Wednesday, 1 February 2017


The last 12 days of the month of this month is somewhat unpredictable in energy, in fact quite volatile and potentially dangerous re global events.  Mars in Aries all month will then oppose Jupiter, conjunct Uranus and square up to Pluto.   Rebellion and quite ruthless power struggles are high risk, as is the power of rather uncontained egos on the world stage. Adventurism and very reckless behaviour is manifested, as is the danger of increased despotism. Mars particularly targets the USA chart for stress. Anger and impulse is in the air.

There is also an increased risk of geophysical eruption and events e.g. earthquakes and flooding, as well as geopolitical shocks and disturbances in general this month and most potently again, late month

The UK’s chart is also particularly in a state of flux and with potential even greater uncertainty and chaos than of late… as Uranus continues to hover over the ascendant of the birth chart. Also, the chart’s Mercury (ruling the British economy and place on the world’s stage) is beset by the potential hubristic power of Pluto, as the once every 248 year conjunction hovers. There is no doubt that destiny and significant fated endings are in the air this year, which have far reaching consequences.

There are also two annular eclipses this month. 0n the 11th there is a lunar eclipse and on the 26th, a solar eclipse. The 10th/11th will be like a full Moon on steroids.  This will bring a sense of crisis mode to some and the planet may feel eruptions of unconscious energy in a rather definitive way. The solar eclipse on the 26th is less   dramatic, but it brings a sense of a new chapter, that may not be to everyone’s choice and also being in Pisces, the power of emotions are globally very strong.

At least Saturn (caution/blocks) is trining up to Uranus in Aries (equivalent to some extent as the unpredictable child) for most of this year, which should at least steady the boat of world events to some degree.

On the 6th Jupiter moves retrograde, suggesting an internalising of energies and that will be connected to a reconsideration of value systems. Growth externally will be put on hold, on the altar of some growth internally, in terms of a need to pause and take stock of the priorities of the planet.  The Sun will conjunct Neptune late month and that will increase the sense of smoke and mirrors and simultaneously potentially further the cause of ideological extremism and also increase the phenomena of  “alternative facts” (untruths) being dominant.  On the other hand, it will also create a reaction by many on the planet to our societies current trends, in terms of an increased desire to reach out to embrace a more idealistic, sympathetic, sensitive and compassionate attitude to our world and environment.

With Mars activating so much planetary activity this month, new social movements and protest will be activated, and the time for complacency and apathy will feel by many to be over.


This can be a very sociable month as it is stimulates to your solar 11th house.  From the 18th you may however be feeling a little more hermit like with a tendency to want to withdraw and re-evaluate.

 For those born after April 9th, before the 7th, communication at work will be important, but clarity will be needed. 

Between the 7th and 25th you will all get a big window where communication with friends can be extremely powerful and important in guiding you and you guiding them. 

After the 3rd Venus moves into your sign and for all born up to April 4th, there is a feeling of a boost to your charisma.  You feel good, you look good, your loving connections are felt within and you receive these from others.  Your aesthetic sense is also powerful.  Relationships just feel good. 

Mars is also in your sign all month, which also gives for all born p to April 13th, an extra sense of determination and ambition, even over-assertion at time.  This can be very positive as it energises you to achieve things that you want to.  It is very good in ambition and sports, work, and psychological energy, but the downside is it can also make you, in the worst manifestation of Mars, slightly aggressive, over-assertive and some cases you could also feel that others are being unacceptably over-assertive towards you.  Mars is the planet of war in extremis and one has to be rather careful that the war drums are not too audible, coming from you, or indeed others during this time.  When used positively you can achieve a lot. 

Jupiter is still currently in your opposite sign, and now directly opposing the Suns of those born April 11th-14th.  For this group there is a tendency to be a little over-confident, over-generous, over-enthusiastic and possibly over-reaching; and relationships can tend towards over-indulgence.  Don’t jump into ideas or relationships too quickly without a little careful thought, but benefits and bonuses can come from others and travel is in the air. 

However, after the 6th, when Jupiter moves retrograde, some of the benefits of Jupiter turn inwards and inner growth becomes more important than external rewards and enjoyment. 

Saturn is currently trining the Suns of those born April 13th to 17th.  For this group there is a definite sense of maturity and loyalty and hard work is important, but it does bring results.  Discipline and patience are yours and travel for duty or obligation may well be on the cards.  This is definitely a time for serious and grown up action. 

For Aries born April 10th to 13th, there is also a feeling of a great need for change.  There is a restlessness deep within.  You’re feeling rebellious and have a need for adrenalin.  Accept change as necessary, but don’t push the river.  This once every 84 year transit will do his job in his own time. 

Pluto is currently squaring the Suns of those born April 6th to 9th.  For you, there is a struggle going on within.  This square transit forces you to find your power and your courage in order to make changes that are needed, provided you are not forceful or manipulative in so doing.  Work events may well bring this about.  Beware of others who are manipulative or controlling, just as you need to beware of your own responses.  Keep squeaky clean. 

The last week of the month is a particularly powerful one for many of you, particularly if born April 10th to 13th.  This is quite a dynamic time.  Stop and count to ten and don’t take any risks that are unavoidable.


Before the 18th, career is the focus.  Hard work, which may not always be pleasant.  After the 18th you are more sociable. 

Before the 7th if born after May 10, travel is a possibility and your ability to think positively and outside the box and philosophically is also strong.
After the 7th and before the 25th, communications and work will be important but you must check the small print in what you say and do.

After the 25th, if born up to April 25th, communication in groups and with friends is very positive. 

Before the 3rd, there is a small window for all those born after May 17th to show generosity in love to others, particularly when you are working for the greater good and friends appreciate you.  After the 3rd, kindness is shown in a much more private way. 

For all of you this month, it is important that you do not sit on any anger and let it seethe.  Get your frustrations out as and when you feel them and to the right person; and as calmly as possible. 

After the 6th, when Jupiter moves retrograde, for some of you work may prove a little complicated, or may even be a little hard, but the benefits and bonuses you receive will be subtle and positive. 

For those born April 29th to May 2nd, Neptune is back, as he has been on and off since March 2016, to remind you that you are feeling more emotional and sensitive now than you have been in previous times.  Your empathy and compassion for others, for the world, for the under-privileged, the suffering is powerful; and your heart centre lets you know this.  The greater side of you is also positive and needing manifestation in some form.

Those born May 7th to 10th have Pluto powerfully trining your Suns.  This every 124-year transit is bringing an extra sense of destiny to your door and the ability to re-invent and transform yourself into the person you know you potentially can and want to be.  It brings powerful opportunities and events that can be quite life enhancing from long distance and philosophical issues.  Higher education is very positive now and your insight and your belief in self and your potential is strong.  Exploit without arrogance.


This is an extremely good month for travel, for higher learning, study and philosophical insight, particularly before the 18th.  After the 18th, focus a little bit more on your professional situation. 

After the 7th you will all have the possibility of feeling the benefits of learning and wisdom; and again travel is particularly highlighted positively.

After the 25th, if born up to May 27th, be wary of being misunderstood by others, particularly within a working capacity.

After the 3rd, all born up to June 5th will find support; affection and love of others, particularly friends, extremely valuable; and your company will be desired.

For all of you born up to June 14th, your energy and drive will be very powerfully positive in a leadership context and in pushing for what you believe in and achieving your goals, in an intelligent and positive way.  Energy is high.

Jupiter this month is very much favouring those born June 12th to 14th.  He is bringing a zest for life, a joy in others.  Romantic and creative potential is strong and there is a sense of positivity and optimism and internal and external growth manifests.  Joy around offspring, friends and romance are also underlined.
After the 6th, when Jupiter moves retrograde, there will also be a sense of inner growth that will not be so obvious to others.

