Saturday, 1 October 2016


 This is an intense month with unpredictable events geo physically and geo politically especially around the 15th, 20th and 29th. Uranus is very active on those dates. Earthquakes/eruptions and the various powerful forces of nature may be much in evidence.  Pluto is also activated around the 7th 16th and 19th, indicating also that forceful, powerful wills of individuals are at work on the planet.  Power struggles are in the air and issues re global crisis are highlighted, and there is no escaping the need to urgently address these issues. Misuse of power and the darker forces of humanity will be in greater evidence than usual. We will also have to face up to these, as they become increasingly exposed to our view. Wake up calls are necessary.

Pluto now moving through the last 15 degrees of Capricorn till 2025, will see the ultimate nemesis of an ailing planet in which the powers that be, have developed a global system, whether it be governments or powerful corporate bodies/monopolies (Pluto) that largely has only come to value money and status (Capricorn), with all the troubling venal global fallout that this has brought. The detachment that these powerful forces have from the realities of average peoples lives, has caused a great inequality and divide and a hugely powerful discontent.

The US elections are drawing close and the world holds its breath. The anti establishment mood is now strong globally, at whatever cost, with whatever fallout that brings, in reality. The collective unconscious somehow knows that the world and its prevailing value systems/establishment politics have come to a crisis point and what we are seeing is a desperation for change in whatever shape or form that may come in, no matter who seems to represent that change, on the political spectrum, whether it be Nigel Farage or Jeremy Corbyn in Britain, or Trump in the USA. To get support, these figures just need to symbolise a rebellion against the current neo liberal political establishment position. Change is needed, but blind leaps into any alternative, could easily mean we jump out of the frying pan into the fire… and Neptune now meandering slowly through Pisces, in a negative behaviour, has rather manifested itself in various political stances and statements over recent months, as a sort of heap of smoke and mirror tricks and “post truth” politics, wrapped up in an alluring  “grass is greener” idealism.
 There are 2 new Moons this month; the first one is on the 1st of the month at 8 degrees of Libra, and on second on the 30th at 7 degrees of Scorpio. These days brings a sense of initiation and the birth of the new, whereas the full Moon on the 16th at 23 degrees of Aries, suggest a rather intense day of eruptive feelings and rather reptilian brain manifestations; and endings and closures are in the air. As Pluto is also quite strong on the 16th, it may feel like rather an ominous period globally, when uncomfortable utterances are in the air.

 Relationships are important this month. Just be careful you do not give your power away completely.  After the 7th, all of you will enjoy excellent communication with people and clearing up misunderstandings with partners is recommended to be successful, particularly now Mercury is direct.
With Venus in your solar 8th house until the 18th, intimacy is fulfilling.  After the 18th, all born up to April 7th may find that love life and travel, or love life and academic issues can go hand in hand.  A love of learning is also in the air. 

Mars however, now in Capricorn, is for all born up to April 15th, suggesting there may be some confrontations with those at work and your own ambitions and assertiveness can be counter-productive in relationships with colleagues or bosses. 
Determination is one thing, over-assertion is another. Impatience and risky reactions and behaviour are in the air.

Jupiter now in your opposite sign is bringing definite confidence and boosts those born March 24th until April 2nd.  People from other cultures, generous people and those who can bring wisdom, and luck can all be on your orbit.  The only danger is with Jupiter in the Solar 7th house is that you may be over-trusting, over-confident with others or possibly over-generous.  Beware a sense of entitlement in relationships.  Travel and relationships are definitely intermingled too.
For those born April 1st to 6th, there is a sense of duty and obligation connected to travel or study and there is a desire or need to step up to the plate to face certain facts in a mature way.  If this is done, there will be benefits.

Uranus is still stirring up the lives of those born April 11th to 15th.  This journey continues until April of next year.  It is a once every 84 year period of turbulence, change, unpredictability and being kick started out of the old, into the new.  Whether that be comfortable or not, have faith that it is a liberating influence.  Just don’t be too impulsive and don’t push for change, but take it in your stride. This is a journey, rather than an arrival and it may involve a change in direction and value system.
Pluto by contrast is affecting all born April 3rd to 6th.  One has to be very careful about overly controlling influences emanating from you or from others.  Endings of chapters and changes are necessary and this feels like fate.  There is a need to escape from conditions and a person whom you have outgrown as your own independent spirit is rebelling against the old guard.  Just make sure your motive is pure.  This is the final chapter of a couple of years of inner, almost existential struggle, but phoenixes are about to rise out of the ashes of the old. 

The full Moon falls on the 16th in your sign, affecting directly those born April 12th-14th, bringing a sense of endings of the old and a period of some powerful feelings and events that reveal themselves and which need acknowledging.

 From the 7th, those born after May 10th creativity and enjoyment of life, a celebration of your talents are possible.  Good communications with offspring are helpful.  After the 24th, if born up to May 2nd, all relationships, professional or personal are enhanced by incisive communication.  Before the 18th, all born after April 28th will also have an opportunity to feel the distinct power of Cupid, as love, admiration and affection is in the air.  Harmony with others is a very welcome gift and the ability to give and receive love is notable. 
Mars is also on your side, for all born up to May 15th.  Much energy and push is put into philosophical and ideological pursuits.  It is also a time of potential travel and ambition and drive is part of the picture. Energy, determination and adventure is strong.
Jupiter now in your Solar 6th House is enhancing both work issues and health issues over the next twelve months. 

Neptune is bringing to those born April 29th to May 2nd a renewed sense of idealism, empathy and compassion and hypersensitivity to others and their moods and their feelings; and with it, goes an extra ability to have healing and creative capabilities enhanced.  A sort of spiritual intensity is born and an increased need for and love of nature and desire for harmony and beauty. 
Pluto is also finally, after two years, about to complete his mission of empowerment for those born May 4th – 7th.  Intellectual and ideological power is more deeply embedded in your being now, with long distance contacts finally proving their worth.
Your determination and ability to self-reinvent is something that you are now far more aware of than you were several years ago.  Relationship issues can be renewed as well, with confidence and self-belief. 

This is a period of celebration of life, notably after the 7th and before the 24th when communication skills, creatively and romantically are enhanced.  After the 18th, for all born up to June 7th, love life can take on an extra boost.  You are attracted to others and others are attracted to you.  Warmth, generosity and loving vibes are in the air.
Jupiter is very on your side now from the sign of Libra, being a compatible air sign to yours; and those benefiting this month are born May 25th – June 2nd.  For this group, there is a sense of buoyancy, confidence, growth, inner and outer, travel possibilities, great increase in creative ability and opportunity and also a desire to enjoy love to the full, with social opportunities abounding, as is romance.  Fertility on all levels is also very much in the air. 

However, Saturn is reminding those born June 2nd to 6th that there are still obstacles to finally deal with in certain relationships.  Reality checks about others are manifesting.  Good relationships will step up to the plate and deal with problematic issues in terms of adjustments to changes that are needed.  Poor relationships may have to face some uncomfortable facts, but obligations and duty is in the air, which one cannot evade.  Look after your health, get rest and know who is genuinely a karmic schoolteacher in life, as opposed to those who are just blocking your path.
Uranus is bringing some excitement and change of a positive nature into the lives of those born June 11th – 15th.  New contacts with people and new ideologies, new goals and a more liberating big picture now, means that awareness is yours.
By contrast, Neptune, for those born around May 31st, is possibly bringing some fog or confusion around career issues.  Make sure you read the small print; check you understand everything and that others understand all your messages too.  Don’t be over-idealistic.  Don’t see through rose coloured spectacles.  Spending time listening to music and getting more sleep will help.
Before the 7th, all born after July 12th will find their thinking and communication skills sharpened.  People listen; and after the 7th, but before the 24th, communications with family are a focus, but ensure that messages are clearly understood.

