty.

Mercury moving retrograde on the 3rd will be a warning to all to be very clear in your communications, both given and received, in your career context and with authority figures. 

Before the 25th, all of you need to be cautious about over-use of charm in order to get your way at work. 

After the 25th, if born up to February 27th, social live and friendships radiate affection, love and satisfaction and your goals are achieved. 

After the 9th, Mars in Scorpio is bringing courage, determination and constructive wisdom to all born up to March 5th, when travel has got a very positive feel about it, as has study and academic issues.

Jupiter is very much smiling on those born March 1st to 8th.  Again, travel and academic issues and increase in wisdom is absolutely brimming.  Confidence and joy is yours.

Neptune, your ruler, is finalising his long visitation to the Suns so powerfully of those born March 1st to 3rd and this long journey has brought an intense dose of your Pisces nature and that has been hopefully positive, but there has been a danger( and continues to be for a few weeks )of escapism or hyper-sensitivity or self-deception; but positively, it will have brought extra psychic powers, spiritual understanding, creativity to the nth degree and true connection with your heart and nature and others. 

Finally, Pluto continues to really empower the consciousness and the intellect of those born March 7th to 10th.  This power has enabled you to heal and help and transform and regenerate not only yourself, but also others, particularly if working in concert for the greater good.  Insight, wisdom and a sense of destiny have been yours and will continue as such until the end of 2018. 

Wednesday, 1 November 2017


Jupiter now established in Scorpio for the coming year brings out passions in peoples’ knee jerk response.

The benefits of balance and predominantly rational thinking will be subsumed under the influence of the emotions. In positive mode, it Jupiter in Scorpio is good however for investigation and is especially progressive in medicine and investigation into the truth. Intense need for forensic investigation will predominate. Scandals and revelations may well be unearthed over the coming year that can be very decisive and difficult in their implications for people and organisations.

The Harvey Weinstein scandal/allegations are rather typical of this energy, especially as Scorpio is very connected to sexuality.

Passions politically and a desire for revenge may also dominate. In other words diplomacy (a Libra domain) will not be favoured necessarily, as much as an active reaction from a visceral, gut level that could be dangerous on an international level. Pluto rules Scorpio and Pluto of course is directly linked to huge power (Plutonium).

Jupiter in Scorpio can, when in negative mode, unleash dangerous, emotionally charged responses.

The world is developing in a direction that is more deeply rooted in nationalism and protectionism, as a direct reaction to what is deemed to be the downside of globalisation. The accepted concept of global shared power and international cooperation and diminished boundaries was very strong from when Pluto was in the internationally principled sign of Sagittarius (late 90’s-2009), but has been gradually undermined as nationalism/independence came on the rise, as Pluto shifted for the long haul into Capricorn (far more conservative, reactionary and self protective) in late 2009 and Uranus moved into Aries in 2010/11… Uranus (a rebellious need for change) in Aries (a need for independence and strong dislike of interdependence and quite politically extreme and a rejecting of the past) has been very much underlining the movements for separatism. This influence continues till March 2019. Jupiter now in intense Scorpio, will further this knee-jerk desire to fulfil emotional desires.

Right wing instincts are for protectionist nationalism, (Capricorn) whilst more left wing/liberal stances seem to favour internationalism and interdependence (Sagittarius)

Trump is now freed from the once every 30 year constraints and karmic learning curve of Saturn’s influence (strongly affecting his Moon and Sun over the last few months) This will now unleash a more uninhibited mood in his behaviour, but he has learnt a lot about the constraints of his position, which may create a reactive and rather bitter response, which will not be so inhibited by the powers of others around him now, especially between the 18th-20th, when Mars conjuncts his Jupiter. But he could also become master of his own downfall, as constraints are diminished or ignored. Jupiter squares Trump’s natal Pluto in late November, which is also very indicative of misuse of power and coercion, where ego is far more powerful than wisdom and which can feel very dangerously threatening to others who will likely respond ruthlessly too.