However, there is an overlap from Saturn here, because all month Saturn is opposing the Suns of those born June 14th to 19th, so there will also be a feeling for this group, despite Jupiter’s protection, that others are demanding and obligational duty is necessary.  If being blocked, then be patient and persistent, but it is also a time for reconsideration of projects and other people’s validity, as reality checks are in the air.

However, also, with Uranus sextiling the Suns of those born June 11th to 14th, there is also a desire for growth, change, freedom; and this will mean that you will want to move away from that which is stuck in a rut; whatever that is, and there will be a desire for the new and the progressive.

Neptune is bringing to those born May 31st to June 3rd, as he has been doing on and off since March of last year, a sense of some confusion and distortion.  Some divine discontent is connected with work situations and a feeling of uncertainty.  There are smoke and mirrors and some fogs around your career and your career goals.  This is quite along journey and is not really over until the end of this year.  In the meantime, float, don’t make any major decisions and realise that there is a slow internal metamorphosis going on, which by next year you will look back on and realise the journey was important and valid, even though at the time, slightly blind or confusing. You are changing.  The old is going and the new is about to give birth.  It’s a little bit like being in a chrysalis; you are not sure what you are going to come out as at the other end of the change 


February is a time for Cancerians of profundity and a deeper connection with others, and facing up to some of the more difficult sides of life with courage, but after the 18th, travel and wisdom is highlighted. 

Before the 7th, Mercury is in your opposite sign, directly affecting those born after July 12th.  Communications with partners will be very positive and input from them will increase your wisdom.  Negotiations can go very well.  After the 7th and before the 25th, you will all find your communications are deep and profound as is your thinking.

After the 25th, all born up to June 27th will find long distance communications important, as will legal issues and planning travel; or actual travel is in the air. 

Before the 3rd, in that short window, all born after July 19th will have a real feeling of being blessed emotionally and creatively; and if this connects with other cultures and travel that would be very appropriate. 

However, after the 3rd, all born up to July 6th will be very aware of the need to keep their charms honed at work.  Just be careful about sycophancy.  Indeed, work can figure quite strongly in the lives of many of you now. 

For all of you born up to July 16th, Mars in your Solar house of career /public standing will suggest you need to keep on your toes and be aware of your own over-assertiveness, or possibly the potentially controlling influence from others to you.  They may well be over-assertive and you need to be very wary that you don’t over react in return, but impatience and irritability is in the air from you to others and vice versa.  Stop and think.  Others may not have the same enthusiasm as you for a project. 

Also, for all born July 14th to 17th, Jupiter is currently squaring your Suns.  This can lead to a little bit of over self-indulgence, or over-reaching or over-optimism. Beware also a touch of arrogance.  Enjoyment is in the air, provided there is some moderation.  

It is also true that for those born July 13th to 16th Uranus is on your case.  There is definite restlessness, impulsiveness and the unpredictable within you and indeed within others in your professional context.  Impulse needs to be controlled, but recognise that change is best evolving itself.  Be flexible and prepare for some unexpected events that are prompters for change that are rather inevitable. 

Neptune is beautifully trining the Suns of those born July 1st to 4th.  He has been so doing since early 2016 and is reminding you that you are on a rather pleasant two-year journey of recognising your hypersensitivity, appreciation of nature, the power of your heart and your ability to gain great solace from the simple things in life.  Travel and long distance issues can also be a source of real inspiration.  Your ego has been somewhat downgraded on the altar of harmony, beauty, sensitivity, compassion and appreciation of nature. 

Pluto however is now opposing the Suns of those born July 9th to 12th.  This is a very powerful transit and has really only just got underway, although you will have felt it building last year.  There is a sense of growing power struggles between you and someone possibly close to you.  You will be very sensitive to other people misusing their power, or manipulating you in any way; and you have to remain squeaky clean and draw boundaries around people who are misusing power is some way; and maybe walk away, or deal with it in a wise and calm way.  Endings of chapters are in the air, which will bring transformation into your life.  Endings are followed by a phoenix out of the ashes, but you must recognise your courage to understand the significance of the power that others may have over you at the moment and why this is and what you need to do to correct it.  Increased self-knowledge and depth of understanding is a great tool for you now.


Before the 18th, the Sun is in your Solar house of relationships, which does put a focus on the impact on you from others on a social and romantic level.  They will very much determine the mood.  Thereafter, a more intense and intimate feeling is in the air and complex finances may also figure as a focus. 

After the 7th, all of you will have a great need for communications with others and the input of other people; their news and communications will have a strong effect on you in a positive way.  Negotiations and issues to be thrashed out can go well. 

After the 3rd, for all those born up to August 7th, love and travel can go hand in hand, academic pursuits can also bring great joy and fulfilment and harmony and affections are in the air. 

For all born up to August 16th, Mars is currently in a good relationship to your sign.  Legal issues are well aspected, travel that is ambitious and which has a very strong purpose is favoured. Energy, drive, psychological, spiritual and physical strength is also underlined, as is courage.  There is also a spirit of adventure when it comes to travel. 

Jupiter is currently sextiling the Suns of those born August 14th to 17th.  This can bring a sense of protection and some wisdom. Thinking and communications are positive and optimistic and travel is also favoured. 

Come the 6th, when Jupiter moves retrograde, some inner contemplation is favoured and favourable. 

For those born August 13th to 15th, there is also a once every 42-year input from Uranus, which can bring a positive feeling of innovation for the future.  The new is embraced with confidence. Technology, or any subject that is a little outside the box, especially anything esoteric such as astrology can be a benefit and there is a feeling of happily and calmly moving into the new with confidence; and any long distance opportunities and opportunities through higher study can also open new doors. 

Saturn is also bringing a sort of stability for those born August 17th to 20th.  There is a need for loyalty, duty and obligation towards loved ones.  It brings a serious note and a sense of duty towards offspring and romantic partners.  It also brings discipline and patience to achieve what is necessary.  It can also favour discipline in the arts. 

There is however a lunar eclipse in your sign on the 11th and this will directly affect those born between August 14th and 16th.  For this group, that may be a very momentous period, during which issues erupt that has been brewing for some time.  The end of a chapter is definitely in the ether and some home truths are very much in your consciousness, particularly as others present them.


February is quite a good month for Virgos to put their house in order in a very practical way, rationalising work and every day issues.

However, from the 18th relationships come more to the fore of your attention. 

Before the 7th, all born after September 10th will experience the great inspiration to write and to communicate, particularly to those who they love and connected to offspring.  Creative communication is very favoured. 
Between the 7th and the 25th communications in your everyday working life can be very effective too. 

After the 25th, if born up to August 29th, there is a great ability to communicate with those very close to you, particularly in a partnership context, in a way that can solve a lot of problems and issues and news received can be very important and valuable. 

Before the 3rd, for all born after September 19th, love is definitely in the air and there is an ability to really have your charms and your charisma appreciated by others and you will reciprocate with kindness, compassion and love; and thereafter, relationships can take on a more profound level.

With Mars, Jupiter and Uranus all moving through your Solar 8th house, there is a feeling that intensity and depth of communications and interactions, particularly connected to complex finance issues, may well be quite strong for all of you this month.

Neptune is currently opposing the Suns of those born September 2nd to 5th.  This has been around you for about a year and will continue on and off for about another year; and it is a reminder that you need to be very aware of over over-idealising people and for checking very carefully that you understand other people’s motives and communications very clearly and leave no room for misunderstandings or deceptive potential.  Check all credentials. However it is a wonderful time for the arts, creativity and for great appreciation of the beauty of nature, but a lack of clarity and rose coloured spectacles need to be watched out for. 

