Saturday, 1 April 2017


This April 2017 is very retrograde in mood.

Mercury is retrograde from the 9th, till May 4th. Venus is still retrograde (from 4th March) till April 15th. Saturn turns retrograde on the 7th for some months and Jupiter is still retrograde; and Pluto turns retrograde on the 20th….And the significance is? 

 Well how many times have you heard recently in connection with global events, that “the world has gone mad”, or “no one knows what is going to happen”, or they “don’t understand what has happened”?  or “ politics and global attitudes have become so polarised “ That is all a comment on the macrocosm, and as we are a microcosmic reflection of the bigger picture, so too we are all individually sort of on hold and rather paralysed, or are being forced to rethink so much about our view of life, the world and ourselves and what we think and believe…and decisions socio-politically and individually are rather more dependent on future events that are more unknown, or unguessable, than we have been accustomed to, over the last 50 years or so.

So retrograde means just that. Stop, re-evaluate, watch and wait.  Those feelings are stirring globally and in the inner and outer lives of so many of us now.

Mercury retrograde (from the 9th), is also a sign that much confusion, misunderstandings and yes, alternative facts / fake news and misinformation will be in the air, for us all… Communication difficulties and blocks to progress are also flagged up, as well as potential travel glitches.  Don’t take anything at face value… double check and if necessary rethink.

 Growing global inequality of material well-being has grown massively under Pluto’s (power) journey through Capricorn (money/establishment/turbo capitalism), since 2008. As Pluto started its ongoing angular clash with Uranus (rebellion) in Aries (self protective populace) in 2011, there has been a brewing so called “populist” social discontent among those who have been seriously neglected materially, and their righteous discontent with their assigned lot, has led to a cultural divide between themselves and the better off, so called liberal or metropolitan elite. This growing divide has now exploded into proactive anger, which has resulted in a more global binary extremism in political stances.

 Saturn (restriction/fear) in Sagittarius (no boundaries, freedom, open borders), since late 2015, has also additionally furthered an anti globalisation attitude, which has also underlined a more open anti immigration sentiment. Unfortunately the capitalisation of this populist anger, by powerful opportunists can be very counterproductive.

At the very end of the month, Mercury will conjunct Uranus, as he did in late March and that will occur again in the second week of May. Three chapters that will bring a jolt to many of us, as news and what is uttered by those on the world stage, has a shock factor, and the unpredictable is the only certainty. 

Neptune now moving through the mid decan (mid 10 degrees out of the 30, so therefore the Cancer decan) of Pisces, brings a greater need for sentimental nationalism (the good old days) and protectionism politically. 

Jupiter is now till late September, squaring Pluto, and this creates a rather egotistically driven and stubborn desire by many powerful players to push an ideological agenda through, regardless of collateral damage done in the process.

England’s chart is still in chaos as Uranus travels through the first house, and with Pluto hovering around Mercury in the chart, economic shocks are in the air in the coming year… as are power struggles of some consequence with other countries vis a vis agreements as to the status of our country on the globe, i.e. the whole EU issue.

 A very unpredictable time this month is around the 14th, when the Sun conjuncts Uranus, bringing much turmoil and shock and potential geophysical eruptions.

Also around the 28th/29th when Mercury conjuncts Uranus, there may be some unexpected events around technology and travel, and global news will have a shock factor attached. 

The Full Moon is on the 11th at 21 degrees of Libra and that can be a day of some eruptions and certain issues are brought to finalisation.

The New Moon is on the 26th at 6 degrees of Taurus and that can create a sense of initiation of the new.


This is your birthday period, so is a time to shine and to be possibly even more assertive and determined than usual, which can be no bad thing provided you allow the other person a say. 
Because there is so much retrograde activity this month, you may also find, like many of us, that sometimes blockages and delays; and the need to stop and think can be frustrating. 

Mercury is retrograde from the 9th, and in Taurus till the 20th, which might mean that some of you might find that financial transactions and ideas are somehow not turning out as one hoped, but from the 20th when Mercury moves back into your sign, notably for those born after April 13th, much will need to be re-thought and patience will be your best virtue. 

Venus is also still retrograde in your sign and the first three days and the last two days of the month will, mean that especially for those born March 21st to 24th can find that those periods will be times when one really has to take a long hard look at one’s self. 

Mars until the 21st is in your Solar Second House, which would suggest a lot of energy and drive may be put into financial security and goals, but after the 21st, if born up to March 28th, you will have a particular talent for asserting yourself and expressing yourself in a way that gets clearly understood in a constructive and energetic way. 

Jupiter is continuing his journey throughout Libra; your opposite sign, and this month, once again, for those born April 4th to 10th, are feeling the impact.  This can be a very good and exciting time of sociability and very much feeling that other people bring expansion and growth in life.  There is only one downside of this and that is that you may imbue others with too much power or have to high an expectation from them.  Travel is very positively underlined, but try to be your own master.

Saturn, now also retrograde from the 6th, is however maintaining his stability in the lives of those born April 16th to 18th.  He is very much steadying the tiller, but also the very real likelihood of some obligation and duty in terms of travel, connected to family or work is underlined.  Constructive, mature, measured activity will bring success. 

Uranus is still continuing to bring some turbulence into the lives of those born April 12th to 16th.  This year long transit will force change.  It will awaken you and also bring out the maverick in you; and this is a time where impulse needs to be avoided, but consideration of what needs to be revolutionised is important; and whether you like it or not, change is in your life.  Be flexible and don’t push it.  The change may well be for the greater good of all and not just yourself. 

Pluto is now truly embarking on his two-year challenge to those born April 8th to 10th.  This is a time when one has to be very aware and careful of misuse of power from authority figures, particularly in the working context and indeed your own drive for power needs checked.  Be conscious of inner unresolved issued and any deep rooted self-protection can make you quite explosive during this time. This has have been bubbling for many years are erupting now and it is very important to be as conscious and calm as possible; and remember that your motive has to be for your growth and enlightenment and indeed for others.  This is not just a power play, but fulfilling your sense of destiny will seem important and is important.  If you really do not know who you are by now, then this transit will cause major changes in your life but you must have control on ambition and don’t let others overstep the mark.


There may be a need for some privacy this month and time for reflection and Mercury is retrograde in your sign, which means that before the 9th all born up to April 26th may feel that others are often misunderstanding your communications and frustrations can abound and some things may need to be deferred to next month. 

Venus, your ruler, is also still retrograde.  It is direct on the 15th.  Up until then, issues to do with love and friendship may be on hold or where an extra depth of consciousness and communication will be needed. 

Mars is in your sign until the 21st directly affecting all those born after May 5th.  For this group, there is ambition and drive; physically, spiritually, psychologically and mentally.  This can be very useful and positive but it can tip into over-assertiveness and stubbornness if one isn’t careful.  It can also manifest as other people being forces to be reckoned with. 

Saturn moving retrograde on the 6th, brings the possibility for a need from that date, to review your most intimate relationships and indeed the complexities of financial affairs in your life. 