After the 18th of November there is a tricky period globally, when Mars squares up to Pluto, which can be very indicative of the use of ruthless, forceful and explosive power and then in late November/early December, Mars will oppose Uranus, which is eruptive geophysically. (Nature may not be kind, but why should it be?  We certainly have not on the whole been kind to it)….

 Also socio-politically, it is risky as impulse, irrational reactions are underlined..

Positively, for most of the month, especially in the first half, Saturn will trine up to Uranus.

This builds a bridge between the old (Saturn) and the new (Uranus). The essential need for change is not inimical to the past; and a bridge can be crossed between an age that is dying and the age that needs to come into birth. The conservative and the radical can find common ground somehow.

It is potentially positive for moves to favour environmental progress and can also possibly bring compromise politically re international independence versus international cooperation.  Optimism has to be kept.

The Moon is full on the 4th at the 12th degree of Taurus. A time of unconscious forces erupting that are somewhat untamed and truths will out, whilst the Moon is new on the 18th at the 27th degree of Scorpio. Initiation of the new and the determined is appropriate.


I am afraid there is no room to be superficial this month.  You need to deal with fundamental issues, but after the 5th, all of you will find communications very easy and travel and study issues are particularly well highlighted.  Your mind is very much more big picture in its thinking and wise.

Before the 7th, all born after April 10th will find that love and affection is more powerful and alive.  Harmony and charm prevail. 
After the 7th, things get a little bit more intense and private.

Mars in your opposite sign of Libra currently, is bringing for all born March 26th to April 15th the potential for some challenge from others.  People are not pushovers and it is important that you are not as powerfully assertive as you can be.  Others will not tolerate it, even those who are usually pussycats.

Jupiter now in Scorpio is forcing many of you to be more profound in your dealings and connections with others and complex money issues are flagged up in a positive way. 

Saturn is constructive for those born April 14th to 17th.  Duty and obligation is met happily.  Your maturity is respected and good foundations are being built, particularly with legal, academic and long distance issues. 

Still, Uranus is bringing for those born April 14th to 17th a feeling of change and restlessness that will not be completed until April 2018.  Hold on tight and don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. This is ultimately liberating.

Pluto also continues to challenge the lives, in some contexts, of those born April 6th to 8th.  Conflicts within and without are connected to finding your true purpose, identity and independence.  Be conscious of it and don’t abuse power or indeed let others do the same to you.  Draw boundaries.


Powerful influences from your opposite sign of Scorpio this month does emphasise very important relationship issues.

Before the 5th, for all born after May 12th, communications with others will be intense but constructive and after the 7th, for all of you, there is a feeling of the power of love, affection and harmony being dominate, thanks to Venus.

Jupiter, now in your opposite sign is bringing for all born April 25th to May 2nd a tendency to be extravagant and confident, especially in relationships.  Beware however of putting over-confidence in people, or letting them influence you too much towards indulgence, but a bit of caution, good times roll, as does some happy expansion. 

Neptune continues to inspire those born around May 1st to 3rd.  Ideals are strong and sensitivity, creativity and empathy are underscored.  Your emotions will dominate and good friends are empathetic and caring and your ability to be there to help others should not be underestimated.  Your psychic powers are also more active, particularly on and after the 22nd of the month. 

Pluto is continuing his very long slow trine of the Suns of those born May 7th to 9th,. This is very constructive and empowering for you, bringing a feeling of destiny and allowing you to find a sense of purpose connected to long distance issues, travel, academic issues and your insight and powers are definitely at work now in a very constructive way. 

The full Moon on the 4th falls on the Suns of those born around May 2nd- 4th, suggesting for this group, a period of some confrontations with truths and potential realisations that certain chapters need to close.


Emphasis moves away from work and routine and very much to relationships after the 5th for you all.  Communications with others can be very enhancing as are connections with others and a sense of articulate wisdom from you to others and visa-versa is in the air.