In contrast, for those born September 9th to 12th, Pluto is now bringing a greater sense of determination, self-reinvention, transformation and indeed destiny.  You are less retiring than normal and less shy and in romantic and in creative contexts, you are empowered.  With courage you are able to build new structures, new strengths and show real potential.  Love life and creativity can be transformational for you now; and this continues to be the case for more or less the coming two years, so take it easy and be patient and just watch the evolution happen.


February is often a month of real enjoyment and creativity and an indulgence in life’s joys, not least romantically.  A focus in a very positive way can also rule work routine from the 18th

From the 7th, all of you will find that your communicative skills and wisdom grows enormously connected to creativity and romance and also with offspring issues, which are all highlighted very positively, particularly up to the 25th; and thereafter communication skills at work are your friend.

From the 3rd, Venus is in your opposite sign of Aries; and for all born up to October 8th, love and affection from other people will be very evident and warmth to others and others to you is very manifest.  Charms are in the air, good times and romance and a sense of well-being relationship wise is very evident. 

However, Mars is also in your Solar 7th house (Aries) all month, affecting directly all those born September 24th to October 17th.  For this group the impact of other people will be strong, but in a way that may be rather over-assertive at times.  You yourself may well be pushing for change and other people may respond in rather a over-reactive way, or you may find that other people are pushing you in a way that you are feeling a little uncomfortable with.  Either way, relationships can be fraught with some competitive element.  At the very least, energy is strong from others to you, or vice versa.  Try to ensure that it is as constructive as possible. 

 Uranus is also in an ongoing transit for some years, still in your Solar 7th house and right now directly affecting those born October 14th to 17th, hence the element of the unexpected in relationships is strong. In the last week of the month that is particularly profound when Mars is conjuncting Uranus, bringing the potential for some surprises and shocks connected to relationships and possibly some rather unexpected developments.  Keep calm and stop and think before any communication and be calm before responding to other people.  Surprises connected to relationships and others are in the air. 

However, Jupiter is simultaneously protective because he is also currently conjuncting the Suns of those born October 15th to 18th, so for this small group, there is also a feeling of tremendous buoyancy, optimism, growth, positivity. Inner or external benefits are manifesting and travel certainly is in the air. 

However, after the 6th, when Jupiter moves retrograde, there will be a more inner sense of peace and happiness than externally manifested.

Saturn is very constructive for those born October 17th to 21st.  He is bringing caution, wisdom, and maturity in your communications and in your thinking.  Hard work discipline and patience is needed and you are capable of it; and this will bring benefits in the long term.  It’s called deferred gratification. 

Pluto is however also a little tricky for those born October 10th to 13th.  He has now moved to square your Sun.  Some issues are becoming a little challenging and complex and may be feeling a little threatening connected to home, domestic and family affairs.  This is a time for your own empowerment, but you need to do it without aggression.  Time to make changes deep within yourself and to recognise dynamics that can feel unpleasant and to look deeply as to where they come from, but change and courage is around you. Make sure that the changes are dealt with calmly and not explosively.  Ends of certain chapters are in the air and maybe one has to accept this with some equanimity, with a philosophical approach to life.


Your eyes and ears may well be forced to concentrate on home affairs and issues.  Any problems that you may have been avoiding may now have to be dealt with, although after the 18th you will be veering back onto your desire for enjoyment and creativity.

Your mind is very sharp before the 7th, particularly if born after November 12th.  Your communication skills and wisdom should not be underestimated. 

After the 7th and before 25th communications will have need to be focused on family issues and you will stop and have to be very careful as to how you appraise things, or misunderstandings can be rife. 

After the 25th, if born up to October 29th, creative communication, pleasure, romance and positive news are in the air. 

Before the 3rd, those first few days can be used very well, by those born after November 18th for real enjoyment of love life and where your aesthetic skills are enhanced and issues to do with offspring bring joy. 

Mars, your co-ruler, is in Aries all month as Uranus has been for some time, which does suggest that routine everyday work and health issues are focused and you have to look after your body, as the last week or so in the month you can feel a little overly and easily stressed.  Ensure you don’t involve yourself in activities, which have the potential for accidents or danger.  Stop and think.

Neptune is currently very enhancing of the Suns of those born November 2nd to 5th.  You have been experiencing this on and off since early 2016 and it is in the ether until the end of this year.  It is basically a realisation of the power of your heart, your idealism is underlined, there is a hunger for spiritual connection, beauty, compassion and empathy; and a great appreciation of nature is in the air.  Issues to do with offspring are also inspiring and bring joy and love and the ego is downgraded.  Your intuitive and psychic side is also positively underlined, as is your ability to put yourself in another’s shoes.  There is a yearning for a higher level of consciousness, of the heart particularly; and the heart has possibly become more powerful than the mind in its influence over you than you may previously have been aware of.  Make the most of this through love, compassion, empathy and creative use.

Your ruler Pluto is now in a very favourable position to the Suns of those born November 8th to 11th.  You felt this to some extent in 2016 and this will continue to be the case on and off for another two years or so.  This is an extremely empowering transit, which only happens once in a lifetime.  It gives insight, depth and forensic understanding.  Your communications are powerful and you get to the truth and this has an impact on others.  Other people’s communications as well can impact you with profundity.   This is transformative and empowering in a sort of fated way.  Your mind is sharper and more incisive than you can probably remember. The truth will be important to you and you won’t be afraid to express it.


Your mind is extra sharp this month and communications can be very fruitful, although after the 18th when the Sun moves into your solar 4th house, you may find that domestic issues dominate.  Certainly between the 7th and the 25th your intellectual capacity will be powerful. 

After the 3rd, all born up to December 6th may find love life becomes a little more high profile.  A need for fun, enjoyment and living life to the full is indicated.  Your sociable side is stimulated and dealings with offspring are particularly joyful. 

Similarly, for all born up to December 15th, Mars in your Solar 5th house is creating a strong desire for fun and the focus on romance can be quite passionate, but also children are demanding and inspiring too. You will also be ambitious and competitive and courageous. 

Saturn is now sitting directly on the Suns of those born December 15th to 19th.  For this group, this every 30-year visitation is a little trying.  Look after your health, you may be tired and it feels like one-step forward, two steps back.  Extra responsibilities are yours and you feel burdened and blocked, but discipline and patience is necessary, but you must pace yourself.  This is a serious time of hard work, responsibility and duty; and some stress, as reality checks are in the air.  With maturity and if you step up to the plate, you can however really strengthen yourself and your future. 

Fortunately for more or less this same group, Jupiter is in protective mode and acting as a cavalry effect, particularly directly affecting those born December 13th to 16th.  Optimism and positivity is very helpful now and travel may well be in the air; and a feeling of being able to deal with anything that comes your way, as there is some luck as a mitigating factor. 

Uranus, for this same group, is now trining your Sun, which brings a great feeling of a new excitement, a new adventure and awakening to new possibilities; and looking outside the box, particularly connected to love life and creativity; and children can be a catalyst for awakening in some context.  Your own intuition and uniqueness is strong and valued now and leaps into a more liberated future are in the air.  This influence has been around since April of last year and is now being more thoroughly understood. 

Neptune however is flashing up a note of caution for all born December 1st to 4th.  He again is exactly squaring your Sun, which he has been doing intermittently since March of last year.  This will be in the either until around February of next year so you are needing to keep alert for some time to come still, but the possibility of over-idealism, deceptive circumstances from you to others, or others to you, a feeling of insecurity, some tiredness and susceptibility to a tendency towards confusion, forgetfulness or daydreaming, is strong.  Keep grounded as you’re in transition.  Trust the trade winds to gradually get you there.  Meanwhile do not make any decisive decisions without real caution, care and groundedness.  By the end of the year, your security will be more assured. 