After 24th, all born up to July 3rd will be enhanced with in their communication skills on a creative level and on a romantic level and also communications with children are very productive.
Before the 18th, Venus in Scorpio is excellent news for those seeking romance, particularly if born after June 29th.  This is party time. Romantic and creative joys abound.
It is however, important to remind all those up to July 17th that Mars may be bringing for many of you some sort of confrontations with other people who are strong minded and determined and this may be triggered by your own determination, but however it manifests, some conflict of wills is likely.  Others will not be pushovers.  Stop and think before reacting or trying to control situations.  Draw boundaries around people who are unnecessarily assertive.

Jupiter from Libra is bringing for those born between June 26th and July 3rd a little bit of over-confidence, or over-expansion, particularly on the domestic family front.  Biting off more than one can chew or spending too much and over-indulgence is in the air, as is some over-confidence possibly.  Don’t take too much for granted.  Good times can roll, but have a little caution. 

Uranus is still bringing some chaos or at least some unforeseen issues, both internally and externally, for those born July 13th to 17th.  One’s work place may be the route of this.  Rebellion is in the air.  A need for change or change being imposed upon you is possible.  Certainly things do not feel rock solid.  Do not push the river.  Watch and wait.  Change is ultimately liberating but this will take time.  It will be another few months before you understand the journey. 

Neptune is truly inspiring for those born around July 1st and this can come from long distance, travel, overseas interests or higher wisdom, higher learning and spiritual routes.  Inspiration, creativity, idealism is all in the air.  Exploit the arts and your talents therein.  Being near the sea is healing.
Those born July 5th to 7th however are in the final throws of some power struggles potentially with a partner in any context.  It is time to acknowledge bullies and to deal with them appropriately; and also a time to understand one’s own reactions to people from a very deep-rooted level; to be conscious and controlled and if necessary accept endings, if regeneration is not possible.

Between the 7th and the 24th, all of you will have negotiating skills and wisdom and insight, which will enhance your relationships with others and your ability to plan ahead.  After the 24th, those born up to August 4th however, may need to tread carefully when communicating with family members and some uncomfortable truths may be heard or told.

 However, before the 18th, for all born after August 1st, there is a need to be wary of over-indulgence, or of having too high expectations of others.  Do not be complacent about finances and avoid sycophantic behaviour. However, after the 18th, if born up to August 9th, the good times are flagged up.  Romantic enjoyment is strong.  Love life can benefit and dealings with offspring can be very happy.
Jupiter now from Libra is compatible with your sign for the coming 12 months and those benefiting this month are born July 26th to August 3rd.  Quiet confidence, growth, protection and love is in the air.  Not least because of extra wisdom, insight and good communication skills.

For those born August 2nd to 8th, Saturn is demanding a very mature, grown up attitude towards children and romance and realism is brought to your door.  Pragmatism is now important.  Facing facts and dealing with what is necessary gives you a better infrastructure for your future in these areas.  Hard work will also benefit creative talents.
Uranus is liberating now for those born August 13th to 17th.  Opportunities that come out of the blue are possibly connected to travel and academic issues.  Your wisdom is more intuitive and a belief in your own authenticity and uniqueness is strong.  Awakenings are in the air. 

Before the 7th, Mercury in your sign will bring to all born after September 12th an extra sharp insight and ability to really convince people of your viewpoint.  Your need for communication is strong, but make sure you listen to others too.  After the 7th and before the 24th, communication skills tend to focus on finances.
After the 24th, all born up to September 4th will find that your wisdom and intelligence is very fruitful. 
Before the 18th, Venus, for all born after August 31st, will bring a lovely combination of head with heart.  Charm is extenuated and you can probably sell snow to Eskimos. After the 18th, however, those born up to September 8th, have a care that your generosity is not out of control, as is your spending power possibly. 

Mars very much favours now all born up to September 17th.  Extra energy, courage, drive and ambition and good judgement is yours; notably in speculative ventures, sports and also in love life. 
Jupiter now in Libra is generally for the next twelve months at the very least protective around finances.
Saturn, however, for those born September 3rd to 8th, is bringing a few hard truths or blocks and restrictions, particularly around family, domestic and real estate issues.  A time to re-think, to have humility, to be mature, to be honest, to be practical and to accept at the very least, some delays or a need to review plans.  It is also a time to remind yourself that you’re not getting any younger and the body needs respect. 

Neptune, opposing now the Suns of those born September 1st to 3rd, is a reminder, and has been the case since May 2015 and will be so until the beginning of next year, that you need to be very aware that confusion, deceptions and misunderstandings are very much in the air with and from others.  Don’t see others through rose coloured spectacles.  Keep grounded.  Over idealism can definitely be counter-productive.
However, for those born September 6th to 9th, a new sense of purpose and fun, creatively and romantically is now yours, with a sense over the last two years that you have come into your own, and that is now being secured.  

Your birthday month is an opportunity to shine in some way, as indeed from the 7th up until the 24th, all of you get the opportunity to also indicate your great powers of rationalisation, fairness, balance and harmony as Mercury is in your sign. 

From the 18th, Venus, for all born up to October 9th also puts into play your remarkable PR skills, charm and persuasive qualities.  Diplomacy can be your strong point. 

However, for all born up to October 17th, Mars may bring for many of you some sense of impatience and over-assertiveness on home front; either you to others or others to you.  Your iron fist in a velvet glove potential may be obvious to family and those you share space with.  Stop and think before over-reacting or over-asserting.  

Jupiter, beautifully now in your sign, (once every twelve years) is now bringing great benefits to those born September 26th to October 4th.  This means travel, confidence, luck, growth and a sense of well being is very much in the ether and not least extra wisdom and vision.  

Saturn is also bringing constructive growth for those born October 3rd to 8th.  He is bringing a roundedness and wisdom that makes your activities pragmatic and gratifying, despite the sense of extra responsibility and workload. 

However, if born October 13th to 17th, there is continuing disruptions and unpredictability coming from other people in any context of relationship.  Other people are demanding more freedom or behaving unpredictably and this is causing you some stress, but ultimately they may be bringing messages hinting at your own future freedom.  Change is in the air.  It is important that mutual freedoms are respected.  

Also, for those born October 6th to 9th, there is a sense of an end to a chapter connected to some domestic situation or family issue.  There is a power struggle going on internally, as there is a need for more independence and freedom, where one can show one’s own autonomy.  This is now culminating into a decision time. 

The new Moon falls in your sign on the 1st directly impacting those born between September 30th and October 2nd. For these Librans the birth of the new is very much in the air and it may be a particularly regenerative birthday period.

 Before the 7th, all those born after November 11th, have leadership abilities and the ability to convince others of your viewpoints.  Communicating with friends and groups can bring you advantage and wisdom too.
After the 24th, if born up to November 4th, your intensity of thinking and insight is underlined.  You need to communicate with others and others will listen as your wisdom is significant, but do stop and let others have their say.
Before the 18th, Venus is very much in your sign for all born after October 31st.  This brings a great desire for love and beauty and passion.  It also underlines your own personal charisma and charm, so your normal attracting powers will be enhanced. 

Mars, your co-ruler, is also very much on your side for all born up to November 16th.  Your will, determination and your judgement is powerful and well directed; and your communications are very convincing and well directed also. 

Jupiter now in Libra in your Solar 12th is just bringing a quiet guardian angel into your life for some months to come. 

Neptune is enhancing sensitivities and the creative and spiritual inclinations of all born November 1st to 3rd.  This has been in the ether since April 2015 and now is in his final flourish until the end of the year.  Your need in romantic issues has become more soulful and your creative gifts have been developing and the need for beauty and harmony has grown since the beginning of this transit.  The sea/film world and music have possibly become closer friends. 