Before the 7th, all born after June 12th have fun, romance, creativity, both literal and metaphorical, very underlined.  It’s party time and dealings with offspring and the arts are successful and Cupid maybe on your case. 

Saturn, however, is bringing for all born June 16th to 19th, a challenge, possibly from other people.  Blocks , restrictions and limitations are haunting you, as is a bit of negativity of thought.  This is a time for maturity and focus and to accept reality checks and to build new foundations based on truth and facts.  Other people are either teachers or blocking you unnecessarily.  You have to decide which and deal with them accordingly.  Take it easy.  Look after the body and have patience, but hard work does pay off, as does being very grounded.

However, for this same group, Uranus is really helping you understand how you need to liberate yourself from problems that are not necessary.  There are two sorts of people in your life now; those who are awakening and enlightening you and catalysts for change and those who are blocking you and you need to focus on the former. 

For those born around June 1st to 3rd, Neptune is causing some confusion and rose coloured spectacles being donned, potentially about work or career.  Be sure that you check everything out for its validity.  Smoke and mirrors are in the air, but your emotions are powerful.  Keep grounded.  Communing with nature and arts are a good way of dealing with this transit. 


Focus on Scorpio this month, including Jupiter now in that sign is excellent for you.  It really brings a good boost for love life, creativity, the arts and children and offspring issues, noteably before the 5th

Writing and communications skills are seriously underlined for all born after July 14th

After the 7th, all of you are benefiting from Venus enhancing your creative gifts, fertility in general and your sense of love and enjoyment of life. 

However, for all born June 27th to July 18th Mars is bringing a note of caution on the domestic and family front as there are some people who are a little impatient or easily irritated and you yourself may be a little bit like a crab in a china shop.  Impatience and impulse is a danger, causing you to cross swords with others potentially. 

Jupiter, now is Scorpio, is particularly favouring those born June 25th to July 3rd.  He is really bringing luck and growth to your creativity, love life and general ability to make things happen that you wish for.  Opportunities and positivity and invitations abound and ability for living life to the full are yours. 

However, those born June 24th to 27th, are still sensing unpredictable change, as you will be until April 2018, with Uranus creating some disturbances, and insecurities and restlessness, notably on the work front or in terms of your status.  Change is destined to be in the air.  You need to go with the flow and be flexible.  This is a journey that continues for some time.  Watch it and know that it is eventually taking you into a freer, more innovative place that suits you better, despite some insecurity that you feel along the way.

Neptune, however, is very enhancing of the spiritual, creative and emotional positive aspects of your life if born around July 3rd and 4th.  Travel and study is inspiring and anything to do with your dreams or your spiritual sense of journey is happily fulfilling.  Music, the film world and the sea can all prove more significant than usual, notably after the 22nd, when Neptune goes direct. Your empathy and compassion will become even stronger than usual and needs acknowledgement.

Finally Pluto is still opposing the Suns of those born July 9th to 11th.  This long journey of Pluto will be over by the end of the year and it has brought for this group a real feeling that other people have been pitting their wits, in possibly a rather ruthless way, against you and you have been asked to stand up and draw boundaries round unreasonable behaviour and not respond in the same way.  Endings of chapters are in the air but remember Phoenix’s rise out of the ashes.  Sometimes we have to go through the dark to get to a very empowering light. 


Domestic and home issues dominate the month, but possibly with a self-indulgent theme. 

Those born July 27th to August 4th are now feeling the effects of Jupiter in Scorpio in square aspect to yours.  This does bring potential indulgence and extravagance and possibly a sense of entitlement or over-confidence. However it doesn’t stop you enjoying yourself, but one needs to be a little careful of careless over-the-top behaviour that may prove counterproductive

However, after the 5th, most of you will be aware of an ability to express yourself well and to use communication skills to your advantage, particularly creatively. 

Before the 7th, all born after August 13th, have a certain charm that is effective and you bring affections together with your intellect.   This is particularly good for dealings with siblings.