Neptune is now very friendly to those born May 2nd to 5th; and will be so for another year.  Extra sensitivity and compassion is yours, as is empathy. Friends particularly will be beneficial in this connection.  You to them and them to you.  Creativity, music, the film world and increased psychic sensitivity are all underlined.  A love of nature and animals is increased and a hunger for a more idealistic world and connections with others will be strong.   Your sensitivity to the pain out there is extra strong.  Your heart centre is more vulnerable, but more beautiful. 

By contrast, those born May 9th to 11th now have Pluto trining their Sun’s in this once every 124-year angular relationship.  One’s sense of destiny and uniqueness is inspired and empowered and you have to step up to the plate and acknowledge this, but without ego.  Opportunities for self-actualisation may come from long distance issues or through study.  Your courage and your significant ability for self-regeneration and indeed the regeneration of others should not be underestimated, but as always, humility is an important part of Pluto’s empowerment. 
On the 26th the Moon is new at 6 degrees of your sign and those of you born round April 26th-27th will feel this.  A sense of a fresh start surrounds certain issues and a certain new optimimism prevails.


This is a sociable month for many of you and friends will be more significant in your life than usual.  Leadership abilities are strong and you will enjoy working with other people for the greater good, although later in the month you may need some alone time. 

Mercury, your ruler, retrograde from the 9th will bring from that date some sense of frustration so it is a good idea to get what needs to be got across to others and what needs to be achieved as much as possible before that date, otherwise you will find that after the 9th communications and communication equipment can be frustrating; and a feeling of some isolation in terms of your ideology and relationships with others is possible as well. In some cases one might have to wait for early next month for things to move forward again, but use this retrograde period to re-think strategy and ideas, not just get frustrated.

Venus is still retrograde until the 15th and early and late month it is friendships that may need subtler handling than usual and looking at yourself more carefully in relationship to others, but up to the 15th many of you will also need to review your relationship with colleagues and also to check just how much your own personality and talents are being utilised fully in your working life.  Review your role. 

Before the 21st, Mars in Taurus does suggest that you continue to be potentially quite quietly, privately angry or seething and feeling incapable of expressing it without unreasonable eruption.  Get out your anger at the right time; in the right place to the right person, otherwise it will be counter-productive. 

After the 21st, if born up to May 29th, you are blessed with strong energetic enthusiasm that will help you achieve a lot, provided it doesn’t slip into pushy assertiveness and beware other people who may also be very powerful influences on you in a way that you find a little intimidating. 

Jupiter is now at least protective and at best regenerative of the lives of those born June 5th to 11th.  Creative inspiration and talent is increased and encouraged with confidence. Living life to the full is attractive and romantic issues are underlined in a very happy way.  Travel also is very happy and linked to love life and children’s issues can be a source of pleasure too. 

However, by contrast, Saturn, moving retrograde on the 6th, will be currently challenging the lives of those born June 18th to 20th.  For this group there is a definite sense of somebody or something blocking your path.  Relationships are coming up for reality checks and hard work, maturity and focus on putting things right will be necessary for good relationships to survive and even improve.  Bad relationships may falter. 

Saturn is also a reality check to test whether the door you’re knocking on is the correct one and it is a time where one may have to have patience at the least and possibly a reconsideration of objectives.  Someone may be acting as a valid schoolteacher.  Have the humility to accept the lessons, if you consider honestly what their demands are.  Obligations and duties are strong. 

Uranus by contrast, for those born June 13th to 17th is bringing a boost to the energies and a desire for liberation and change; a new sense of humanitarian spirit is born and your ability to bring the new and the innovative into your life; and indeed for others, is indicated in a very intelligent, insightful way.  This transit will be strong for the coming year, so enjoy. This is no time for parochialism. 

However,  if born June 2nd to 5th, there is a sense of being over-idealistic or not seeing clearly when it comes to your professional status.  There is also a danger of putting other people on pedestals, or falling for some scheme or ideal that seems too good to be true, which in that case, it probably is.  Keep grounded and ask the advice of people whose judgement you respect. Positively this is a great time for pursuit of the arts and a more spiritual value system.  Empathy and compassion is strong but be careful you don’t waste energies on those who prey on your generosity.  Get plenty of rest and acknowledge your sensitivity and use it, and don’t let it drag you down; and try not to see yourself as either a hero or a victim. 


You may be thrust into the limelight this month.  Take the stage gracefully.  With Mercury retrograde from the 9th, you may need to be extremely careful that your communications with co-workers and bosses are absolutely crystal clear, but there may be frustrations of ambition at work; and indeed another caution after the 9th, you may end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, when it comes to meetings with friends.  Check schedules and arrangements.

Venus, still retrograde, may bring some important lessons about your relationship with yourself and indeed with others through travel somehow.  It will be important that ego is downgraded on the altar of increased sensitivity. 

Before the 21st, if born after July 6th, much energy can be successfully expended into organising groups and pursuing the goals that you are chasing.  There is sensitive and intelligent action.  After the 21st, you may find that some frustrations get the better of you and it is important not to sit on anger, but to work it out calmly. 

If born July 6th to 13th, be aware that with Jupiter currently squaring your Sun, there is a tendency to over-reach, over-indulge, over-spend and be slightly over-confident.  Over-generosity might also be the case connected to family.

Uranus is also slightly disruptive now if born July 15th to 19th.  The unexpected is happening in your professional life.  Either you are restless or there are events that you can’t control.  For the coming year you may find that you will need to be flexible and go with the flow as change is inevitable, so embrace it, because ultimately it can be very liberating, even it at the time it take you out of your comfort zone. 

Very positively, all born July 3rd to 6th have Neptune blessing their lives now and for the coming year, with extra real inspiration, spiritually, creatively and empathetically.  Other countries can hold the key to some quite sublime experiences.  The world of music and the arts opens up and psychic powers get stronger and your very strong caring and empathetic side is amplified.  Being near the sea is also very healing.  Your intellect is tinged more with the power of the heart. 

However, if born July 11th to 13th, Pluto is now seriously in your life and will be on and off until the end of next year.  This opposition does mean that you have to be squeaky clean and aware of your motives when trying to achieve power and be aware that other people may come into your life who have got quite ruthless agendas.  Pluto oppositions can be significant and endings of chapters are in the air, but fate is very much part of the picture.  The only thing you are tested for is to understand that you will come into the orbit of power, your own or others, and will have to make sure that it is all used for the greater good and with consciousness and good motive; and walk away from situations or people who do not emanate the light but only the dark.  Power struggles can be very uncomfortable.  Positively, however, you can show what power your moral compass has.


The Sun, being in Aries for much of the month, does suggest a focus on long distance travel, or overseas communications at least, which can be quite positive, but because there is so much retrograde activity in rather a rare way, we all, will have to take some long hard reconsideration of ourselves, our goals, our aims, our ego and our value systems.  World events will demand this, so the macrocosm and the microcosm of lives will be very much reflected in each other, and your sign is no exception.

Mercury, retrograde from the 9th, will bring some potential after that date for misinformation, poor communication, frustration in work and in public obligation, so the best activity and decisions will be made before that date and even travel after the 20th may suffer from disruption, communication breakdown or re-scheduling; and legal issues may also be fraught with complications.  A re-thinking of direction will be important. 