Money is quite an important factor for Capricorns, probably more than the average person and this month focus on it can be very positive and indeed between the 7th and the 25th negotiations around finances will be highlighted. 

After the 25th all born up to December 28th will find that their communications and intellectual insightfulness is underscored. 

Before the 3rd, all born after January 15th can use those first few days of the month in a very effective way with a sense of love and caring; and your aesthetics and your visual sense is powerful.

After the 3rd, all born up to January 5th may find that your desire to spend money, rather more lavishly than may be necessary, particularly on your home and family may be strong.  There is some excessive indulgence in the air. 

There is a small warning for all born up January 14th.  With Mars squaring your Suns this month, there will at some point likely to be some sparks flying and competitive issues high profiled.  Irritation and anger and lack of patience is in the air, particularly connected again to home and family and you may find you are a little bit of a bull in a china shop as far as other people are concerned.  You may push too much for what you want and others feel a little ignored.  General domestic peace will have to be worked hard for. 

Jupiter is currently squaring the Suns of those born January 12th to 14th, which would also suggest a little over-confidence or over-reaching is a danger, particularly when it comes to work and status.  Don’t let confidence slip into arrogance and have some moderation in ambitions and desires, otherwise you may bite off more than you can chew. 
After the 6th, when Jupiter moves retrograde, there will be a need for a little for introspection.

Uranus is more or less, for the same group (Jan 12th-14th) is still squaring your Suns and has been since early 2016.  This period is coming to an end by April, but you have felt a little bit on a journey of feeling unsettled, wanting change, feeling that you can’t predict what is going to happen, particularly domestically and you may have felt that you could not feel serene. Finances may have been the cause of this lack of security, but this is a journey where you have also woken up to new potentials and new possibilities, but it is important that you do not rush into change for its own sake, but to be flexible and tome extent accept that change is one of the two certainties of life and it will happen naturally.

Neptune is a very positive influence now for those born January 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  This influence has been with you, on and off since March 2016 and you’re in the last chapter of the journey.  It has sensitised you and has made your heart as important as your head, in thinking and making judgements.  You have been very much inspired by natural beauty and become more sensitive to the more spiritual and creative side of life.  Empathy and compassion has also increased and the ego has been a little downgraded, as has the power of materialism.  Your heart has softened.

Pluto is extremely powerful now sitting on the Suns of those born January 7th to 10th.  This once every 248 visitation brings a sense of destiny and change that is very considerable.  It can be a very internal revolution or evolution, but it can also be prompted by external events.  The only danger is not to be too forceful or coercive with others and certainly not to allow others to do the same to you, but change is certain, as are endings and new beginnings.  The elimination of what is old and outworn is in the air.  The power you sense feels quite destined at this time, and you feel you can take on anything, with a sense of purpose, but beware that this power should only be used for the greater good and not just for ego gratification.  You are the steward, not the owner of this power.  Avoid domination of others, but quietly believe in self.  This is a time of digging into the real you.  Do not be afraid. 


Your month, February; and therefore it is a good opportunity in this solar return period to shine, and after the 18th many of you may find that finances are a focus in a positive way. 

After the 7th and before the 25th all of you will benefit from Mercury going through your sign, which will bring extra insight, understanding and excellent communication skills.  Your mind is sharp and intuitive and after the 25th many of you may find that communication connected to money can be profitable.

After the 3rd, all born up to February 3rd will have an extra acute aesthetic eye and your ability to communicate with charm, harmony and in a loving way will enhance all relationships. 

Mars also in Aries will bring for all born up to February 12th an assertive quality to your communications that is constructive and your goals and your actions will be determined and ambitious and you will feel active and inspired to get things done in a very positive way. 

Jupiter is very much the friend of those born February 10th to 13th.  He is in harmony with your Sun, particularly inviting positive travel and satisfying intellectual pursuits. Your philosophical sense is powerful.  Luck is triggered in the sense of growth and well-being is yours.  Legal issues are also favoured.

Saturn is now sextiling the Suns of those born February 12th to 16th.  This is bringing a mature attitude towards life and wisdom and a sense of responsibility, loyalty and duty.  Leadership skills are strong and having to be responsible for others may well be in the air. 

Uranus, your ruler, is also currently very favourable to those born February 9th to 12th.  This will further enhance this group’s ability to feel a sense of and a need for freedom.  Freedom of thought, freedom of movement is strong, awakening you to think outside the box and to consider new innovative ways of being and seeing.  This brings out your true Aquarian intuitive eureka moments and your sense of individuality is positive, but considered by some, as a more maverick outlook. 


For many Pisces, February is a time of some retreat and meditation and after the 18th there is a little bit of a leap into being more conspicuous and taking part in the world. 

Before the 7th, all born after March 10th may find that social life and friendships are of great benefit and wisdom comes from others.

Between the 7th and 25th there is again a feeling of some watchfulness, as if you’re observing from another very different planet and a little bit of isolation is in the air. 
However, after the 25th, for all born up to February 24th you come into your own and your communication, desire to socialise and your ability to get listened to, is strong. 

Venus is in your sign for the first two or three days of the month which is a wonderful window, if small, for those born after March 17th to really enjoy an extra feeling of harmony, looking good, feeling good and your affections and your emotions are very powerful and love is in the air. 

After the 3rd, finances are a focus in a quite a positive way and money can be made through the arts and through your charms. 

Mars all month is also in your solar 2nd house, suggesting that there may well be, for many of you, an extra effort and focus put into ensuring your further financial security.

Saturn is challenging now for those born March 14th to 18th.  Career may be feeling a little stressed.  Obligations are hard and blocks are in the way.  Look after your health, take it is easy and be patient.  Maturity is an essential part of this Saturn transit.  Application and slowly working through problems will get you there, but reality checks are definitely in the air, which you need to listen to.  If you know what the problem is, and face up to it, you can do something about it. 

Neptune, your ruling planet, is extremely powerful now in its own sign of Pisces.  Neptune has been in Pisces since early 2012 and will remain in your sign until 2025/26, so this is a very long and interesting transit that has global ramifications, more than personal.  

However, currently he is sitting right on the Suns of those born March 1st to 3rd.  This has been a phenomenon for this group since March of last year and will hover around on and off until around February of next year.  The implication of this, which is particularly strong for this group this month, is one of two things.  

Positively it is extremely inspiring, bringing out your most spiritual and creative side,  as well as empathy, compassion and the power of the heart to an absolutely hyper-sensitive level.
Negatively it can make you a victim of this sensitivity, so you’re escapist or unrealistic and seeing through rose coloured spectacles, or easily deceived or a tendency to be economical with the truth yourself.  

This is the time to keep as grounded as possible, whilst enjoying the beauties that Neptune can bring.  Spending time with nature, in retreat groups, being near the sea, helping others, being incredibly creative and visual to do with music and film will be major food for your soul during this time, but chasing rainbows definitely needs to be avoided.  Rest is needed and one needs to be very careful about escapist behaviour and your body is much more sensitive than usual to any mind-altering substances, so all desires for escapism need to be handled carefully. 

Positively however, if born March 7th to 10th, this a wonderful period, courtesy of Pluto, that will be with you until April 2020 of empowerment and insight; and of being able to be of great use as a leader in a group situation and having people around you in your friendship circle who can be very helpful to your own empowerment and you can be very helpful to them.  This is a time when you have intelligent insight for yourself and for others and a sense of destiny is in the air, but not with ego, but with a sense of responsibility for the betterment of others, and therefore yourself as well. 