For all born July 28th to August 18th, there is a sense this month of constructive efforts and constructive communications and the ability to herd cats in terms of your persuasive efforts.

Saturn is also constructive for a short time for those born August 17th to 21st.  He is forcing this group to be very grounded and sensible, loyal and dutiful and that hard work now brings deferred gratification, which is worth working for.  Maturity is necessary. 

Also this same group simultaneously have a feeling of a new start with enthusiasm for change, excitement, innovation and a big picture understanding that takes away from subjectivity and egotism.

So if in this group of Librans, you are particularly growing in wisdom and awareness this month.  Not least about universal or existential issues and issues to do with other countries and legal issues can somehow be liberating. 


Your mind is particularly forensic and sharp in communications even in your quiet times.

Before the 5th, all born after September 14th are right on the money in terms of your insight and communications. This is excellent for writers/journalists. 

After the 22nd all of you will also be benefiting from the ability to speak and write with great charm and love and to combine heart with mind. 

Jupiter in Scorpio is good news for your sign and this month all born August 27th to September 4th will be feeling an extra boost of confidence, joy, happiness and sense of success, with positive optimistic input from self and others, particularly on the domestic front. 

However, those born around September 18th to 21st are feeling the impact of Saturn, as indeed you did last November.  Issues to do with family, real estate or domestic concerns feel blocked, restricted or burdensome.  Duty is in the air, as is obligation. Delays are designed to make you re-think and to exercise your patience.  Do not let anxiety and fears dominate.  There is a reason for this lesson.

Neptune is opposing the Suns still, as he has been on and off for some longs months, of those born September 3rd to 5th.  Be wary of self-deception or deception from other people.  Check out small print.  Ensure you can trust others and that you are not seeing them through rose tinted spectacles.  Escapism and idealism is strong, but being near the sea and having music around you is calming and having empathy and compassion is also underlined, but keep it in proportion. 

Finally, however, Pluto is until the end of this year, and has been for nearly two years, empowering those born September 9th to 11th.  He brings a sense of power and confidence, creatively in love life and empowers your ability to show what you’re made of.  Shyness has been replaced by a belief in you.  Enjoy.


Focus on finances will do you no harm and indeed your ruling planet Venus after the 7th, in your solar second house can bring advantages from such a focus. 

After the 5th, all of you will benefit from enhanced intellect and communication skills and wisdom of thought. 

Mars is in your sign this month, directly impacting all those born September 28th to October 19th.  Extra energy, psychologically, spiritually and physically is yours.  Used constructively it can make you achieve a lot.  However, there is always a danger of tipping over into over-assertiveness or even slightly aggressive behaviour, even in your very charming way.  Positively it gives courage and determination with constructive outcomes.

Jupiter, now in Scorpio, is, if anything, enhancing the safety of finances, but it is not directly involved with your Solar sign, by aspect.

Saturn is constructive now, if born October 18th to 21st.  He brings stability, hard work and discipline and maturity to your approach to life, particularly in your thinking and perceptions.  Hard work and duty will pay off.

This is just as well as the same group have Uranus opposing your Suns, which happens only every 84 years and this has been going on since April of this year and is not over until April of next year.  This influence is disruptive.  Other people are unpredictable. You are excitable and impulsive and relationships can create some chaos, but right now Saturn is calming things down and giving you wisdom and balance.

Pluto is also finalising his long journey of challenge to those born October 10th to 12th.  Domestic issues and family issues are challenging.  Struggles have been in the air – deep routed and profound; and this is about your emancipation, liberation and desire to be true to you.  By the end of this year, the final chapter will be evident. Just be conscious of the power of your own inner core at this point. Manage it consciously.


Your month indeed. 

Before the 5th, all born after November 14th are particularly articulate and insightful, but do listen to the other guy and don’t dominate the conversation.

After the 7th, all of you will benefit from extra charisma and charm as Venus travels through your sign.  Creativity is also inspired, as is love.