Pluto, your ruler, is very much on your side, as he has been for several years now. Finally, for those born November 5th to 8th, you are now coming to the end of a chapter of real understanding of your potential, your power and your destiny; and your insight and wisdom and forensic mind has just flourished. Writers and speakers have benefited from this especially.

The second new Moon of the month falls at 7 degrees of Scorpio, affecting those born around October 31st. This may well prove a time of renewal and the sowing of seeds for a new chapter

 From the 7th and before the 24th, all of you will be gaining through excellent wisdom given and received to and from friends; and your ability to convince others of your ideas. Your leadership skills are indicated as being admirable.  
Venus moves into your sign on the 18th, enhancing all those born up to December 8th, with a sense of extra charm, beauty and charisma and love life can flourish; and your sense of affections are appreciated by all who come into contact with you. 

Mars suggests that this month you may be putting a lot of emphasis on to the safety of your finances. 
Jupiter, now in Libra, is very good news for your sign, being in compatible angular relationship and this month those benefiting are born from November 25th to December 3rd.  For this group, travel is in the air, leadership skills, group success and friends and new contacts prove invaluable; and a quiet confidence is within you.  

However, Saturn is sitting firmly on the Suns now of those born December 2nd to the 7th.  Life may feel a little bit like an uphill struggle.  There may be negativity of outlook, not necessarily validly so, but heavy responsibilities are on your shoulders and blocks and restrictions can also be around.  Take it easy, pace yourself, do what is necessary, get rest, look after the body, face facts, get real and be pragmatic.  You cannot kick this particular issue into the long grass, but by facing it, you deal with it well. 

Those born December 12th to 16th now have Uranus inspiring them creatively, through offspring and through new concepts, ideas, insights and awakening.  This is a liberating transit, so enjoy.

Neptune, however, is still bringing some smoke and mirrors into the view of those born November 30th to December 2nd.  This influence has been in the ether since 2015 and is virtually over by the end of the year.  It has caused some confusion, uncertainly, lack of confidence and lack of solidity, but is has also given you exquisite sensitivity to others.  Sacrifices may need to be made so long as martyrdom is not part of the picture.  

Be aware that between the 7th and the 24th there is a possibility that your communications professionally may need care in deliverance, otherwise misunderstandings can be possible.
However, after the 24th if born up to January 2nd, your ability to sell your ideas to friends or in groups where collective goals are important, are very much advantaged; and indeed wisdom from others is helpful to you too. 

Before the 18th, if born after December 29th, social life should get a boost and loving friends and partners will very much enhance your life; and your humanitarian instincts bring warmth from others.
Mars in your sign now will bring for all born up to January 14th an extra dose of ambition, determination, drive and no nonsense attitude to life.  All that matters is it doesn’t spill into a bit of aggression.  A bit of a competitive streak is born.  This can be very constructive provided you are in control of it and it doesn’t control you. 

Jupiter in Libra is in square relationship to Capricorns and this month, those born December 25th to January 2nd are in slight danger of over-confidence, over expectation when it comes to work and status.  A little bit of complacency may be in the air and self-indulgence.  Beware about biting off more than you can chew, but having said this, with caution, it can also be a time of advancement.
Uranus is squaring still the Suns of those born January 11th to 14th; and indeed he has been doing so since April of this year and will continue to May of next year, so this is a long period of some uncertainty, particularly domestically.  Ground is shifting and there is impatience, but this is a journey, not an arrival as yet, so be patient and watch. 

Neptune is now the friend of those born around December 31st. He is bringing to this group an increased sensitivity, emotion, empathy, compassion, spirituality and creative gifts.  The need for harmony and beauty is strong and should be acknowledged and the ego is downgraded on the altar of a more universal value system.   

Those born January 4th to 7th have Pluto still on their case but this is nearly over.  By the end of the year you will have come through a two year process of transformation, self-reinvention and some drama; and possibly the ending of a chapter, but ultimately fate has been at work and this creates a whole new chapter ahead in which you are stronger and more understanding of your true nature and life’s purpose, even though it may have been a challenging road. 

Between the 7th and the 24th, Mercury has re-enhanced your wisdom, your intuition and your big picture understanding; and brought wisdom from long distance travel, from other countries and through study. 
After 24th, if born up to January 30th, just be aware that you may feel you are not quite on the same page as those who you work with, so be clear.  

Before the 18th, all born after January 27th may find that their personal appearance and charms are helpful in the working environment and love life may also be connected to that place, but do be careful that one is not hypocritical or sycophantic to those around one.  

After the 18th, if born up to February 5th however, there is a very sociable period arriving.  Friends, groups you work with are all enjoyable, supportive and love and happiness can abound.
Jupiter is very well placed from Libra to help your sign and this month those directly benefiting are those born January 23rd to 31st.  Excellent for travel, long distance benefits, excellent for good academic results and enjoyment of learning and for a really expanded higher mind.  Luck and confidence is very much boosted.  The desire for growth is strong.

Saturn is also very helpful but in a slightly sterner way, for those born January 30th to February 4th.  For this group, obligations and duties have to be acknowledged in a very mature and wise, hard-working attitude; and a sense of pragmatism can bring great progress and rewards for you and those you work with and for. 

Uranus is also, being your ruling planet, a real booster for those born February 9th to 13th and will indeed continue to be so until April next year.   You intuitive wisdom is gaining strength, as is your confidence.  Your ability to look outside the box and to understand and to have insight and to have eureka moments is also developing.  Your own uniqueness of outlook and wisdom should be trusted. 

From the 7th, Mercury in your 7th house brings for all born after March 10th a great opportunity to communicate very effectively with those with whom you need to enhance understanding.  Wisdom from other people is also very much favourable to your progress.  

After the 24th, all born up to March 2nd will very much appreciate and gain from higher study and from communications from others from other cultures and travel is also favoured.
If born after February 26th, before the 18th, love life and long distance issues can go hand in hand.  This is a time of harmony and beauty and appreciation.  Your own charms are enhanced.  You appreciate beauty and study and learning can really enhance your soul.  Meeting others of like minds can foster romance. 

Mars is on your side now and for all born up to March 15th there is a sense of courage, determination and a desire to work for what you believe in and for causes; and to work in concert with other people, with a great leadership determination.
Saturn, however, is a cautionary tale currently for those born March 4th to 6th.  There seems to be some issue in your status or working life that can be frustrating or blocking and you may even be feeling a need to face facts about some changes needed in that area.  Look after your health, do what is necessary, be pragmatic, step up to the plate and fact facts and later you will realise that Saturn was a friend in disguise, as you will have the opportunity to finally deal with something that has been haunting you for a while; and you will be pleased that you do.

Neptune, your ruler, is in his once every 165 transit of the Suns of those born February 27th to March 1st.  You have been experiencing this transit on and off since April 2015 and it is indeed over by February 2017.  This has been a time where many of you have felt either truly inspired creatively and spiritually, truly more psychic, truly more sensitive and spiritual and incredibly idealistic.  On the negative side it might have made you escapist, confused, uncertain and over-sensitive to all that is unpleasant in the world.  It is an energy that you need to be in charge of, rather than let it be in charge of you.  The heart is enhanced, the ego is not; and that can be a very positive thing, but constant escapism is not really helpful.  You have metamorphosed into something else and it is a little bit like a caterpillar that is going to turn into a butterfly, so trust the trade winds are taking you into a more appropriate place; and a better place by the time this transit is over.  It has been an inspiring, if sometimes confusing experience. 