The solar eclipse on the 26th falls exactly on the Suns of those born February 26th to 28th.  This will be potentially quite a momentous day for the beginning of the new and an initiation that potentially feels good. 

Sunday, 1 January 2017


Very different territory lies ahead for much of the world, compared to the last decade. More to the point, what has been brewing undercover over the last 9/10 years is now erupting. Early last year, Pluto started revealing (as he entered the nemesis phase of his journey through Capricorn) the fallout of ongoing misuse of power (economic and military) and the focus on growing unashamed inequality of wealth and the much-unchecked corruption in financial dealings, as the dark side of free market uber capitalism and the complexities and fallout of globalisation run wild. The resultant growing legitimate anger and discontent of the populace, increasingly marked in the western world, especially as nothing was being done to redress the huge imbalance of wealth, has shown itself in total rebellion against the perceived status quo, some scapegoating and indeed just a desperate desire for change (at often a largely unexamined price). 

Extreme right wing economics that has hubristically dominated since Pluto went into Capricorn in 2008 (despite the warning economic crash around then) is creating the nemesis of a left wing economic rebellion in the populace. Simultaneously, the fallout of globalisation  (established from when Pluto was in Sagittarius: 1996- 2008) is now also creating a right wing cultural backlash (rebellion) within the same populace. All extremes (whether religious, social, economic or politically left or right) are pathological. 

Uranus (unpredictability/rebellion) in Aries (impulsiveness) is now moving direct (since end of last month) having been retrograde since late July last year. This will prove a speeding up of the results of this rebellion. However with Saturn now trining Uranus for much of 2017, there will be a sense of fear and caution (Saturn) incorporated into the new dynamics of change (Uranus), as the change experienced and desired will be more daunting than anticipated, even to those who championed the changes.  However, Jupiter, though sextiling Saturn now, will also till April, be opposing Uranus for much of the year, which will also bring more surprises, rebellions, adrenalin and risky/unconventional global ventures.

Rebellion was /is needed, but with the power of media and its often misleading propaganda (Neptune in Pisces from 2012-2025) has seen the rise of smoke and mirrors journalism (and social media), a tendency to being more economical with truth and with the power and influence of populist opportunists and post truth politics and with the downgrading of “experts” in the ascendancy, certain controversial radical choices have been made by much of the populace, because of valid righteous, but desperate anger. Too much complexity and a sense of loss of control in our globalised world is a recipe for creating a desire for more simplicity.  There is a desire to make society more localised and more directly controlled by those in it. Depersonalisation of modern life has become an enemy to us psychologically in many ways. Hence we have Brexit and its promise of more self-determination and the desire by Trump and his supporters to create a more self-protectionist America. This is a maybe “rose coloured spectacled” desire to return to the past (good old days), in many ways (Neptune in Pisces). You cannot however undo complexity, once created, and in fact trying to undo it, only seems to create even more complexity.  We unleash more remoteness and complexity as “civilisation” and technology evolves.

Neptune being so strong in Pisces (religion /spirituality/ illusion and grandeur) since 2012 till 2025 has also brought world focus on the globalised dangers of religious extremism, and its politicisation, with heinous results.

The other more positive side of Neptune in its home sign of Pisces gives an increase in sensitivity to nature and in matters of the heart. The desire to protect nature from mans’ indiscriminate destruction of it and from the effects of our influence generally in terms of climate change, and also in a desire to protect the vulnerable in all life forms. This will be a force that will not go away and which will just grow, especially in the hearts of the maturing younger generation. A looming clash between the forces of humanitarianism/ spiritual ideals and ruthless, pragmatic economics and nationalistic protectionism is growing.  It could be perceived as a fight between good versus evil, but that is maybe too simplistic.
Saturn (restriction / reality checks) in Sagittarius (truth /ideologies /internationalism) since December 2014 has also correlated with questioning of and rebellion against globalisation and against certain assumed freedoms. As a result, nationalism and a sort of tribalism have grown.

With ruthless wars/troubled economies and geophysical upheavals and feeling of lack of control in society, it seems any strong man/woman will do to take the reigns, as a perceived deliverer of salvation, no matter how controversial, so long as he /she offers a radical alternative, even a ruthless (and in truth an often undeliverable) strategy.

Neptune in Pisces can give the illusion of salvation through mirage and chimera and sentimental idealism too. 
2017 will probably bring rebellion against the rebellion (ongoing Uranus square to Pluto) as the changes chosen will be often proven to manifest in worse poverty and more abuse of power, rising right wing nationalism and prejudice against and denial of inconvenient facts; all with potentially globally dangerous consequences. The looming reality of cyber warfare will become more evident this year too. The fact is, that for every “advance” in our civilisation, there is a price to pay.

On inauguration day Trump’s chart is bathed in Jupiter glory (trine his Sun and sextile his Moon), but Saturn in Sagittarius lurks strongly in the background (opposing his Sun and conjuncting his Moon) and is then strong in challenge throughout much of the year, as he bears the weight of much greater problems and complexities than he probably anticipates. However with Uranus strongly influencing several of his natal planets throughout 2017 (every 42 year connections) one can safely assume to expect the unexpected/ and the lateral from him. (No surprise there then)

Mercury moves direct from the 8th of this month, bringing some weeks of uncertainty and speculation to and end. The brakes are off and we will have a clearer idea of the nature of the path (and its main walkers) ahead.

This is our destined path and humanity has a journey that runs in cycles. Nothing should really surprise us. 

As Mark Twain reputedly remarked, “ History does not necessarily repeat itself, but it certainly does tend to rhyme” 

One thing is sure; nature will have the last word.

Late February, July and November /December are the highest risk of Geophysical upheaval e.g. earthquakes etc, when Mars conflicts with Uranus. There is also then the unexpected and dangerous in the geopolitical world. 

When Jupiter moves into Scorpio in October for a year, we will all be very much more affected and influenced by emotional charge, rather than rationality, which can work for better or worse, depending on the motive. Motive is everything.

The Moon is full on the 12th at 22 degrees of Cancer and is new on the 27th/28th at 8 degrees of Aquarius. Full Moons emphasise what is going on in the unconscious, often quite disturbingly, but cathartically; and closure is in the air. By contrast the new Moon is an excellent time for a fresh new chapter, especially when in Aquarius, the sign of the future and innovation.


The year starts with Mercury still retrograde until the 8th, which will bring some frustrations and blocks before that date, particularly for your sign, connected to long distance issues of travel, or possibly legal issues, but there is a lot of focus on work as the year starts.

The first two days of the month are a window of opportunity for those born after April 16th for social enjoyment and for working happily with groups and with friends.  After the 3rd, there is a little bit more privacy needed and appreciated. 

Before the 28th however, with Mars being in your Solar Twelfth House, it is important to ensure that you do not sit and seethe about anything that is frustrating or angering you, but after the 28th early Aries born up to March 24th will feel a surge of energy, drive, assertiveness and ambition.  Just ensure that it doesn’t become aggression; and indeed others may have an impact on you with their will.

Jupiter currently is opposing the Suns of those born April 10th to 14th.  For this group there is a possibility of travel, expansion, confidence, but which can teeter into over-confidence and over-indulgence and other people may encourage you to take a step too far, but with moderation this can be an enjoyable and expansive time, particularly as Saturn is transiting the Suns’ of the same group, bringing a measure of caution, care and pragmatism.  So, on balance this can be an extremely positive and constructive time of progress with groundedness.