Venus, also still retrograde until the 15th, suggests that up until then, a need to reconsider the relationship with one’s self and how one appears to the world  will be important; and a complete re-think of complex finances will be on the agenda with a view to thinking of others, rather than one’s self ; and issues that are not resolved early in the month can find resolution. 

Before the 21st Mars is not so friendly to all born after August 7th.  Your professional reputation and personal reputation is indeed challenged.  There is impatience and anger being directed at you or you are directing it at others; and you may feel that you have to defend your ego quite powerfully. 

However, after the 21st, if born up to July 30th, you will be in constructive mode then, able to negotiate well and there can be good cooperation and intelligent progress. 

Jupiter is also currently favouring those born August 7th to 14th.  He is giving intelligence in thought and speech and fairness of approach, which pleases others.  Expansion is in the air.  Slow but sure.

Saturn, retrograde from the 6th, is also acting as a stabilising influence if born August 19th to 21st.  He is forcing a serious attitude and responsible one towards those in private life and in a romantic capacity.  He is also bringing responsibilities and duties around children’s issues and hard work; and structure and discipline is needed in all creativity.  This is a serious and grown up time and obligations and duty predominate. 

Uranus, however, is really liberating and enlightening for those born August 15th to 19th.  Long distance issues are catalyst for change for the better and there is a need to be more uniquely true to self and a sense of awakening to new dimensions and an ability to look outside the box.  This helps take away some of the over-subjectivity that Leo can sometimes experience.  A journey of awakening is underway and will continue for the coming year.


Your ruler, Mercury is retrograde from the 9th, which would suggest for many of you that travel issues or study and academic issues become a little complex and you maybe suffer from a lack of plain sailing in these areas.  It will also be important after the 20th to have extra clarity when it comes to complex financial issues, including issues that are behind the scenes.

Venus, also retrograde until the 15th, does suggest that before that date many of you will find that relationships demand a much deeper analysis and insight and understanding.  Others’ needs may reflect back to you as a need to understand yourself and your own needs and in the second half of the month the benefits of this reflection will show.

Before the 21st, Mars is a very constructive energy for all born after September 7th.  For this group, the first three weeks of the month are excellent for energy put into travel or academic study.  Idealism is strong and you will be quite a bible thumper for your own personal beliefs, but constructive energy will be yours. 

After the 21st, however, if born up to August 31st, competitive and rather assertive forces may be in the air, particularly in your professional capacity.  Irritation and impatience can be an ingredient in your communications and relationships at work. 

Saturn is now a potential challenge for those born September 19th to 21st.  Blocks, restrictions and tiredness is in the air for you.  Domestic or real estate and family issues can be problematic and you may feel it’s one step forward, two steps back.  You need to look after your health as tiredness and the march of time is taking its toll.  You may see the world as a bit as the cup half empty, rather than half full, but it is a time to stop and take stock and reconsider your goals and your methodology.  You cannot run away from the demands of Saturn and you have to step up to the plate and deal with problems.  You will be very glad you did.

Neptune is currently opposing the Suns, and will be for the coming twelve months, of those born September 4th to 6th.  For this group there is a tendency for others to be creating a little bit of smoke and mirrors around your life and for you seeing them not exactly clearly.  Double-check the credentials of everybody and everything.  Yes, it is true you may feel there are some genuine soul mates in your life, who can really share your spiritual and emotional needs and interests, but there is a danger of seeing others as heroes to worship, or victims to save.  Nobody is either.  This is a wonderful time for communing with nature and for being near the sea, but more sleep will be needed and avoid escapist behaviour that is purely self-indulgent and gratuitous. 

Pluto is however very empowering and regenerating in the lives of those born September 11th to 13th and will be for the coming two years.  Creatively and romantically this is a very powerful time of strength and courage, but always remember humility is Pluto’s best friend, whilst also accepting the baton of the destined increased power. 


Relationships play a very powerful role in your life this month.  The power of others should not be underestimated, but do not give your power away and from the 9th, when Mercury is retrograde, do ensure that all your communications, particularly around finances, are absolutely clear cut and understood.  Check the small prints of everything and indeed, after the 21st it is very possible that communications and arrangements with friends and others can get very confused.

Venus is also still retrograde until the 15th and the first half of the month will therefore continue to be one of a review of your working life and maybe health issues and indeed relationships, in terms of trying to understand your self before you can understand your relationship with others.  After the 15th there should be a greater sense of stability and more emotional intelligence. 

After the 21st, for all born up to September 30th, Mars will be bringing an impetus for successful energy and competitive dealings.  There will also be power in long distance contacts and agreements; and ideological stances will be strong and well expressed.  Energy is intelligent and well directed. 

Jupiter, still in your sign, is now targeting those born October 8th to 14th.  For this group there is a once every twelve-year boost to energy, growth and fulfilment. Luck is on your side, as well as extra confidence and intelligence and you may well be a focus of attention.  Enjoy. 

For those born October 20th to 22nd, Saturn is currently bringing strong, grounded focus and concentration in your thoughts and speech.  Maturity of outlook and wisdom and loyalty is very much appreciated by others and indeed by you, in terms of the outcome.  Hard work, discipline, loyalty and duty all pay off.

Uranus is now opposing the Suns of all those born October 16th to 20th.  This once every 84-year opposition will be with you for the coming year and will suggest a lot of disruption and change and unpredictability, brought to your door, possibly by other people.  They are messengers of a need for change, whether you like it or not and ultimately this is meant to be, in order to kick start you into a new, more emancipated role in life and to enable you to be true to yourself.  A need for greater freedom to express your true individuality is also important now and a partner may also be feeling this and indeed maybe a catalyst for the very change you both need.  Go with the flow and be flexible and don’t give into impulsive moves.  This is a journey, rather than an arrival.

Pluto, however, is quite challenging now to those born October 12th to 14th.  The need for change is strong and issues that have been bubbling for a long time are now erupting, as you claim a desire to be true to yourself and to be liberated from any perceived oppression.  Be careful that you make the changes quietly and modestly and without an over-bearing will.  Try to understand your deeper motivations and consciousness.  This can be a time where you evolve into your true potential, whilst avoiding upsetting too many apple carts and people.  Endings of chapters are inevitable now, so embrace them with grace. 
The Full Moon on the 11th at  21 degrees of your sign is directly affecting those born October 14th-16th. Issues that have been brewing beneath the surface are likely to reveal themselves, possibly quite explosively, and if something that has outlived its functionality, may well be considered at an end in some way.


Focus may well be on every day activities and work and possibly health issues too, although later in the month relationships take precedence.  The strong amount of retrograde movement this month does suggest that some intense internalised thinking is necessary for you; and indeed for us all. 

After the 9th, when Mercury moves retrograde, it will be important for many of you, born early Scorpio, up to October 29th, to recognise the need to ensure that relationship communications, particularly with spouses and others are absolutely clear cut.  There is plenty of room for misunderstanding; and after the 21st the same goes for work colleagues and professional ventures.

Venus is still retrograde until the 15th which does suggest that for many of you in your romantic ventures, creative ventures or indeed with children, extra special sensitivity will be needed and it will be important that ego is very much downgraded on the altar of empathy, compassion and the ability to be in others’ shoes.  An internal dialogue will be necessary for many of you. 