Pluto by contrast is finishing his two-year transit of the Suns of those born March 4th to 7th.  This sextile has brought a greater confidence, greater ability to be powerful in the world, to make a difference to others, to have leadership skills and show what you’re made of; and brought insight and determination to your door, not only for yourself but for the benefit of others.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

September 2016 global astrological overview and your horoscope

The big news is that Jupiter moves into Libra this month on the 9th, having spent the last year in Virgo. He will spend the next 12 months in his new sign.. Jupiter in Libra augurs well for social justice and the power of peace making  (which god knows we need). The quest for fairness is strong and mediation and diplomacy is underlined. The danger is trying to please everybody. Hence the task is difficult especially in our current world situation, where factions are many and varied. The days of black and white wars, were we known exactly who is fighting whom and who is aligned with whom, are long gone.

Also Saturn is now squaring Neptune and this creates energy where disappointment and disillusionment is rife. Ideals are squashed and the battle between the material and the spiritual is rife and only by reviewing our whole global value system will we have any chance of long-term healthy survival as a planet. The material/economic focus of our planet is destroying the spiritual/the natural world/beauty and this is a period where that truth and its cost to us all hits home to most of us through geophysical revelations and events. The sea and its domain (Neptune in Pisces) will be especially emphasised as a huge casualty of our globalised socio-economic systems (Saturn in Sagittarius)

There are 2 eclipses this month.. The solar eclipse on the 1st is in Virgo, exact at 9.03 GMT. This will potentially be a positive new start potential for many and in certain situations, on the planet. Solar eclipses tend to eject negative forces from the earth.

 By contrast the Lunar Eclipse in Pisces that falls on the 16th exact at 19.05 GMT, can create eruptions of built up tensions and the dark truth of the collective unconscious can show itself.   Endings of chapters have to be confronted.


Focus this month is very much on routine work and putting things in order, rationalisation of home and work issues. After the 22nd focus becomes more social and on relationships and communications with colleagues at work; and since Mercury goes direct on the 22nd, issues which have been problematic at work, start to clear up from that date and energy is revitalised.

Before the 23rd you may receive some hint of Cupid being in the air and at the very least affections and warmth from others are satisfying and welcome and your ability to give and show warmth is enhanced. Before the 27th, If born after April 3rd you will be feeling very pioneering, zealous, determined to prove a point, full of energy, drive, determination, ideologically passionate and much energy can be put into travel or enthusiastic study, because Mars your ruling planet is being very supportive.

However, after the 27th if born early Aries around March 21st – 23rd, the last few days of the month can bring some unexpected challenges in the work context.
Very good news is that Jupiter moves into your opposite sign of Libra on the 9th, where he will be for a year.  Initially those benefiting are born up to March 27th and after the 9th this group will be feeling the benefit very much of enthusiasm and expansion connected to relationships.  The only danger is over-doing it, over expectations and over indulging other people, but travel and enthusiastic enjoyment are very much in the picture. People from other cultures may also figure unusually strongly.
Saturn is being supportive to all those born April 1st and 2nd.  Travel is likely to be dutiful or work connected or constructive and the energies are grounded, pragmatic and mature and earn respect.

 For those born April 13th – 16th, Uranus is still very much on your case as he has been since earlier this year and will be until April 2017. There is a sense of the unexpected, the unnerving, the rebellious, the need for freedom, the need for more authenticity. You need to be flexible, go with the flow and see this as a journey rather than an arrival. This is an awakening every 84-year transit but it can also make you quite jumpy.  Changes are guaranteed from within and without.  Go with it, but don’t be too impulsive.  You cannot push what needs to take its time 

Finally Pluto is still creating challenges in terms of internal conflicts about how to use your power if born April 3rd – 6th.  This is a time where you have to own your power, not repress it, but use it in a considered way that is not manipulative or imposing one’s will. Motive is everything.


September is a month for enjoyment, for leisure, for creativity, for enjoyment of offspring and love life can certainly be enhanced.  After the 22nd, good communications with loved ones and children can enhance relationships.  Also, writers amongst you will then feel blocks lifted.
After the 23rd, Venus moves into your opposite sign of Scorpio and all born up to 29th will feel very much the impact of admirers and overtures of affection from other people and you yourself will be very ready and happy to reciprocate. 

After the 27th, when Mars moves into Capricorn, all born April 21st – 23rd feel a surge of energy, passion, productivity and zealous enthusiasm, particularly around travel and study. Increase in energy is psychological, physical and spiritual.
Jupiter leaves Virgo for Libra on the 9th.  Before that, all born after May 18th will feel a surge of well being, being quite luck in love, money, creativity and travel opportunities.  Confidence grows and a feel good factor is in the air, as is general fertility in whatever you do; so enjoy.

Neptune continues to enhance the consciousness and emotions of those born April 29th to May 2nd.  This has been in the ether since early last year and is with you until around the end of February next year; and during this time you will have an increased sense of hyper-sensitivity for the world and feel compassion towards others, inclined to help the disadvantaged, the disenfranchised; and there has also been a great increase in your sensitively towards nature, beauty, the arts, with increased talents and orientation.  Being near the sea and listening to music can also be very healing. At the very least you will notice your emotions are more powerful now at a spiritual level.
Pluto is seriously empowering and has been for some time the lives of those born May 4th – 7th.  This will be over by the end of the year, having been in your lives since the beginning of 2015.
For this group there will have been a sense of finding one’s destiny to some extent, a sense of transformation personally, a sense of insight and understanding one’s self, one’s potential and courage.  Not least, connected to higher learning, wisdom, travel and academic issues. From 26th, when Pluto moves direct, this sense will be accelerated. 


 September tends to focus energy on your home life.  Your domestic situation and family; and forces you to be a little more careful and sensitive is that area.  However, after the 22nd, you feel a little freer to be yourself and enjoy.  Communications with family members may be a little difficult before the 22nd if born after June 10th.  Choose your words carefully and be patient.  However, after the 22nd, misunderstandings, poor communications and any problems with technology will clear up.

Before the 23rd, all born after 24 May will have artistic appreciation and personal creativity very much enhanced and fun, enjoyment and love life is also inspired.  Children’s issues can also be rewarding.

Before the 27th however, Mars is in your opposite sign of Sagittarius, which does suggest that for those born after June 3rd, there is a need to very carefully aware that other people may be quick to criticise or confront.  There are war drums in the air and you yourself will be impatient and over-assertive at times.  These challenges can come from any direction.  You have to be aware of the potential for some aggression from others, so tread carefully.

Before 9th, Jupiter in his last phase of being in Virgo after a year, does mean that if born after June 19th, you need to be careful about being over-confident or arrogant in trying to achieve something or believing in yourself a little bit too much, without some caution or modesty.  Any extravagance on the home or family or domestic front needs to be watched.  Confidence is there, but over-confidence can cause problems.  After the 9th, when Jupiter enters Libra for a year. This is very good news for your sign. Initially those benefiting after the 9th are born up to May 28th. For this group, there is a feeling of buoyancy and confidence in love life, social life and in creative drive. Fertility is enhanced in many ways. Joi de vivre is increased

More significantly, those born May 31st – June 3rd currently have Saturn directly opposing their Sun’s.  This every 30-year transit can bring a reminder of some issues that you felt at the end of last year and in June and July.  This time you need to address issues. Reality checks are in the air, relationships are challenging and people are demanding.  You have to examine the validity of relationships.  It’s also possible that delays and blocks are frustrating and you have to ask if they are because you are doing the wrong thing, or you just need patience.  Only honesty will help.  Reality checks are in the air and so are learning curves.  Do not run away from the challenge. 
Positively, Uranus is still inspiring the lives and invigorating the consciousness of those born June 13th – 16th and humanitarian and global picture is in your consciousness. A desire to be deeply true to self is enabled.  New friends, new associates are all enlightening.  That remains until May 2017. 