As Uranus is also affecting the similar group, particularly for those born April 9th to 12th, for whom there is much change in the air and there is a great feeling of a need for excitement, adventure, something new and to get away from the old and the worn and to be a little on the maverick side.  This can be a very liberating time for this group of people, provided you don’t jump into change for its own sake. 

If born April 5th to 8th, there is a powerful Pluto Square to your Suns, creating a sense of inner struggle – a sense of destiny and maybe a fear of your own power, but this is a period when you need to acknowledge that the time has come to grab your true vocation in life – even if it does mean the end of a chapter of one phase and the birth of another.  This takes courage, honesty and good motive.  The power you are feeling is not yours; you are the agent of it, not the owner.  

Travel may well be on the cards, but with Mercury retrograde until the 8th, check schedules carefully; and also know that between the 4th and 8th you need to keep an eye on finances. 

From the 3rd, Venus in Pisces brings for all born up to May 19th a harmonious sense of working well with other people and sociability is underlined.  Popularity too.

Before the 28th, with Mars also in your Solar 7th house, for all born after April 28th, great energy can be put into pursuing your projects in being an excellent leader in the coordinating of tasks collectively. 
You many also be relied upon to organise social occasions for others. 

After the 28th however, just beware that you may need to not fester any resentment that has been building. Behind the scenes activities are more to the fore. 

You may find yourself seeking out the new and the exciting and the slightly out-of-the-box in your working practices.  Change is in the air, liberating new things connected to your everyday routine. 

Neptune is in his final flourish of sextiling the Suns of those born April 28th to May 1st.  You have been on a journey which has opened your heart and sensitised you and this is completing, but you will never lose the emotional richness it has brought you and also the ability to appreciate your creative gifts. 

Be aware, however, if born May 6th to 9th, that Pluto is very much on your case and will be on and off until the end of 2017, but all in a very positive way.  This is a time of regeneration, renewal, transformation and the ability to really rise to the occasion.  This influence started at the beginning of 2016 and is now seriously underway.  Inspiration and empowerment can come from long distance issues and through travel.  One thing is certain; there is a sense of a new confidence and a new purpose. 


Many of you have experienced Saturn oppositions in 2016.  In 2017, Saturn is still in Sagittarius, opposing Gemini.  However, for those born before June 11th the oppositions have gone, so there should be a greater sense of freedom to move forward without blockage.

However, for those born after the 11th, Saturn will be an important feature this year, with reality checks and the opportunity to grow and learn by stepping up to the plate.  Those born June 11th to 16th will be particularly affected.  For you, this is a time of feeling as if it’s one step forward, two steps back.  But this a time to reconsider and re-think goals and techniques and how you’re trying to get there.  Be calm, avoid anger and review.  And above all, be patient. 

However, to help you out, Jupiter is also trining the Suns’ of those born June 11th to 15th, suggesting that the cavalry arrives to help give you a sense of ultimate progress, even if delayed; and certainly creativity, love life; and indeed children’s issues can be feeling very progressive. 

With Mercury retrograde, it is possible that between the 4th and the 8th, there may be a need to check communications very carefully with others and to stop and think carefully to make sure that communications are accurate.  Misunderstandings are in the air.  After the 8th, things move forward more smoothly. 

Before the 3rd, if born after June 17th, travel is well aspected and romance and travel go hand in hand.

Whereas after the 3rd, for all born up to June 18th, there could be a little bit of over-indulgence or over-expectation, or even some hypocrisy in terms of sycophancy in order to move forward in work. 

More importantly, for those born after May 21st and before the 28th, Mars is squaring your Suns.  Be very careful about impatience and irritability in your working life.   Others too may be pushing you a bit too hard.  Keep calm and don’t let others’ irritability or your own, get out of control. 

After the 28th, very early Gemini’s born May 21st to 23rd get a feeling of real constructive progress and courage is strong. 

Those born June 10th to 13th also have Uranus bringing a need for excitement and change in a very positive way. You’re looking outside the box, technology is beneficial and you are being liberated, despite any delays, into a new chapter of life and a new enlightened attitude. 

However, if born May 30th to June 2nd, just keep your eye on the ball at work and don’t take anything for granted.  Check people’s credentials and ensure you’re seeing situations, projects, documents and colleagues clearly. 


This year the major issue for Cancerians continues to hover around the principle of Uranus and Pluto. 

From March 2017, Uranus is continuing to square the Suns’ of those born July 13th to 15th.  This has been ongoing for most of 2016, but really will ease off by April, so this is the last ditch of a restlessness and a feeling of ongoing change that may well be related to work or career, that may be forced upon you because of unnerving events, or because you yourself realise that you need to liberate yourself in some way into an area which more suits your development. 

With Jupiter currently opposing Uranus, this may involve a radical change, not only in work, but in your domestic circumstances, even a geographical change, for the need for something new, different or exciting or more valid is in the ether. 

However, for those born around July 8th to 11th, there is still during 2017 a feeling (courtesy of Pluto) of intensity in relationships, potentially some power struggles; and a need to draw boundaries around people who you feel are in some way coercive, or misusing power. 
Equally, it means that you have power yourself and must use it wisely, with good conscience and for a good outcome for all.  Don’t underestimate the sense of a rising destiny and a feeling that endings are possibly in the air.  Even though at the time it can be uncomfortable, phoenixes do rise from the ashes of the old and one is stronger for the experience. 

Neptune, until March 2017, and particularly this month, continues his work as he has in 2016 on enhancing the sensitivities of those born July 1st and 2nd.  Empathy, compassion, spirituality and creativity has all been underlined.  An ability to see the bigger more existential spiritual picture has been yours and continues to inspire.  Other cultures and travel has also had and will for the next few months, have a marked positive effect on your life.

Relationships are very powerful this month and although Mercury is retrograde until 8th, you will find that after that date communications with others slot into place. 

After the 3rd, for all born up to July 20th, there is great harmony in the air and indeed travel augers well for increasing happiness.  

 Before the 28th, Mars in Pisces will directly positively impact all born after July 1st, again travel, long distance issues and study can all be a source of inspiration and there is tremendous dynamic sensitivity at work that makes you achieve well. 

However after the 28th, if born June 22nd to 24th, there needs to be some awareness that there is some irritability and impatience in the air from you to others and vice versa.  Keep calm. 
If born around the July 15th the full Moon on the 12th may be quite a wake up call to a few issues that you need to face, with endings of eras a possibility. 


Leos are fortunate enough to have Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus all very much in supportive mode this month; and indeed for much for the year. 

This month, those born around August 13th are inspired by Uranus to be awakened and enlightened to new possibilities, not least by pushing out the boundaries geographically.  A new grasping of excitement is in the air and simultaneously those born August 13th to 18th also have a sense of constructive pragmatism to help them carry out the sense of bringing the new to bear, in a sensible and grounded manner.  Realism is a focus. 

Also, those born August 13th to 17th are blessed this month by Jupiter’s support giving wisdom, good judgement and encouragement on a positive optimistic level, but much of the year is very productive for many of you. 

For this month however, many of you will be focussing on work issues, although with Mercury still retrograde until the 8th, there is a need to keep your eye on the ball and not to get too frustrated when things are blocked; and indeed between the 4th and the 8th, romantic issues need care in handling, as misunderstandings are potentially rife. 

Before the 3rd, however, if born after August 19th, your need for love and affection is strong and you will be able to give and receive.

After the 28th, if born July 23rd to 25th, there will be a new spark of determination, ambition and courageous drive to achieve what it is you need.  This can be very constructive. 


In 2016, Saturn was been an irritant for many born up to September 12th and in 2017 he will be a reminder of some reality checks for those born after September 14th.