Before the 21st, if born after November 7th, there will also be a distinct danger that others will contest or challenge you, particularly in close relationships.  You may have to step up to the plate to defend yourself.  Others will be no pushovers.  You yourself have to be careful about an over-competitive response.  Your use of power will be tested. 

Neptune is kindly disposed to those born November 4th to 7th now and will be for the coming year.  This is going to be a brilliant time for all those involved in the arts or creativity as your sensitive side is absolutely inspired and for those who aren’t involved in such activities, there will be a new appreciation of the world of the arts and music, and the film world in particular will figure.  It will also bring extra sensitivity that may be needed in romantic unions and this can very helpful as it downgrades the ego on the altar of genuine soul connection and goes way beyond just the sexual. It also can bring extra strong worthwhile connection with offspring.  A sort of psychic and spiritual inspiration is yours as well.  Being near the sea can also be very healing.  Nature itself offers balm to you over this coming year. Your sensitivity and compassion should not be wasted.

Also for those born November 11th to 13th, Pluto is currently in a very positive and constructive relationship to your Sun; and will be for the coming two years.  This will undoubtedly bring an insight and an understanding and an x-ray vision into situations and people and in understanding concepts.  Your communications and your writings will have power, truth, incisiveness and a great effect on others.  Your true Scorpionic healing potential, research ability and awareness of the truth will be accentuated.  Using this power for the greater good will significantly enhance your status in terms of gaining respect and admiration, rather than just status.  


This month is a very good time for enjoyment and for a celebration of life, love, creativity, but because Mercury is retrograde from the 9th through till the 3rd May, there may be some hiccups and delays and frustrations in terms of projects and goals.  You may well get angry.  Be patient and see how you can fine tune and improve situations before you move forward.

After the 20th, if born after December 15th, you will have opportunities for good communication, which will need to be particularly concise in order to move forward. 

Venus, retrograde until the 15th, does imply both early and late month a need for reconsideration of relationships with those one is romantically involved with and also in connection to one’s children’s lives.  After the 15th some resolutions will be valuable. 

After the 21st, when Mars moves into your opposite sign of Gemini, all born up to November 30th may be feeling some confrontation in relationships in all contexts.  Others will challenge you, which may well feel contentious.  You too may have little patience and be over-assertive.  Count to 10.  Irritations are likely. 

Jupiter is protective now and allows for growth if born December 6th to 13th.  Travel is in the air and hopes and wishes get a push forward positively; and there is more optimism and sense of at least protection. 

However, if born December 18th to 20th, Saturn is sitting right on your Sun now in his every thirty-year visitation.  For this group, responsibilities and some oppressive circumstances and hard work are on your shoulders and one has to step up to the plate to deal with issues that can no longer be ignored.  Financial issues and security issues need attention and this is a very important time to take care, to get plenty of rest and to really look after your health.  This is a time of maturity and it will be needed, but also potentially a time of great progress if you bite bullets and get on with what needs to be done, even though you may feel tired or dispirited.  Reality checks are in the air.  This particular transit has been affecting you since early March and is not really over until about the 10th May, but what you achieve during this time, despite the stress, can be, when looked back upon, invaluable, although the final chapter of what you’re achieving will not show itself totally until the end of November/beginning of December this year. 

Positively, Uranus is inspiring for those born December 14th – 17th.  The world is opening up.  There is a desire to be uniquely true to self.  Creatively, romantically this is a time of awakening and enlightening and an ability to look outside the box and to be innovative; and your intuition is strong, as is your charisma.  Eureka moments are possibly in the air. 

If born December 4th to 6th, Neptune is hanging around squaring your Sun, as he will be until nearly next year.  For you, this basically means this is a period where one has to be as grounded and as truthful as possible, to check out people and situations for their reality and their truth and not to be over-idealistic or get carried away by temptations towards schemes that seems to offer the world, because they won’t. It is an excellent time for the arts, creativity, for enjoying nature and for the power of your heart and compassion, but don’t get take taken advantage of. 


Home and family life needs focus.  After the 9th, it is important for many of you to ensure that communications with family and loved ones are totally and utterly clear.  It is also important that you re-think some of your ideas and thoughts and plans when things aren’t as smooth as they could be.  It is a period for taking time out, rather than bashing your head against a brick wall and a time to re-consider many areas.

Notably, after the 21st, for those born up to January 14th, Venus, retrograde until the 15th,  is then allowing many of you to bring heart into harmony with the mind; and your charms can be very successful;  and looking at the subtleties of people and their needs can also be a very valuable exercise for relationships.  Notably, from the 15th, if born after January 16th, you will see the fruits of your extra-sensitivity and the results of your careful thought.

Mars, before the 21st, is very dynamically constructive for all born after January 5th.  This gives you courage; and also the energy and drive and constructive action needed connected to all matters romantic and social.  Your passions are energised, as are your desires and your need to enjoy yourself in the company of others; and romance can certainly be stimulated. 

Jupiter, for those born between January 5th and 11th, is squaring your Sun, which gives a tendency to be over-confident, over-reach and possibly be a little complacent when it comes to work.  It is also very important when Jupiter is squaring your Sun ,that one keeps realistic about what’s possible, particularly in the professional context. 

Uranus is a little tricky still if born January 13th to 17th.  He is quite simply creating some feeling of instability and insecurity, possibly in the home and domestic arena.  At the very least you will be feeling the need to change.  You feel restless, itchy, adrenalised and nervous.  It is a normal experience for this transit.  You have to be flexible, as change is in the air.  Be careful that you take it slowly and don’t’ push the river.  This is a journey, not an arrival.  What Uranus is doing, is forcing you to feel the need, which is essential now, for liberation from difficult circumstances; and to be more true to yourself. 
This journey will be with you until Spring 2018, but after it, you will understand that you really did need to go with the flow.

Neptune is very happily aligned to the Suns of those born January 2nd to 5th; and this will be around for about a year and does just exemplify your most sensitive side.  Your heart is open, you feel the pain of other people, you want to rescue, your ego is downgraded and your heart and your mind are as one, but in a way that is enhancing of your life and others.  The arts cannot be ignored, nor can your appreciation of the beauty of the natural world.  Music and the sea are healers. 

Finally, Pluto is sitting right on the Suns, in his once every 248 year visit, of those born January 9th to 11th; and he will be so doing on and off until the end of 2018.  All one can say about this is that absolutely it is a time of empowerment.  Power is something you have to grapple with in some context and you must be conscious and aware, because this is very profound and quite primeval.  It changes things.  It brings things to an end and it allows you to step up to the plate and know your true potential.  Do it with humility and always be conscious of motive and then you cannot go wrong.  This is quite a destined period in life and it can be intense , but magnificent, if you handle it well. 


This is a very good time for good, clear thinking and good communication.  However, because Mercury is retrograde from the 9th, much of what you wish to get across needs to be done before that date, if you want a guarantee of it’s safe understanding and arrival; and that is also true of communications with family and one needs to be particularly careful after the 21st if born after February 12th, as confusion is in the air. 

Venus, retrograde until the 15th, suggest that before that date dealings over finances in particular, need special attention and care and there even may be a slight shift in how you see the value of money.  After the 15th there is more black and white certainty about issues connected to love life and finances. 