However, if born May 30th – June 2nd, you need to continue being aware of potentially deceptive circumstances around others, or you not seeing them clearly and projecting onto them what you want to see. This heightened sensitivity that you are feeling can make you rather escapist and being over-whelmed by your emotions needs to be changed into using them compassionately for others but only for those who are worthy. It is also a very good time for pursuing more spiritual and less material values and more creative pursuits.  Being near the ocean and having music in your life will be healing.

September is a month for the power of the mind being in good balance with the power of your emotions.  Your consciousness is strong and your communication skills are also enhanced, as is learning and good communications with family, particularly siblings. 

After the 22nd, however, when Mercury goes direct, any issues, which have been problematic in those areas, will straighten themselves out and any problems with technical hitches will also resolve.  There may well be before the 23rd a great desire for many of you to beautify the home and have a wish to spend time with those whom you love in the domestic arena, but there is a slight danger of over-indulging and over spending.
After the 23rd, however, if you’re a June born Cancer, there will be a boost to romantic interests, an increase in socialisation desire and also a very strong underlining of your aesthetic and creative gifts.  Fertility is also underscored. 
After the 27th, if born at the very beginning of Cancer, around June 22nd, just tread a little bit carefully as there will be a few days of potential confrontation with people, not least possibly related to career issues.  Say calm and do not invite aggression. 
Before the 9th, Jupiter is in his last few degrees of Virgo and for all born after July 19th, a certain amount of luck, confidence and belief in oneself is inspired, as indeed is inspiration in communication and writing.  People listen and you gain.

After the 9th, when Jupiter enter Libra for a year, if born up to June 27th, have a care that your generosity and your extravagance don’t get the better of you to do with family and home issues.

Uranus continues to cause some sense of insecurity, uncertainly and restlessness within if born July 15th – 18th.  Unpredictable events in your professional life may be causing some upset.  You are on a journey of change, which you can’t control, except by understanding that it is a journey.  Whatever is going on, internally or externally, is there, eventually to kick start you into a new future.  Watch and wait and be open to the new. 

Neptune is inspiring those born June 30th – July 3rd.  There is definitely a new sense of spiritual awareness, metaphysical understanding, greater empathy and sensitivity.  Your emotional life is enriched for the better and above all, your creative instincts are inspired and appreciated, as is appreciation of beauty.

Pluto however, if you’re born July 5th – 8th, is still bringing potential power struggle issues which are now drawing to completion and for some time you will continue to deal with forces which feel quite dark and intense, but this is about the necessary closing of a chapter, but it might be a struggle to move on.  There is the feeling that you’ve had to draw boundaries around people and if necessary walk away while having fully faced the dark side, maybe of the human condition in some form.
Misuse of power by others or yourself has had to be avoided.  The primeval forces that you have felt internally or from others have been considerable, but the phoenix does rise out of the ashes and after the 26th you will start to see the last chapter of this episode start to unfold.


This is a period for focus on finances and financial security, potentially making headway in that area.  Certainly with Mercury also now in your solar 3rd house, there is a feeling that you need to think these areas through very thoroughly although it may not be until the 22nd that you start to get a feeling of progress and the result of your efforts. Before that date, check every financial transaction out thoroughly.

Before the 23rd, most you will find that your general charms are enhanced in your communications if you combine mind with heart, but after the 23rd all July born Leo’s need to be a little bit careful of over extending and expanding in their goals.  Spending too much money may be part of the picture. Over ambition and sycophancy needs to be avoided.
Before the 27th, all born after August 5th, have Mars very much on your side.  Emotional and romantic passions and desires are underlined.  Energised love life and energised creativity is also strong in a very positive way.  Physical activity is enhanced.  Enthusiasm is huge.

Good news for Leo’s is that Jupiter moves in to the compatible to your sign, Libra on the 9th, where he will stay for a year, having spent a year in Virgo, which indicates that after the 9th all born up to July 29th will feel the benefit of this shift.  Goals get enhanced and furthered.  People who can enhance your life appear, travel is also more likely and a feeling of confidence, luck and growth; and belief in your projects and leadership skills is underlined.

Saturn too is helpful in a much more pragmatic way for those born August 1st to 4th.  Serious work, discipline, pragmatism, practicality and maturity will be needed and with the application of those, there can be progress, in love life and connected with creativity or offspring issues, but loyalty and duty will be part of the picture, as will hard work. 

Uranus is also continuing to be the friend of those born August 15th – 18th.  As it has been from last May and will be until next May.  He’s bringing real awakening and enlightenment from education, study, travel and the esoteric.  A new freedom is being born; and a new big picture understanding which is liberating. 

This is your month and as a result, it can make you feel much more centre stage than you’re usually happy to be and you can enjoy it.  Your ability to communicate is underlined as well, but as Mercury is retrograde in your sign until the 22nd, many of you, if born after September 11th, may feel that some of your communications are not hitting the mark, or there are problems or hitches or delays with travel or communication, that are frustrating, but after the 22nd, that will be relieved.

If  born up to September 1st, after the 23rd, there will be a great sense of harmony, love, peace and charm in your communications with others and you can think with your heart as much as your head.

Mars is in a slightly difficult angle to your sign, before the 27th, therefore, before that date, for all born after September 5th, there is a danger of some lack of ease of being with those in the home or family.  Impatience and irritation are in the air and either you are the perpetrator or the receiver of this energy, but others can perceive your energy around home and family as being possibly over-bearing, so be aware of this.  However, on the positive level, it is very good for DIY.  Beware of carelessness and accidents.

By contract, after the 27th however, for very early Virgo’s born August 23rd and 24th a new positive boost of energy is around and your pioneering zealous determination can bring rewards, romantically and creatively. 
Jupiter is leaving your sign on the 9th of this month and he is traversing the last few degrees until the 9th, so before then, all born after September 19th will have a final hurrah with Jupiter sitting on their Sun.  This is a really good time for a sense of progress, internally or externally, of luck, of confidence, of expansion.  Great opportunities are there for travel and a sense of well being.  Enjoy.

From Libra, Jupiter will be enhancing your solar second house of security issues for the coming year.

Saturn is challenging again for those born September 2nd to 5th, as he was last December and early January and again in June and July.  For the third time Saturn is testing you to finally sort out an issue which has been around you since the end of last year.  He is demanding that you face up to some issues that have been blocked or restricted, connected possibly to home or family issues, or real estate issues; and he is also testing you to get things right and to make sure you’re on the right path.  Blocks and delays are there to stop and make you reconsider.  Look after your health as well, as one is a little more aware of the march of time when Saturn is in the ether.

Neptune is exactly opposing the Sun to those born September 1st to 4th and you continue to need to be very conscious of other people being quite seductive or you seeing them as the hero to worship, or the victim to save. See them clearly as they are. You’ve been having this since 2015, but by February 2017 you will have less of a feeling of fog around relationships and other people.  Check the small print of the credentials of everybody and everything. Positively it is also potentially truly inspiring.  It makes you exquisitely sensitive to the point of being quite escapist, but artistic inspiration abounds.  Don’t let your sensitively use you, you use it positively to drag people up, not to let them drag you down. You need a lot of sleep as well and it is good to avoid any substances that can distort the mind. You are exquisitely sensitive to external stimuli now.

Pluto by contrast, for those born September 6th to 9th, is bringing a tremendous amount of self-confidence and self-belief and overcoming much of the shyness and modesty that Virgo’s often display.  A sense of destiny is in the air to do with creativity and romance and possibly with children’s issues.  This is a transformative time of self-reinvention, belief and personal empowerment, which must be used for the greater good; and then you will be very fulfilled.

The solar eclipse on the 1st in your sign directly affects those born around September 2nd. For you this can be a day of some sense of the birth of a refreshing new chapter in life that vanquishes the old negative order.


The very good news is that Jupiter moves into your sign this month from the 9th, away from your Solar 12th House, into your 1st. That is like a launch into a new confidence, which will last for about a year.