Jupiter now is very welcome to your sign for you; and those most benefiting directly this month are those born October 27th to November 4th.  For this group, blessings are in the air, luck, bonuses, confidence, travel and wisdom.  Good times.  Just don’t go over the top.  With some modesty you can really shine and benefit, Good opportunities abound, notably potentially financially. 

Neptune is also extremely inspiring now for those born around November 3rd to 5th.  The creative world, the music world, the film world, the world of nature and spiritual issues can all inspire; and with Jupiter being a simultaneous influence, this can be a very inspiring period, particularly creatively and to do with offspring and idealism in love life.  Your heart centre is strong and in an uplifting way.

Pluto, your powerful significant ruler is in his last lap of his very long transit of empowerment to the Suns of those born around November 9th to 11th.  By now, many of you would have sensed over the last nearly two years a feeling of finding your true strength, courage, insight and purpose.  Your mind is enhanced with more forensic understanding than several years ago and a sense of destiny has been established.
The new Moon is in your sign on the 18th affecting all born around that date,  is bringing for them a useful period to initiate the new and to sow seeds for the future.


It’s a time to shine, notably for all of you after the 5th when Mercury moves into your sign, bringing extra sharp intellect and communication skills, but the danger is that you need to recognise that you should not dominate the conversation and you can learn from others too.

Before the 7th, Venus is bringing for all born after December 12th happiness and progress and benefits from friends and from groups and from leadership skills.  Doors can open in social circles.  Love and friendship can combine. 

Mars is also friendly now towards those born November 27th to December 17th.  He too will be bringing determination, constructive activity and you are able to really organise groups with effective leadership and your work and energies are intelligent and receive admiration.

Saturn however is still in your sign, but you will be happy to know that he leaves and moves into Capricorn on the 20th of next month.  For now however, those affected by Saturn’s imprint are those born December 16th to 19th; and indeed as last May/June, you will be feeling a sense of restriction, block, maybe even some negativity and you need to look after your health because you recognise that you’re not getting any younger.  This is definitely a time of re-think and patience and reality checks, but hard work will pay off, provided you know you are knocking on the right door.

However, and very fortunately, this same group have Uranus inspiring you simultaneously and making you recognise that you are working for a greater freedom for the future.  You are inspired to know that the work that you are doing now is somehow a catalyst for the change and freedom that you crave; and you are seeing the big picture with greater understanding, particularly creatively and in love life, and by April 2018 you will indeed feel a great sense of liberation achieved..

However, Neptune is still rather hauntingly and confusingly affecting those born around December 2nd to 4th.  This has been dogging many of you since April 2016 and is nearly through with his mission; and indeed by next year you will have come out on the other side of the fog, the confusion and uncertainty; and by trusting the trade winds, you will realise it has taken you to the right place, but don’t push the river in the meantime.


Friends and groups and goals figure strongly this month. 

Before the 7th, if born after January 11th, there is a need to be a little cautious about being sycophantic to others in order to gain approval, but charms won’t go far wrong, provided you have moderation. 

However, after the 7th, all of you will gain much from friends and working with others. Love comes your way and you give affection and support in a way that is effective and healing for others; and love and friendship can combine.

If born December 26th to January 16th, there is a slight warning that Mars in the square sign of Libra to your sign, there can be some impatience and irritation with or from colleagues.  Don’t be too pushy or ambitious and remember to use your diplomatic skills wherever you can.  Impatience will not help.

Jupiter, now in Scorpio, is very positive for your sign and those benefiting this month are those born December 25th to January 2nd.  Once again, friends are particularly favourable to you and lucky and doors open and other people who come into your life can be catalysts for growth and change and your confidence is strong and your leadership skills are underlined.  Bounty is in the air, as is travel.

However, Uranus is still bringing some disruption and uncertainty and a bit of unsettling adrenalin to the lives of those born January 15th to 18th.  This long transit is actually designed to liberate, to take you out of ruts, but possibly some domestic instability can be unnerving.  By April 2018 this will be over and the result will be change, but a simultaneously a certain liberation, even if it has felt a rocky road.