Mars, before the 21st does suggest some impatience and lack of tolerance with others and indeed from others, if born after February 3rd; not least with family members and to do with domestic issues and real estate. 

After the 21st, if born up to January 28th, your communication skills and your courage and wise use of action and words are admirable, but also your creative and romantic drive is constructive. 

Jupiter is now blessing the lives of those born February 3rd to 9th.  He is bringing beneficial holidays, travel and dealings with long distance business projects and is also excellent for academic pursuits.  Your higher mind and consciousness and ideologies are also driving you well. 

Saturn is acting as a real focus for discipline and constructive action if born February 15th to 17th.  Much that you do behind the scenes and privately will be admirable.  No one will quite know just how much focus and discipline you are using, but it serves you in the long term very positively.  Focus and discipline is necessary, but productively so. 

Uranus, your ruler is also excellently positive now if born February 11th to 15th.  Your mind is super acute.  You’re incredibly perceptive, innovative and intuitive.  The new and the exciting and the maverick and the true Aquarian spirit of freedom is demonstrated in you now, but not only for self, but for the betterment of others.


Although materialism isn’t Pisces’ greatest focus, it may well need to be more aware of this quality month, for various reasons and it’s also terribly important to keep your eye absolutely on the ball from the 9th and notably after the 20th, when finances can be a source of confusion.  Keep grounded as to other people and their agreements and your judgement.  In fact, in all communications after the 9th, there is a need to double check. Blocks and restrictions should not be a source of frustration, but a signal of a need to reconfigure your ideas and plans. 

Before the 21st, if born after March 5th, your mind is very proactive, constructive, positive, determined and logical; and you will like a good old debate. 

After the 21st however, if born up to February 26th, you may find that you are less constructive, more impatient, and more irritable, notably on the home and family front; and also in that same context, others may feel similarly so disposed towards you.  Don’t waste time on bickering. 

Saturn is now squaring the Suns of those born March 17th to 19th.  Tiredness and depression and maybe some negativity is circling you; possibly connected to career obligations or difficulties.  Get plenty of sleep, take time out for rest and don’t avoid the realities that need to be faced.  Work hard with patience.  This may be quite a long period until early May, where life feels far more like work than play, but be aware that this is a time of patience, fortitude and tenaciousness to see through what you need to.  Look after yourself and your body.

Neptune is absolutely giving the nth degree extra qualities of Pisces characteristics to those born March 3rd to 5th and will for the coming year.   For this group, you can enjoy all the positives and try and avoid the negatives of extreme Pisces consciousness.  Neptune, your ruler, is bringing tremendous hypersensitivity and psychic and spiritual abilities, which can be slightly unnerving.  You absorb everyone like a sponge.  You may even want to escape the hypersensitivity in some way, but make sure you use it for the greater good and not just for gratuitous indulgence.  Keep grounded, keep real.  Enjoy the arts, beauty and the compassion, but do not totally let go of your reality and your ego and double check the facts of everything and everybody.  Own this energy.  Do not let it own you. 

Finally, Pluto is very transformational now if born March 9th to 12th.  This every 124 year angular relationship brings you a great ability to have intelligent power and insight to make things happen for self, but more importantly for the greater good of others and your leadership skills are strong. You can be transformative in terms of your goals, be they for collective or personal progress.  Your destiny is calling.  Use it well.   Remember you are not the power; you are the agent to the power.    

Wednesday, 1 March 2017


Venus moves retrograde on the 4th in Aries and stays as such till April 15th. This definitely suggests for all, the need to pause and take a long hard look at our selves, our planet and our values and to downgrade ego on the altar of the greater good and more humanitarian issues, as opposed to mere economic ones. As the sudden shifts on our planet socio-politically and as climate change issues unfold and their implications, there is inevitably and need for profound reassessment of where we are all going.

 It will also bring a need/desire to review our current relationships, especially romantic ones, and determine their value and also what is not right with them; and with kindness to self and others, a recognition of their reality, strengths and weaknesses and how we may improve ourselves and our relationships. Taking time out for consideration of our needs and the needs of others (as opposed to “wants” maybe) can be necessary and productive.

Jupiter also currently retrograde, points to the need for growth in consciousness, more than mere focus on economic/ material growth.

Neptune in Pisces for the long haul is definitely creating a web of facts and alternative facts and those claiming that we should not listen to fake news, whilst perpetrating it themselves. Social media creates illusions and the whole smoke and mirror effect of what is and is not truth, is blight of our times and for our politics and our planet.

Smoke and mirrors are very strong early month when the Sun and Mercury conjunct Neptune.  In fact, in the first week of this month, when Mars conjuncts Uranus, there is a continuation of the chaos and unpredictability of late last month; and dangerous and volatile it is. Look out for unpredictable and impulsive behaviour from those in power, with unpredictable chaos.

The USA chart has Uranus now starting to square its natal Mercury, bringing much potentially dangerous unpredictability in foreign policy and chaos in communications with other countries. This influence happens every 42 years and exerts its influence approximately for 1 year.  Mercury also rules the US media and unsurprisingly it will be rebellious and its existence in the States will be subject to much upheaval, chaos and uncertainty.

Extreme weather conditions and geophysical eruptions are much in the ether too.  Surprise decisions and events can change the planet quite fundamentally currently.

The whole Brexit and Trump phenomena are just the start. Uranus, now moving through the last decade (10 degrees) of Aries is creating on the planet a mood of the unpredictable and the rebellious child. Very justified anger has led to an impulse to grab any change, but and it can mean we jump out of the frying pan into the fire. However checks and balances are in the air too, as we all freeze a little and take stock and rethink everything of necessity.

 England’s birth chart is coping now with Uranus travelling through its 1st house  (every 84 years). This circuitous, chaotic journey is far from over.

Late month, there is a feel of abuse of power being perpetrated on the planet based on arrogance and sudden decisions maybe regretted by many. There is much hubris in the air, with a nemesis building up for the future.

The 8th/9th however is an input of optimism; a positive regenerative period and around the 14th/15th, there is a note of positivity as sensitive action and emotional intelligence predominates.

The Moon is full on the 12th at 22 degrees of Virgo and is new on the 28th at 7 degrees of Aries. The new Moon augurs well for the birth of the new and regenerative and for starting new projects, and when full it marks the ending of chapters and the eruption of the unconscious forces.

A time of introspection can be positive, but don’t brood. From the 13th, all of you will be experiencing a sense of a great need to communicate and with a flurry of ideas.  Just try not to be too subjective. 

Venus is in your sign all month.  He goes retrograde on the 4th which means that for many of you, from the 4th through to the 15thApril, will be a period of reconsideration of the relationship with yourself, a dialogue with your own being, based on the principle that we cannot have a good relationship with anyone until we have a good relationship with ourselves.
Meanwhile those born up to April 5th may find this a particularly poignant period for reconsideration of love in general.

Before the 10th, all born after April 12th will be feeling very assertive, ambitious, determined and competitive.  Just be sure it doesn’t turn into over-assertion or aggression.  Equally, many of this group may find that other people are challenging.  Stand your ground, but do not collude with a fight.