Initially those benefiting most from it will bear up to September 29th.  For this group, this once every twelve year conjunction will bring travel, optimism, opportunity, growth, whether it be internal or external and extra intelligence, or better still, wisdom.  A feel good factor and a boost to confidence and health is on the menu.
This can be a month for many of you for some quiet retreat or at least a review and often a return to the past in some way, the power of your unconscious and past influences is strong and since Mercury is retrograde in your Solar 12th House until the 22nd, you may be a little isolated in terms of your communications, misunderstood and out of tune with other people.   However, after the 22nd, this will improve. A lack of confidence in your thoughts and utterances will also diminish after that date.

 Before the 23rd however, most of you will, because Venus is going through your sign, experience a sense of extra aesthetic sensitivity, your charms will be accented, your love of beauty will be accented; also there will be a sense of warmth, love and affection in your life.

Before the 27th, for all born after October 5th, many of you will also be feeling very forthright and passionate in your views about things and assertive and your intelligent utterances can be heard and acknowledged.

After the 27th, the early Librans, born around September 24th, may need to be a little bit watchful about some assertive or aggressive tendencies, irritation at least, manifesting on the domestic front.

Even Saturn is supportive of those born October 2nd to 5th.  He is bringing a great deal of maturity and common sense into your view of life and into your speaking and thoughts, while stepping up to the plate.  Loyalty, dutiful pragmatism, care, caution and diligence bring long-term benefits.

Uranus is still opposing those born October 15th to 18th, as he has been since around May this year and will continue until around February 2018.  This is bringing discomfort, unpredictable events, uncertainly and surprise from others.  Other people are catalysts for change in your life and even if it’s uncomfortable, accept that this is a necessary kick-start into the new.  Different people, from different walks of life, new ideas, looking outside the box, innovation are all very much part of the input in your life now. This is a journey, not an arrival, so keep flexible, but know change is inevitable.

Pluto is in his final chapter of challenging those born October 7th – 10th.  In fact, by the beginning of next year he’s gone after a couple years of intense internal power struggles, particularly connected to home, family and real estate.  You will very soon start to feel very much emancipated and confident of your new found strength, freedom and power, provided you use it for the greater good.


This is a good month for working in concert with others or working towards collective goals and in terms of communications with friends and groups, but be aware that before the 22nd you need to absolutely clarify everything that you communicate to others.  Be patient with delay. After the 22nd, progress resumes.
After the 23rd, all born up to November 2nd will have Venus going over their Sun’s, which is going to ignite the passions, bring love, affections into your life and an increased artistic appreciation and ability. After the 27th and your attention and drive/ambitions change from the sphere of finances and move more into the power of your thoughts and communications, as Mars travels through the Zodiac. 

Jupiter, before the 9th, is in his last lap of Virgo, directly benefiting those born at the very end of Scorpio, after November 18th.  For this group, those first nine days can bring a boost to your ego, opportunities through meeting other people, friendship boosters and a feeling of moving forward in life.  After the 9th, when Jupiter moves into Libra for the year, the protection for all your sign is much more behind the scenes, a little bit like a guardian angel, but subtle.

You all need to remember that with Saturn going through your Solar Second House currently, that there is a need for some caution and pragmatism over finances and that continues until January 2018. 

Neptune is truly inspiring now to those born October 31st to November 3rd.  He is bringing a great hunger and need for soul mates, romantically and idealisation of others. He is incredibly inspiring for writers, painters, musicians, and filmmakers.  It also gives you a great deal of empathy and compassion; and love needs to be a meeting of spirituality and minds, rather than just physical.  It is also very inspiring around children’s issues. Sensitivity is hugely enhanced, as is emotional response to life.  It does tend to downgrade the material.

Pluto, your ruler, is still in Capricorn, still enhancing the lives of those born November 5th to 8th.  This has been going on for a year or so and is very much enhancing your intensity of thought, your forensic qualities, the power of your communications and your incisiveness of understanding. Your words and communications go far and deep, so be aware and others will admire your insight.


Career is a focus this month.  Whether you like it or not, you have to take some centre stage, but beware that before the 22nd communication re career and with colleagues can go awry unless you double check everything and make sure email etc. reach their destination; and make sure that colleagues and bosses are clear with you and you with them.  After the 22nd, delays and confusions can be cleared up. 

Before the 23rd all of you, will be experiencing great support from networking from friends and socially there are great opportunities and happy occasions. Love life and friendship can combine
Mars is in your sign up to the 27th.  The will really empower those born after December 4th.  This brings assertiveness to your door, competitiveness, ambition, but negatively over-assertiveness and even some aggressive behaviour.  If you’re not showing this, you may find that other people can be slightly aggressive towards you, or at least combative in some way.  Positively, it gives drive and a zealous enthusiasm, which can take you far.  Just be careful that it doesn’t tip over into something that’s not quite so constructive.
Good news this month is that Jupiter is moving into Libra on the 9th.  This is very positive for your sign. Before the 9th, those born after December 19th will be getting the tale-end of Jupiter squaring their suns, which can make one a little over-confident, over-reaching and a little careless. So beware.

 However, after that date, all born up to November 28th, have Jupiter very much on your side, in this once every six-year sextile transit to your Sun.  This really does enhance your ability to make a lot of headway in a group association and to pursue your hopes and your wishes more successfully and start shining when you need to shine, particularly when it’s involved in humanitarian or altruistic concerns.  Confidence grows, as does intelligent use of it.

Saturn, however, is still marching through your sign and currently is affecting, for the third and final time, those born December 1st – 4th; as previously last December/January, then again late June and July and now you have the last chapter of the challenge he is bringing.  It’s gone by the middle of October.  Saturn on your Sun has brought tiredness, possibly made your health feel a little more vulnerable, negativity of thought, possibly some depression; and certainly a feeling of block and restriction; and seeing the cup as half empty.

 This final hit will see the ending of this and decisions and events that happen during this time and your own efforts, patience, determination and reality checks about yourself, your life and your direction that you have knowledge of now, will serve you in very good stead for the future.

By contrast, those born December15th-18th really are still being stimulated and excited by change.  The new, the big picture and the liberating in your life; particularly connected to creativity, love life or offspring is underway.  You are being awakened to true potential and true authenticity of self, with people making a pathway for you. 

Those born December 1st to 3rd have to deal with some sense of confusion from Neptune.  Things are not black and white; insecurity on the home front may be part of the picture.  You may not be seeing clearly and your idealism can fog the way forward.  Make no definitive decisions without seriously examining all the implications; and check out people’s credentials and the small print of everything. Get more sleep than you usually do.  Music and being near the sea can be very harmonious and healing.

 You’re on a bit of a journey, with no oars and no compass. Trust the Trade Winds.  This may go on for a few more months. Don’t push the river; and since Saturn is also in the ether, know that you are in a transition period and that is exactly as it should be. 


September is a month for travel for many Capricorns or long distance interests being underlined.  It is also a time of excellent academic and higher learning potential. 
After the 22nd, your thinking will be clearer and any delays or hiccups in those areas will get ironed out from that date.  Before then, check all schedules, check communications and be prepared to rethink your ideas if necessary.
Before the 23rd, many of you will be finding that your artistic angle or your charms will be very useful in your public standing and persona.  The only warning is that you should be honest about what you’re feeling and be careful about sycophantic behaviour.  Only say things what you really mean.

After the 23rd, if born up to December 31st, much behind the scenes affection and help from others is manifest and figure in a positive way in your life.

After the 27th, Mars moves into your own sign, suggesting that those born in very early Capricorn, December 23rd and 24th, you will be very driven and motivated and passionate, but be careful it doesn’t evolve into an intimidating energy.