Saturn is a karmic schoolteacher, a benevolent despot and the hard work and the practicalities and the maturity, which we need to face under his influence, is always in our favour in the long term.

Saturn will continue to affect all born September 1st to 5th for the coming few months in a way that indicates one needs to be very aware of not over-idealising people, searching for the fairy tale and not seeing through rose tinted spectacles and ensuring that one checks the validity of others out and generally keep it real.
Thereafter for the rest of the year, all those born between September 4th and 8th  need to bear that  in mind.

Pluto will also continue for much of the year to impact positively those born September 8th to 11th.  This will be empowering creatively, in love life and in fertility issues.  A new sense of strength, determination and purpose is born. 

Meanwhile this month Saturn will be directly affecting those born September 14th to 18th  This is a time of some blocks, restrictions, and tiredness.  You need to look after your health, pace yourself, but you need to be very pragmatic, hard working and disciplined; and know that it will pay off.  Before the 8th, the restrictions with your ruler Mercury, being retrograde, will be obvious in domestic circumstances and possibly in love life. 

After the 3rd, all born up to September 17th have the blessing of Venus in your opposite sign.  Love and affection is in the air, and happiness from others is infectious. 

Before the 28th,  all born after September 1st also have Mars in their 7th house, which could suggest that passions are strong, others are assertive and so are you; and there could be some rather subtle clashes, but it can also be a time of much cooperation with mutual effort.  Ensure that the power of Mars is constructive. 

With Jupiter’s opposition to your Uranus this month, it is also possible that many of you will be seeking, with great determination, a breakthrough in finances, possibly with a hint of risk in the mix.


Jupiter remains in Libra until about October 11th 2017. 

For all born after October 5th will have up until October this year, Jupiter very much affecting them very positively at certain points in the year. 

This month, those benefiting from this every twelve years conjunction, with be those born October 13th to 17th.  For this group, this is a buoyant month with luck, growth, travel, optimism and success; and a sense of well being. And because Saturn is also sextiling the Suns of exactly the same group, it would suggest that along with the growth and the positivity, is constructive hard work that is extremely rewarding and long lasting.  There is a very grown up, but a very happy feeling about the month. 

Uranus stays with those born October 12th to 15th and indeed he will be affecting you as such, on and off until March.  By that point he will have been with you for a year; and this has been rather disruptive and continues this month in terms of other people being unpredictable. Whatever changes are in the air re relationships, they are ultimately a catalyst for growth and a leap into a more positive future, but it can feel insecure, uncertain and unsafe at the time, but new and exciting people can come into your life, but they may not be permanent; just simply catalysts

Pluto also continues this year more or less for the whole year, to square the Suns of those born October 9th to 12th.  This group are familiar with this energy by now and it does suggest a need to liberate you with a bit of an internal power struggle away from the old and into the new.   Ending of chapters are in the ether, but transformational empowerment follows.  Just be conscious that your motive needs to be for he greater good and is pure and not just about power over others.  Internal and external change is being undertaken. 

Mercury retrograde, moving direct on the 8th, can bring some frustrations to your sign domestically or connected to offspring, notably between the 4th and the 8th.  Take time out to stop and think, rather than get frustrated. 

Before the 3rd, if born after 18th, use that window to enjoy social life, love life and creative success. 

After the 28th, that very small period may be challenging those born after September 22nd until 26th and the energy will be quite contentious from other people.  Relationships will not be a walk in the park.  You need to be careful that you do not invite assertively from others, but you will certainly have to stand your ground over certain issues if justified.  The power of others’ will, is quite strong. 

However, for many of you, specifically born in mid-October, there will be a great desire for some excitement and adventure and need for a bit of risk and the new.  That’s fine.  Enjoy, but don’t lose caution. 


Neptune, having spent a full year enhancing the 9th to 11th degree of Pisces, and therefore benefiting those born November 2nd to 5th, now spends his last few months, including January, finishing his job for this group.  Although he will nudge you again in the last few months of 2017, but his main work will be done by March, which means simply that you have experienced, over the last year, continuing in the first two months strongly this year, of a greater feeling of empathy, sensitively a down-grading of the ego, compassion and an appreciation of the arts and spiritual values.  It is a particularly positive for those who are involved in aesthetics and has brought great joy and special connection on a heart level with offspring or grandchildren.  Being near the ocean would be/is beneficial. 

Pluto will continue this year, as he did last year, to empower and bring a sense of destiny to all born November 7th to 10th and that will be very true in January as well.  He has brought, and continues to bring, an incisively forensic understanding in your conscious mind with an almost x-ray vision into truth. Your power to affect people through your communications and influences is considerable and your powers to get to the truth of anything should not be underestimated. 

Jupiter remains in Libra all this year until around the 10th October, when he enters your sign, which will mean that you will all then have a year of benefiting from the bonuses of Jupiter, but up to that point there is a quiet behind the scenes psychological preparation going for a new, more progressive chapter, starting in October for many of you. 

This month you are on form intellectually, with good communication skills particularly, but because Mercury is retrograde, it is vital that you ensure that you don’t assume that all communications have got through successfully, that you double check detail, where the devil resides and that you also, particularly, between the 4th and 8th, make sure that all financial dealings are completely clear and understood. 

From 3rd, all born up to November 19th, will be feeling very much in tune with their love life, their affections, with children’s’ issues and also creatively very fertile. 

And also, up to the 28th, all born after November 8th, have Mars also from Pisces, creating a great creative push, drive and a hunger for fun, enjoyment and passions are strong; and there will be a need to live life to the full and enjoy; and romantic interests will be pursued in a constructive and successful way.


Saturn remains in your sign until late December of 2017.  He has been in your sign since September 2015, so many of you have already experienced the maturing effects of Saturn. 

However, for those born after December 12th, there will be some Saturn learning curves still to come, but remember Saturn is your friend in disguise as a karmic school teacher and benevolent despot; and whatever hard work you do and step up to the plate during Saturn, serves you very well in the future and you’re glad you rose to the challenge. 

This month Saturn will be directly conjuncting the Suns of those born December 12th to 17th.  For this group there is a need to look after the health, respect the vessel in which you live.  It will be a time of challenge, hard work, like climbing a mountain, possibly austerity, patience and maturity.  Pace yourself and deal with the necessary.  Delays and restrictions are there so as to re-think strategy and to check whether you are actually knocking on the right door.  If you are, hard work and patience seriously pays off.  Saturn is a reality check that we all periodically, often have.

However, the very good news is that Jupiter, in harmony with your sign from Libra, continues to be in that sign until October 10th, so therefore many of your have him on your side this year.  In fact, all born from December 4th onwards, will be benefiting periodically from his protection.  This month, those born December 12th to 17th are benefiting from him, which will act as a really good protection from some other more stringent demands of Saturn. 

Jupiter brings growth, potential for change in a positive way, optimism, some confidence and luck; and the ability to fulfil some of one’s wishes; and when combined with Saturn, he creates a hard-working sense of success with immediate rewards from the work. 

Uranus is also in positive mode now for all born December 11th to 14th, as those three planets (Uranus Jupiter and Saturn) are currently all very connected to each other. 
By the end of February, Uranus will have done his work aimed at this group and this is the last chapter; and is basically about showing you the opportunities to take a leap into a new future and to follow your own intuitions and to appreciate the need and validity of change and awakening to new concepts, new thoughts, new understandings. The power of offspring and creativity to bring change into one’s life has been significant and continues this month and next. 

Mercury is retrograde and  in your sign between the 4th and the 8th, so that will be a time when many of you will need to be extraordinarily careful about ensuring that you clarify everything as much as possible, but delays and blocks are part of the picture for a reason, so as to make you re-think.  After the 8th, things will straighten out. 