For all born after April 8th, Jupiter is encouraging expansion in relationships.  Many people in your life have a sense of extravagance and enjoyment of life and other people may well encourage this and aid and abet it.  Travel is in the air too.

For all born April 15th to 18th, there is a measure of real discipline and maturity in your actions and travel may be for dutiful or educational purposes.   This is a hardworking and productive period. 

However, if born April 11th to 14th, this period of ongoing change that you have been experiencing over the last year or so is now coming to finalisation.  You awakened to a different consciousness and may well be in a very different place in life; and you’re putting the final touches to that.

Be aware however, if born April 7th to 10th, that you are now embarking on two years of potential struggle within yourself and possibly with another, on a very deep psychological level. You are trying to find your true sense of power and true independence.  This may involve changes and struggles in your professional life, or with authority figures in some context.  Keep calm, do not be coercive, be honest and draw boundaries around those who would be coercive.  Beware of the power of your unconscious during this period.
The Moon is new on the 28th in your sign. Those most affected are born around March 28th.  For these people there is a sense of the enthusiastic embracing of a new chapter.


Friendships and social life may figure strongly and positively this month; and your ability to be a spokesperson for others is strong for all too. 

Venus in Aries in your 12th House, retrograde from the 4th, will also bring a sense of a need for some isolation, withdrawal and contemplation of life and your value system. 

After the 10th, when Mars moves into you sign, all those born up to May 7th will have Mars very much on your case.  For this group, after the 10th it will be important to ensure that you are not over-assertive, but competitive, healthy energy and drive is underlined.  Keep your anger contained, but allow your feelings to be expressed in a rational and reasonable way.  The impact of others on your life may be significant and competitive debate at the very least is in the air. Be careful to look before you leap.  Avoid impulse.

Neptune is truly empowering now for those born May 1st to 4th.  Hypersensitivity is strong, the power of your heart needs acknowledging and the need for spiritual pursuits and creative and artistic pursuits are very much favoured.  Empathy and compassion is accentuated, particularly for friends and you may find that friends become soul mates during this time.  Music, the film world and being near bodies of water are all healing for you now.

If born May 8th to 11th, you are embarking on a period for a couple of years of significant sense of empowerment and focus and a feeling of the ability to fulfil one’s life purpose.  Transformational circumstances that allow you to move forward with courage are in the air.  These particular energies may emanate from long distance travel or long distance contacts; and a revolution in your consciousness can be connected to higher learning or spiritual understanding and insights.  Relationships can also be a source of regeneration and empowerment and other people can bring tremendous opportunities for growth and change. 


Professional issues may be quite testing but you have no choice but to step up to the plate and ensure all your communications, particularly before the 13th, are understood clearly.   After the 13th, your confidence and intellect is more clearly cut and effective.

Venus, this month, is favouring those born up to June 4th.  Friendships and social life can be a source of love, but be aware that after the 4th, the subtler, more spiritual aspects of love and empathy and compassion will resonate and what you can do for other people will be done from the heart and not from the ego. 

Before the 10th, if born after June 13th, wise strong, considered action will help yourself and others in a collective context, attain your goals.  Your courage, both spiritually, psychologically and physically is strong and effective.

Jupiter is now very much favouring those born June 9th to 14th.  He is favouring all recreational activities, creative activities and love life has got a special input of luck attached to it; and travel is particularly flagged up as enjoyable and enhancing of the emotions.

However, Saturn is a little more challenging now to those born June 16th to 20th.  His current opposition position is suggesting that there are challenges from other people or circumstances that are blocking your path and you find this frustrating.  It is a time of reality checks around other people.  You see them clearly.  You will have to work hard at good relationships for improvement.  Basically bad relationships may not survive this particular period.  Much rest is needed as you realise the march of time.  It can take its toll but duty and responsibility and obligation to step up to the plate to what is necessary is in the air. 

For those born June 12th to 15th, Uranus is finalising a period of awakening and a changing of consciousness.  Others have been catalysts for you to look outside the box and to think laterally or divergently and as a result be more awakened to your true potential and understanding. 

A moderate warning is for those born June 1st to 4th.  Neptune is now creating the potential for some illusion or over-idealism or even deceptive circumstances, possibly connected around your professional life.  Check out that you see people clearly, that you read all documents clearly, check the small print and that you don’t put people on pedestals, and that you’re not easily seduced by others’ ideas.  This however is a good time for communing with nature and the arts; and for getting plenty of sleep.  Be however wary of making radical decisions too quickly, that have long term unalterable consequences, as some confusion and smoke and mirrors may be in the air. But also enjoy the power of your heart and sensitivity and emotions, which are currently very strong.  Use it wisely.


This is a month that favours study and travel particularly before the 13th if born after June 26th

After the 13th, however, you will all need to be aware of the possibility of misunderstandings and confusion in communications, particularly at work.  Many of you however, may find that if born up to July 5th, your charms can be advantageous in your professional context, but be aware that after the 4th subtlety, empathy and compassion may be powerful forces needed, also in your working context. 

Before the 10th, if born after July 15th, there may be the sound of some war drums in the air, and you have to be very careful around colleagues and bosses as they may well be impatient and easily irritated and you also may feel the same.  Competitiveness, gratuitously so, may not be helpful. 

After the 10th, if born up to July 8th, however, constructive energy and courage works brilliantly in a group context and your leaderships skills should not be underestimated.  Constructive efforts enhance life. 

For those born July 11th to 16th, Jupiter is tempting some self-indulgence, notably on the home front and with family.  Over-reaching and over-extending can be a problem but enjoyment is in the air, you just may regret pushing the boat out a bit too far. 

Form those born July 14th to 17th, Uranus is completing a year’s journey now of bringing some sense of restlessness, change, awakening to new options and ideas; so from now on you should be a little bit more settled but with a sense that you have grown in awareness and made some shifts in life and in your thinking and philosophy, along the way.

Those born July 2nd to 5th are now waking up to a sense that your emotions and sensitivities are getting even stronger than they are normally for your sign.  Spiritual longings and idealism are strong.  Artistic and aesthetic sensibilities really need taking advantage of as they are currently particularly beneficial; and spiritual/religious feelings are likely to be underlined too.  Empathy and compassion is peaking.  Travel and fulfilling some dreams are linked.

However, for those July 10th to 13th, there is a warning that you may be finding that there are some people or circumstances around you that are very challenging or even coercive or manipulative.  Power struggles may well be in the air.  You have to be very careful to draw boundaries around people who would misuse power and walk away; and equally do not tempt others to get into power struggles with you by your own behaviour.  You will be tested for courage and strength to deal with challenges in a very mature and very conscious way.  Keep squeaky clean. Recognise the dark in others, which can also bring out the dark in you.


This month focuses very much on finances and on communications on them and having to deal with those issues in quite a forensic way.  Travel may also be in the air for many of you notably after the 13th.  Legal issues can also be negotiated then. 

Venus is also possibly connected to enjoyment and love life for you all, in an international or vocational context, notably if born up to August 6th.

However, after the 4th, it will be very important that many of you think in terms of other people’s need, other than one’s own;  and empathy and compassion and a reconsideration of priorities and value systems may well be in the air.  The heart will have to overcome the gigantic ego. 