Before the 9th, while Jupiter still remains in Virgo, those born after January 17th will be very fortunate in matters of travel, vacations, legal issues and academic issues. There is growth and opportunity in those areas.
But after the 9th, when Jupiter moves into Libra, where he will be for a year, initially those born up to December 28th need to be a little bit careful of letting over-confidence at work get the better of you, or over-reaching or biting off more than you can chew.  Have some modesty.

Uranus is being a little bit disruptive to those born January 12th to 15th.  He has been so for a few months and will continue to do so until the beginning of 2018. 

 Uncertainty, unpredictability, changes within yourself and hunger for excitement and adrenalin and the new, can be disruptive if you are too impatient, particularly domestically.  Change is in the ether, but don’t be impatient and stay flexible to greet good change when it arrives.

Neptune is helpful now to those born December 30th to January 2nd.  Your emotions are currently more powerful than your intellect, or at least balancing each other out very well. Sensitivity and visualisation is increased.  This is excellent for the arts.
Pluto is bang on the Suns of those born January 4th to 7th now. He has been hovering around you for nearly two years and this is the last lap.  During this time, you will have felt a great boost to your desire to fulfil destiny and to express power; and where you meet power and where you have power thrust upon you.  The only important thing to have remembered and to continue to remember is that you use power for the greater good and not just for gratuitous ego.  If that has been case, then you will be truly aware of your potential by now and this continues for a little while yet.


It is not a month for superficial thoughts or feelings.  It is also a time when one needs to face up to some complex financial issues and clarity of finances is essential this month, as are communications with those who you’re close to.  What you say matters as well as in money issues.  Any misunderstandings and blocks in these areas can clear after the 22nd.

Before the 23rd, many of you will find that love life and travel are harmonious bedfellows.  A love of other cultures will be underlined, as is a love of learning; and your own affectionate side is also enhanced.

After the 23rd, if born up to January 29th, although your charms can be very effective at work, beware of any hypocrisy. 

From the 27th, Mars is supportive of all those born after February 1st.  Your assertiveness and leadership skills are respected, you can get things done and you constructively do not take no for an answer; and strong friends are good for you.
Jupiter’s move into Libra from the 9th is very good news for your sign, as it is a compatible air sign of yours.  Initially this month those benefiting are those born up to January 26th.  It is excellent for long distant communications, publishing issues, legal issues, travel and higher learning.  Opportunities for growth in these areas are in the air. General confidence and a feel good factor are part of the picture.

Saturn is also supportive in a slightly sterner way for those born January 29th to February 1st.  Loyalty and duty are very much part of the picture, particularly with friends and also in your obligations, as you feel them, towards humanity. Mature, measured and hard-working qualities are very much characteristics of you now and earns respect.

Uranus, your ruler, is also exciting now and bringing out your true Uranian self, if born February 11th to 14th.  Your thinking is truly divergent and lateral now and you are confident in believing in your particular unique vision and your ideas and intuition are stimulating to self and others.


 Because this is Virgo’s month, which is your opposite sign, relationships and significant other are powerfully important this month.  Just beware that you don’t give your power away completely. But it’s also equally important, with Mercury retrograde until the 22nd, that there is room for significant misunderstanding and poor message sending between you and others.  Check all communications out.  After the 22nd, communications flow.

After the 23rd, if born up to February 28th, Venus augurs well for you for travel and love combining and for great creative inspiration and for the good coming from far a field. 

From the 27th Mars is less favourable inclined towards you if born after March 1st.  There may be some irritations, agitations and impatience with those on the professional front and you may be impatient for progress, which isn’t happening.  Don’t waste time arguing and stop and think before you act or speak or respond to anybody else who may be a little less than pleasant or calm.

Jupiter has been in your opposite sign for a year and on the 9th moves into his new sign of Libra for a year.  Therefore, those in the last couple of degrees of Pieces are now savouring Jupiter’s influence, so If born after March 17th, Jupiter is bringing bonuses potentially in relationships. Good people from other cultures, people who are wise, people who are larger than life in some way, all are possibly being strong influences.  However, the downside of the Jupiter opposition can be getting carried away with benevolence to others or hero worshiping, or letting other people lead a bit too much.  The influence of others maybe a little too strong now so don’t give in too easily.  Be your own guide. 

For the next year, with Jupiter in Libra emphasis is on more intimate relationships and complex financial issues which can work well and be at least protective, but a depth of connection with others will be needed and others’ financial situations can somehow benefit you. 

Saturn however is not so friendly to those born February 28th to the March 3rd currently.  He is bringing disciplines, demands and difficulties connected to work and duty and obligation, which seem over-bearing, with not much fun around.  Step up to the plate, do what you have to, but also understand what Saturn is telling you.  Either you need to fight under-confidence, or you need to rethink your direction and goals if you are unhappy.  Honesty, humility and patience is your friend now; and this period should be relatively decisive in helping you understand what the problems are, which have been haunting you a little since late last year.

Neptune, your ruler, is in his once every 165-year visitation, exactly sitting on the Suns of those born February 27th to March 2nd.  This influence has been around really since 2015, on and off; and will be over my March 2017.  This has been a time where you have felt hypersensitive, hyper-idealistic, hyper-creative; also quite escapist because of the sensitivity that you have been feeling. Negatively, it could cause a desire to hide from life/people or escape from it/them negatively, as you felt so over-whelmed by everything, because your boundaries are so weak now. Positively, however it is truly inspiring spiritually and idealistically, with empathy, compassion overwhelming you and you have to deal with this positively. Don’t let this sensitivity drag you down, you need to use it to lift up people and inspire them when you sense their feelings so strongly.  Psychic and spiritual experiences are also very possible. Visually you are also very powerful and sea and music are your best friends.

Pluto still very much positively affecting those born March 4th to 7th and this has been going on for a few years and is coming to an end now.  This has allowed you to show your leadership skills and to show your ability and desire to make changes for others in the bigger world.  Your power for others has become strong and a sense of destiny has been around and now you are coming to the end of the realisation of just what that potential has allowed you to do and be.  From the 26th you will see a certain rubber-stamping of what you have achieved.

The Lunar eclipse in your sign on the16th directly affects those born around March15th. For these Pisces there may be a sense of a showdown with self or others. The power of unconscious forces will surface and may erupt to reveal an uncomfortable or relieving truth, about the facts of a certain situation that has run its course and needs addressed.


Monday, 1 August 2016


The world is in hugely unpredictable mode and the collective consciousness is quite unnerved, as the inevitability of change, (being one of the two certainties in life…  three if you include taxes) is underway.  The critical 15 degree point of Pluto in Capricorn s triggering the half way house point of that sign and is about transition from the hubris to the nemesis of that sign’s symbolism (cosy political elites and power of money). So, the fall out from the unacceptable side of uber neo liberal capitalism, globalisation and corpocracy is coming home to roost. The years till 2025 will be uncomfortable as the journey continues.  Collective and individual (often-bloody) rebellions will inevitably be the outcome.  There is always the danger in times of anger and frustration, that any change grabbed and any scapegoat chosen, that seems to hold the answer, often manifests as an “out of the frying pan into the fire” result or creates a whole new set of difficulties.

We are starting a period of post globalisation.

Neptune in its own home sign of Pisces, since 2012 till 2026 has brought a sense of smoke and mirrors and confusion over facts and presentation of them.. We are living increasingly in an era also of post truth politics, where facts are sacrificed on the altar of fear and media fed opinions. Economic truths are hard to establish, as even economists are subject to interpretation of their “science” according to their predisposed ideology. People do not trust “experts” now, partly because of poor communication of and explanation of facts, by those who study the issues and because of distortion and selection of them by the media/politicians, who have vested interests. There is a real danger that the age of reason will be lost on the altar of such vested interests, emotion and illusion/fear and selective perception, that this once every 165-year trip of Neptune through Pisces can foster.