Finances before the 3rd are looking good for those born after December 18th, but after the 3rd, for all born up to December 20th, there will be a need to be wary of over-expansion or over spending on home and family and but good times can certainly be in the air.  Just a danger of some excess. 

Mars also in your Solar 4th house until the 28th suggests that for all born after December 1st, there is the potential for irritation and a bull in a china shop sort of mood going on in the domestic area and family.  Either you or others are in this mode and certainly any issues that have been simmering may well erupt.  It is a time to be not impatient and to curb irritation; and possibly to have tolerance. 

However, after the 28th, all born November 23rd and 24th will find that their ability to be constructive, determined, practical and ambitious will serve them well.  It also gives a boost to romantic life and creative abilities. 


Pluto remains in Capricorn until 2025 and he has been slowly working his way through your sign since about 2008.  He is now in the second half of his journey and so will affecting all in this coming year born January 6th to 11th inclusive.  This should therefore be quite a ground-breaking time for this group, although those born at the beginning of these said dates will have already sensed some of the influences which are very empowering and fated in the sense that the changes and the intensity of experiences are meant to be for a purpose and are transformational.  The influence of power, your own and others, will be significant and therefore it is very important that one is incredibly conscious of best use of power and with good motive.  This is an evolutionary journey of the soul and happens once every 248 years, so clearly not everybody has a conjunction of Pluto to their Sun in their lifetime.  One grows enormously through the experience. 

Uranus too is affecting many born in Capricorn by square, notably in 2017 if born January 10th to 18th.  This month those affected are born January 10th to 12th.  When Uranus is squaring one’s Sun there is an ultimate restlessness, a desire for change, a feeling of uncertainty, a feeling of unsure ness; and although many people in the world are feeling that, it is particularly powerful for many Capricorns.  Things are not as they were and one cannot second-guess.  It is important to be flexible and go with the flow and one cannot be too controlling, but equally one needs to be sure that one doesn’t rush into change for its own sake.  Domestic change is a possibility as Uranus is in your solar 4th house, but adrenalin is strong, as is the need for it on some levels.  It is important to look after the nervous system. 

Neptune too is affecting Capricorns, but in a very positive way and will continue to affect all born December 30th to January 6th in 2017.  This month it is most directed at those born end of December, early January.  The influence of this Neptune transit happens once every 80 odd years is one of a softening, or a reduction of ego, of a need to encompass the heart in what you feel and what you do.  The thinking becomes more emotional and sensitive and a more spiritual creative side needs expression and acknowledgement. 

Jupiter this month, in Libra now and right up to October 10th 2017, is currently affecting those born January 11th to 14th.  This is not a difficult transit, just implies a need to be careful that you don’t overdo or over-expect, or show any sort of arrogance or over-confidence, particularly in one’s career.  Do not push past the point of success and show humility. 

January is a month, which can emphasise your own individuality and strength of personality quite strongly being your birthday period.  Be aware that with Mercury retrograde, until the 8th and in your sign until the 4th, can bring a need to double check facts and a realisation that there will be some blocks and restrictions, some hiccups, to do possibly with technology, travel and possibly misunderstandings.  Things straighten out after the 12th

After the 3rd, all born up to January 17th will enjoy a resurgence of harmony in their thinking.  Charm and affections are in the air and highlighted and indeed up until the 28th all born after December 31st will have a forcefulness and a determination in a very constructive way in their thinking and in their actions which brings success; and there is a confidence and ambition that is manifested in wise thought, action and speech. 


Your ruler Uranus remains in Aries, a compatible sign to your own, until May 2018 and has been in that sign since early 2011; and this year he will be going a long way towards liberating your true soul if born February 9th to 17th.  Your consciousness and awareness is growing, there is an awakening, an ability to look outside the box, an ability to be much more intuitive and inventive in your insight, understanding and expression of self.  You are much more true to your true Aquarian soul; and this month, this is particularly true for those born February 8th to 11th.  Your intuition needs respecting .

Jupiter also is in harmony from Libra to your sign until October 10th.  This brings opportunities for all of you born after February 1st, to experience this year, the possibility of growing academically, in wisdom and through travel.  There is luck, there is support, and there is confidence.  International issues can affect your life in a very positive way and higher learning and a metaphysical wisdom is growing.  This month those particularly affected positively by this influence are those born February 9th to 14th

Even Saturn is in harmony with your sign by Sextile, particularly affecting all those born after February 9th throughout 2017; and this month those most benefiting are born February 9th to 14th, so constructive wisdom, hard work, responsible obligations, practical help for others and patience, discipline and maturity are all yours.  So for this group, having the Jupiter benefit too, this can be a very positive and progressive January. 

Venus is in your sign before the 3rd and for those born after 15th February there is a small window of opportunity on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd to really enjoy extra charisma, extra charm, extra attractiveness and an extra dose of love and affection. 

After the 3rd, and indeed up to the 28th many of you will be putting a lot of focus, ambition and determination into issues connected to personal security and finance.  Rightly so. 

After the 28th, if born up to January 23rd, i.e. early Aquarians, there will be the beginning of a period of real assertiveness, ambition and focus that is very constructive in communications and in your thoughts. 

Mercury being retrograde is not directly affecting your sign too much, but nevertheless before the 8th there is still a need to be patient with delays and to review things that are not happening as quickly as you would like. 

Now currently in the ether over this and last month, Jupiter is opposing your ruling planet of Uranus which has been bringing a real stimulus to many of you to go for something that is more revolutionary and different in life; and to search for a little bit of excitement and belief in your own freer, unique path.
If born round January 28th, the new Moon on the 27th/28th, may presage a sense of successful initiative and the sense of a new chapter.


Neptune remains in your sign for this year; and indeed does not leave it until 2025; and has been there since around 2012, so this very long transit of Neptune in your sign is significant globally, but your for own sign of course, it is particularly strong as its visitation only happens in Pisces every 165 years; and this year all born March 1st to 6th are going to be graced with the power of Neptune.

On one level this is very positive, because it inspires, it spiritualises, it increases creativity in the visual sense and it can also bring the ultimate in empathy and sensitively to others, which can be quite painful when you are already a sensitive soul, but negatively it can also bring evasion, elusion, deception from self, with a tendency towards escapist behaviour, which can be negative.  It is a question of using the sensitivity and not being used by it, so beware; and this month those affected are born February 27th to March 1st, although this has been happening to you throughout 2016, so you are no stranger to this, but just be aware of its power.

Pluto is in positive mode to the Suns’ now of those born March 6th to 9th.  This has been hinted at throughout 2016 and indeed throughout 2017 all born March 6th to 11th will be influenced by this powerful Pluto transit.  It brings greater courage and energy and drive and power than many of you will have dared to have experience before.  It gives intelligence, leaderships skills, the ability to change situations and people and groups for the better and people around you will be powerful personalities who will be constructive in helping you on your life’s path.  Intelligent power and insight and transformational abilities are more powerfully yours, possibly as never before in your life. 

Venus moves into your sign on the 3rd and Mars is in your sign all month until the 28th, all of you will be the receivers of either extra charm, sensitivity, creativity and with a more benign and loving nature even than usual and a very great aesthetic awareness and ability, particularly in music and the arts; and all of you born after February 28th will also find yourself being more assertive, ambitious, determined and confident.  You just need a little care that you don’t become a little over-assertive at times, but with care, this can be an empowering and positive month.

Although Mercury is retrograde until the 8th, during which time we will all need to be a little aware of some hiccups and delays; and a need to be very careful about communications, but after the 8th he goes direct, then the principal of forward movement is restored especially for your sign, after the 12th