Before the 10th, for all born after August 15th have the opportunity to show courage, determination and positive energy.  Successful judgement and action is supported,  Energy is high and a spirit of courageous exploration is strong. 

However, after the 10th, if born up to August 9th, there is a definite potential for some competitive and assertive impatience with other people and career issues can be fraught with confrontation and challenge, as can one’s status.  Impatience and irritability is in the air, so count to ten. 

Jupiter is however currently protective of those born August 11th to 16th.  Wisdom is afforded and there is a sense of some protection and luck and communications can be constructive and well thought through; and can bring resolution. 

Also for those born August 18th to 21st, there is a suggesting that some control, discipline, maturity of approach and constructive pragmatism is working very much in your favour.  Honouring one’s obligations and working towards them is also flagged up. 

Also, for those born August 14th – 17th, you are coming to the end of a period of constructive change and evolution.  Your philosophy of life and your intuition has been favoured for the last year, taking you to a new consciousness and awareness that has superseded ego.   You are now a more balanced person with a bigger picture understanding. 


Relationships figure strongly this month as the Sun is in your Solar 7th House of Pisces.  The power of others to guide your life is significant as are the communications that are received from other people.  Without giving your power away, you can still find your life is guided by the input of significant others.  In fact, energy put into issues that are very private and intimate in your connections with others will be powerful this month; and a reconsideration of the real meaning of love and the implications of finances on a profounder level will be important, notably after the 4th

After the 10th, all born up to September 9th may find a lot of energy is channelled into long distance communications, travel, particularly if finances are involved and also much energy will be put into philosophical pursuits and learning.  Study can be underlined.

Saturn, however, is rather challenging currently to those born September 18th to 21st.  There is a feeling of a little negativity and issues to do with home/ real estate issues or family issues can feel blocking or restrictive.  It feels like one step forward, two steps back.  Health needs to be looked after, as one is a little less resilient than usual.  Obligations need honouring, but also reality checks need facing.  Patience and hard work will be necessary.  One should never run away from the demands of Saturn. He a karmic schoolteacher. 

For those born September 3rd to 6th, Neptune is currently opposing your Suns, which happens only once every 165 years.  It has been underway for a year now and will not be over until the beginning of 2018.  You are in the middle of a period of potential over-idealisation of people – seeing through rose coloured spectacles and the possibility of deceptive circumstances around you.  One needs to be very careful in all relationships by checking the small prints and credentials of everybody. Without being too cynical, one has to just be grounded and realistic. But positively, the arts and spiritual pursuits can flourish and it certainly means that your heart centre and empathy and compassion is flourishing, but just don’t be too gullible and certainly avoid over-escapism. 

All those born September 10th to 13th are embarking on a voyage of real regeneration; transformation and an indulgence of life through creative pursuits, the arts and also through romantic connections; and also offspring can prove a transformational force.  This is no time for shyness, but for belief in one’s self; and the coming 18th months will prove that. 
The full Moon on the 12th is in your sign, directly affecting those born around September 15th. For these people this is a period then of some sense of recognition of your inner issues which erupt for you to confront. Understand that closures may be in the air.


Work and everyday routine issues will be a focus this month.  It is a good time for rationalising office, work, procedures and it’s also an excellent time to focus on improving one’s health regime. 

After the 13th, communication with others will be very important for you all and what you hear from others can be significant and enhancing very much of your awareness and knowledge.  It is important to listen, rather than speak. 

Venus in your opposite sign all month will directly impact those born up to October 7th and love and affections will be underlined and communications with others and affections for others will combine to create a great sense of satisfying union.  It is very important to also remember that from the 4th, relationships with others will be comprised of extra empathy and compassion and they will need that which goes way beyond the sexual. 

Before the 10th, however, for all born after October 16th, there is potential for people to be quite assertive and challenging to you and you may well have to defend yourself.  Impulse and daring is in the air in relationships and people are no pushovers. Ensure you maintain your Libran scales of justice in judging others and responding.  i.e. Fairness. 

However, very fortunately, Jupiter currently in your sign, is right now blessing the lives of those born October 12th to 17th.  This brings protection, love growth, as sense of joy in life and the potential for travel being very fortuitous, but because Jupiter is retrograde, it may also bring an inner growth and sense of wisdom and appreciation for the subtler things of life.

Saturn is constructive now for those born October 19th to 22nd.  He is bringing stability in thought, maturity of communication, groundedness and pragmatism and also hard work, which brings respect and progress.  Wisdom is very much in your thoughts and speech. 

However, for all born October 15th to 18th, Uranus is about to about to finish his year long focus on creating some unpredictability, chaos and change and awakening in your relationship zone.  Others have been catalysts, even if at times they have been uncomfortable in their change and in their input.  This is now very much closing as a chapter, and you should be in a slightly difference place, literally, or psychologically. 

Finally, Pluto is embarking on a period for about 18th months of some challenge if born October 10th to 13th.  This a time where there is quite a feeling of an eruption which comes from very deep within, connected to your own identity and the need to prove it and to liberate yourself from the past in some way.  It is important to be very conscious of motive and not to be manipulative or over-reactive, but the end of a chapter is around in your own consciousness and that may manifest in your actual situation.  This is about finding your identity – do it with control and consciousness. 


This is a month, which does rather emphasise fun, enjoyment, creativity and romance.  The desire to shine is strong, but as for all of us, it will be important from the 4th to also consider the more profound sides of love and affections and also re-figure our value system in reference to money as well. 

After the 10th, when Mars moves into your opposite sign of Taurus, all born up to November 8th may find themselves pitting their wits against others as others pit them against you.  This is potentially a time of irritability and forcefulness and contentiousness.  Patience will be needed and other people will be forces to be reckoned with.  Your sting in the tail will not go unnoticed and unchallenged, so be aware.   Pick your enemies carefully.

Neptune, however, is very much your friend if born November 3rd to 6th.  He is currently very much emphasising the need for empathy, compassion, sensitivity in all areas connected to offspring, love life and creative inspiration.  Your heart centre is much more vulnerable, but in a positive way and compassion for others is strong and understanding of other people’s sensitivities is enhancing your affections and an appreciation of the beauties of nature and spiritual pursuits are underlined.  The arts are particularly rewarding and your own gifts in that area should be developed.  You will seek an ideal love connection based on a spiritual and soulful union, more than just a sexual; and children can bring real inspiration to your heart.

Pluto is currently embarking on a 18th month period of really enhancing the best of the Scorpio qualities in you, if born November 9th to 12th.  Your forensic insights and your thinking a communications is especially sharp and this will evolve and develop.  Your intelligence and healing abilities are also now blossoming.  What you say and think can travel far and impact others positively.  Use this once every 124 gift for the greater good and you will be very much rewarded.


There is a lot of focus on home this month, particularly before the 13th when communications with family members will be important, but ensure there is clarity to avoid misunderstanding, particularly if born after November 27th

After the 13th, all of you will enjoy lively and animated connections, romantically and creatively and writers will flourish. 

After the 4th Venus moves retrograde and stays so until mid-April and this month, all born up to December 5th will feel the power of love very intensely and affections are returned, not least from offspring, but after the 4trh there is a need for a more sensitive review of the subtler aspects of relationships. 