Neptune has been inspiring and continues to be for those born around January 1st to 3rd.  You are in the final chapter of having felt (for a round a year now) inspiration connected to your emotional liberation, your sensitivity and your creativity and also your empathy and compassion has been underlined and it has taken you away for the material to a more spiritual dimension, which has been very positive for your whole being.  This has actually been true since aprox. April 2016.

Finally, Pluto is still, and will be until the end of the year, bringing an intensity of experience to those born January 7th to 9th.  Since March 2016, you have been going through an intense, personal transformation and empowerment; and provided you have haven’t been too ruthless or self-seeking, your destiny has been underscored, but remember you are not the owner of the power.  You are the agent of it.


Your personal status is important to you this month, not least after the 7th when you all need to be careful about hypocrisy on the altar of trying to further your goals.

However, for all of you, after the 5th, your ability to be impressive intellectually and to persuade others and to have wisdom and power of thought should not be underestimated.

Before the 7th, for all born after February 9th, higher learning, study and travel is particularly beneficial and brings harmony, love and pleasure into your life and your sense of fairness is underscored, which is appreciated by others.

For all born from January 24th to February 14th, Mars is bringing wisdom, courage energy, both physical and spiritual to your vision and to your life.  Energised travel is particularly exciting and efforts are successful. 

Jupiter, in Scorpio, although is not particularly in harmony with your sign, can affect this month those born January 23rd to January 31st.  For this group, there can be a little bit of an over-confidence or over-reaching or an over-indulgence, or possible arrogance in public or career context.  Enjoy, but exercise moderation. 

Those born February 13th to 16th have very positive input from both Saturn and Uranus this month.  On one level there is responsibility, duty and hard work and constructive maturity in your efforts, particularly for others, but on the other hand, there is a great feeling of liberation, the new and an innovation and freedom of thinking, which you will have for some time.  Uranus is your ruler, so this is powerful and is awakening and by April 2018 you will have felt that the last year has been a truly liberating journey of consciousness.


This month accentuates higher wisdom, higher mind and travel, as it does legal affairs. 

Jupiter, now in Scorpio, is particularly, positively enhancing the lives of those born February 22nd to March 2nd.  For this group, long distance issues and travel is particularly highlighted, as are legal issues and also extra wisdom, luck, positivity and confidence and general growth internally or externally. 

Before the 5th, all born after March 12th will have an extra dimension of wisdom in your thinking and in your communications and you can learn a lot in long distance context.   This is also excellent for academic pursuits.

After the 7th, all of you will benefit from a combining of love with study and/or travel and generally compassion and wisdom contribute to your sense of affection and charm.

However, after the 5th, all of you may need to be a little bit careful to ensure that your communications are clearly understood in a professional context.  There is room for confusion.

Saturn is a little challenging now for those born March 15th to 18th.  Work issues may prove challenging and difficult or you may have some divine discontent connected with events in your professional status.  Frustrations are in the air.  Be patient, work hard, don’t lose confidence, but know when things need to change and do get rest.

Neptune, you ruling planet, in bringing the nth degree an extra Piscean influence to the lives of those born March 1st to 3rd and he has been so doing since April 2016.  This particular transit is over by mid-January, but has for this group, been truly inspiring, or possibly confusing.  At its best it would have brought a greater sense of spiritual and psychic consciousness and an appreciation of beauty and nature and the arts, like never before and accentuated your talents therein.  At worst, it would have brought some delusion, escapism or deception.  Try and make it the former and keep grounded in this last chapter of the journey.

Finally, Pluto has been very supportive since March 2016 and will be until the end of the year of those born March 7th to 9th.  He has brought powerful friends and you have had power to enhance other people’s lives, especially when working with and for others. Intense intelligence and depth of understanding and transformation abilities have been and continue to be yours.  Use wisely and enjoy.