Before the 10th, Mars, also in Aries, will be inspiring the energies and giving courage and determination and ambition, particularly creatively and romantically, if born any time after December 14th.  Your enthusiasm is infectious. 

Jupiter is currently blessing the lives of those born December 10th to 15th.  Friendships and collective goals flourish and leadership skills are strong, as is wisdom and a general sense of luck.  Working for others is the best use of this Jupiter, 

However, Saturn is still marching through your sign and for this month, he is directly impacting by conjunction, those born December 17th to 20th.  This group will feel blocks, restrictions and maybe feeling old, the march of time and reality checks.  Much discipline, hard work, focus, concentration is needed to achieve what you need.  It is also a time to review situations and people with a great sense of reality and humility and do what is necessary.  Look after your health, but know this is a time of growth, hard work and courage if you so choose.

Uranus, by contrast is inspiring and bringing the new and the exciting and the desire for great adventure and adrenalin for all those born December 13th to 16th.  This has been around you for about a year and now you’re bringing it to a close as you realise that you have actually liberated yourself in many respects and been awakened by the power of love, creativity and possibly because of children; and your understanding of life is much more big picture now.

However, if born December 2nd to 5th, you are possibly struggling with a feeling of a little bit of confusion and uncertainty.  You are floating and not sure of your direction.  You are dissolving ties, hypersensitive, but not seeing clearly and needing grounding people around you to give you good advice.  Make no irrevocable decisions; check the small print in everything and the credentials of everybody.  Enjoy nature however and take it easy.  This is an evolutionary process.  Let go and float.  By the beginning of 2018 you will be on another shore, even though you don’t know where that is just yet.


Your mind is very alert and communications are important to you, particularly before the 13th.  After the 13th, many of you will need to be aware that communications at home are powerful, but there is room for some misunderstandings, so be clear.

Venus is, for all born up to January 4th, inviting some self-indulgence and extravagance, particularly towards home and family, but be aware that after the 4th, when Venus turns retrograde, until mid-April, there will be a need for a deeper, more profound empathy and compassion for family members; and also for one’s self. 

However, if born after January 13th, before the 10th, there is a tendency to feel a little like you are a bull in the china shop at home; and other people may be contentious and no pushover.  Impatience and impulsiveness is not a good idea, so stop and count to ten before you think or act in the family and home environment and don’t push your luck with exercise or risky physical activity. 

After the 10th, however, all born up to January 7th will feel a strong feeling of constructive progress, intelligent action, particularly creatively and romantically.  Energy is strong and successful. 

Jupiter is tempting many of you born between January 9th and 14th to be a little over-confident and over-reaching in certain areas, particularly career wise.  Enjoy, but with a bit of humility and caution.

Uranus is coming to end of a year-long period of some sense of disruption and uncertainty and a need for change if born January 12th to 15th.  Domestic circumstances may have been disrupted, a lack of settlement as to roots is in the ether, but now that period, which will have brought some change, is giving way to a more stable sense of continuity.  Meanwhile, this month, know what changes you should consolidate and know which may not have been such a good idea. 

Neptune is enhancing the sensibilities of all those January 1st to 4th.  Your thinking is more emotional, your heart combines with your brain, your communications are more empathetic and sensitive and your visual and spiritual senses are enhanced.  Creatively this is great for the writer and music is a healer for you..

However, if born January 8th to 11th. You are now undergoing a major and once every 248-year transit that will not be completely over for two years.  This can be very empowering and there is a sense of destiny growing.  You have a mission and there is a sense of needing to regenerate or transform some situation for others as well as self; and the important lesson is not to use the power for self-gratification, but for the greater good.  Motive is everything.  You are not the power; you are the agent of it.


Financial matters may need some focus this month and after the 13th, many of you will be feeling much more confident in your communications and the power of positive thinking.

If born up to February 2nd, your charms win people over, but note, that after the 4th, when Venus moves retrograde, a need for emotional sensitivity is great and thought cannot be without deep and intelligent emotions. 

Before the 10th, if born after February 11th, you are passionate – a bit of a bible thumper about you believe in; and the power of your speech and writing has impact, which can be very constructive. 

However, after the 10th, if born up to February 5th, beware that your energies and actions at home and with family may be a little bit over-assertive or clumsy and people with whom you share living space may be no pushovers either.  There is war drums audible is some way.

Jupiter, however, is casting a benevolent glow over the lives now of those born February 7th to 12th.  He is encouraging travel with long distance, international benefits, Wisdom and academic and intellectual insights and successes are around. Philosophical thoughts of a very constructive and wise kind are yours. 

Meanwhile, those born February 14th to 17th have now the wise, guiding power of Saturn.  Obligations, duty and hard work are yours, but you take them on with dignity and success.  Loyalty and duty is rewarding for you currently. 

Also, those born February 10th to 13th, have Uranus rubber-stamping a past year of the ability to really express your unique Aquarian qualities.  Your insights and intuitions have catapulted you into even greater awareness of bigger picture knowledge than ever before.  You are now more true to yourself than ever.


Your month and you can shine and people will listen to you and get good advice.  Many of you, after the 4th, may find that you need to think differently about finances and get a better balance in your value system.  What really matters and what doesn’t.  Much emphasis will be put into sorting finances out for many of you before the 10th.

After the 10th, for all born up to March 7th, your courage in action, speech and thought will be noted; and you will be more assertive and constructive than usual in achieving things and getting people to listen.

Saturn is however, weighing rather heavily on the lives of those born March 16th to 19th.  Obligations, duty and hard work, as well as blocks and restrictions are in the air.  It is a time when you may feel the march of time and need to respect the needs of the body, so take care.  Reality checks around domestic or family issues are strong and it’s a time to reconsider tactics and how you deal with people, particularly on the home front.  Humility is needed and wisdom to understand how you should step up to the plate and make changes that need to be made and doing what needs to be done.

Neptune, your ruler, is currently really emphasising the powerful Pisces characteristics that are archetypal to your sign, if both March 1st to 4th.  This has been around you since early 2016 and will be really strong for another year.  The positive side of this is that it’s truly inspiring spiritually.  Those who have artistic inclinations can really flourish and your imagination is powerful.  Your sensitivity and compassion is so powerful, that it could almost be painful and you need to use this positively to drive other people up rather than allow people’s problems to drag you down.  Your psychic side should not be underestimated and your ability to experience energies and entities that you normally don’t is marked.  Being near the sea and around music is truly healing.  Negatively, you have to be very careful about escapism, deceptive circumstances, over-idealism and seeing through extra rose coloured spectacles.  Keep grounded.  You need sleep, but excessive escapism will do nobody, least of all yourself, any good. 

Those born March 8th to 11th have Pluto very much starting to impinge very positively on your energies.  The power of regeneration and transformation of your being in a fated way, for the greater good of others, is now landing on your doorstep.  The time has come to show your true colours and your power to be there for other people to improve their lives, and by so doing, your own.  Friends are powerful and regenerative to you too, just as you are to them.  This transit is going to be with you for about two years, so get used to it and enjoy; and step up to the plate.