 Ideally once Neptune moves into the second half of Pisces, around 2019, the more spiritual side of this planetary position will be embraced collectively, as the realities of the need to work together on a larger canvas other than mere forces of economics/power, but with a focus on saving the planet from mankind’s abuse and greedy exploitation, i.e. the focus must be shifted away from money /the material to other more profound considerations of the human condition and the plight of our 3rd rock from the Sun.

Extremism is born of fear and a sense of disempowerment and is the natural response to broken systems that political powers have persistently not addressed.  Mars in Scorpio on and off since early January, and powerfully so since late May, has brought much global radicalism, intensity, pain and ruthlessness.  He leaves Scorpio on the 2nd.  From there he moves into Sagittarius, where issues over globalisation and boundaries /borders will be rife and confrontational.

The Corbyn/labour party debacle in the UK and the Trump phenomenon in the USA are all symptoms of rebellion against a status quo that has not worked for the many, only the few and Uranus in Aries ensures that the disenchanted people will speak (wisely or not) and the comfortable ruts of the old system are shaken as a result. They need to be shaken, but in a very careful and kind way.

Add climate change to the mix with resultant intense geophysical/environmental/food crises and we are in for a bumpy ride.   When Pluto enters Aquarius (the new and the innovative and technology) in 2025, we will either be emerging into a whole new more enlightened system  …or the power of technology will so dominate us, that we will be at its mercy, rather than be its master..

Theresa May, our new UK prime minister is a Sun in Libra, like Thatcher   (No time of birth known) but she has a powerful Virgo input and a strong Pluto conjunction with Venus in Leo and conjunct the Moon (in Leo or Virgo, depending on time of birth, but still conjunct with Pluto) This makes for a controlling, intense, and critical being and she is very evidence and data based.  Her Mars in Pisces however does soften the picture, and bring empathy for the underdog, but the zealous opposition of Mars to Jupiter in Virgo gives a pioneering, zealous streak that can be at times about the pursuit of power and glory at the expense of caution/compassion. Her Saturn in Scorpio, is also pretty unbending. Without that final focus of the ascendant, it is hard to get a full picture.

Thankfully this month is calmer and less disturbing than last… a temporary respite.

The new Moon falls on the 2nd at 10 degrees of Leo at 9.27 GMT and the full Moon is on the 18th at 25 degrees of Aquarius at 20.45 GMT..

Sow on the new and reap on the full…


 A month for creativity, enjoyment and leisure and love life is more highlighted than usual, for you all but don’t take your eye off the ball work wise …   Romance and the affections are flagged up very strongly before the 5th, if born after April 13th and for all born up to April 4th, there is a strong emphasis on travel /vacations and for some in this group, focus on study too is in the air too.  However with Saturn in the same are some travel may have a work or dutiful feel.

Work is looking fairly protected with Jupiter in Virgo your signs solar 6th house, and health regimes can work well for you.

Uranus in your sign is still bringing to all born round April 13th-15th (every 84 years) a feeling of adrenalin, need for change, the unexpected, the new and the liberating (at best) but the unnerving (not so comfortably) also.  You are feeling different and the impulse factor needs care and caution.. Look before you leap or accidents can happen.. When this period is over by Feb 2018, you will be in a different place somehow..

 Pluto is also still squaring (every 124 years) the Suns of those born around April 4th-6th.. This influence has been underway since the March 2015 and is rolling out till the end of this year. It brings challenges within and without about power and a need to liberate from unhealthy and oppressive influences   that on some level you are or have been colluding with work issues may be part of this struggle or authority figures need to be detached from somehow.. This is a time of psychological depth and honesty, so you can regenerate/transform self and at the same time not abuse power in so doing.


 Home/family matters are important this month. Energy spent on domestic issues can be valuable. However the advantages of good communications with ones offspring and also in love life are very flagged up too for all. Writers are also particularly blessed, as the creative font is strong. Before the 5th, if born after May 14th, there is a slight danger of over indulgence or over spending on home and family. So try to have a little moderation. Entertaining at home can be a joy though.

 After the 2nd there will be some sense of relief in relationships that have felt a little adversarial or controlling for some months.. The pressure is off, but focus on complex joint finances may become quite strong, and can be constructive.

Jupiter is very supportive now if born May 12th.-20th.  Happy times round children and expansion in love life is very possible and affections are definitely underlined. For all creative/artistic pursuits this is also an excellent and confident/successful period.  Socialising is especially successful and enjoyable.

 Neptune is inspiring still if born April 29th-May 2nd. This is a period till the beginning of 2018, when your empathy, compassion, sensitivity and emotional richness is more emphasis than in the past, and your creative inspiration is strong too as is a desire to be there for others in need and to feel others pain is strong as the boundaries between you and others are diminished. Your spiritual side too is strengthened, as is a greater sense of connection with and love of nature is evident

 If born May 5th-7th, you continue to feel a new sense of power and courage, in your big picture awareness and a sense of destiny continues to drive you. You are able to self foster and self reinvention with higher learning or long distance contacts or travel being catalysts for this new sense of self..  This continues till the end of the year, so use wisely and appreciate this once in a lifetime growth.


You usual intellectual assets are strengthened this month, with communications skilled even sharper than usual.

 However family communications figure strongly too and need care, and make sure there is no room for misunderstandings.  Negotiations re real estate /property may figure strongly too and needs sharp attention.

 From the 2nd all born up to June 5th, need to be aware that Mars in your solar 7th house will be bringing some quite acerbic and challenging communications from others.. There is a hint of over assertion and some confrontation with others, so patience and forbearance may be needed. However in debate you will meet you match and need to respect differences.

 Jupiter, if born After June 12th, is creating a bit of a tendency to be a little self indulgent or to have a sense of entitlement and a little over confidence is a possibility.. Enjoy the sense of luxury, but have some modesty too.

Saturn is a little challenging now to all born May 30th-June 2nd (as last December).
There is a need to recognise in a mature way m duty and obligation. There is also the possibility that some one or something seems to be blocking your path and this feels frustrating. Others also are presenting you with reality checks and relationships are possibly revealed to be more difficult than you anticipated. Either you recognise that others are teaching you something worth while and accept this, or you may realise some body is a problem that may suggest a need to reconsider the relationships validity. This takes a lot of self-honesty and humility. It is also possible that you may need to consider the validity or strategy of a certain goal you have embarked upon that has hit the buffers somehow..  Look after your health too.

 Neptune creates some illusions or uncertainties and confusion still if born May 31st- June 3rd.. Keep real and don’t take any one or any thing at face value. If dissatisfaction at work is a problem, consider your emotional /spiritual needs and think of work that satisfies that more.

Uranus is quite inspiring now if born June 14th-16th.. You are feeling more intuitive and inclined to see the bigger picture, you also are becoming more altruistic and concerned with freedom and humanitarianism.. There is also a sense of being awakened to a new chapter of freedom and self-authenticity. Enjoy, as this lasts till February 2018!.


Finances are flagged up for attention, especially personal ones and before the 5th this can prove successful, but you are all also in communication mode. Disseminating information and learning /discussing /reading and a need to talk is string and is valuable and incisive and after the 5th you communication skills are blessed and enhanced by charm and aesthetic skill.

Mars, after the 2nd puts some focus on work issues in a way that demands your effort and ambition.. It may also flag up a new health determination in some context.
Jupiter aids and abets the intellects and communication success of all born after July 14th. You get noticed and listened to and writers and speechmakers can flourish.

Siblings can also be very positive influences and communication with them is enhanced.

 Uranus is a little disruptive now to all born July 16th-18th.. There is a feeling of disruption and the unexpected and insecure possibly around professional issues.
You may also feel yourself that there is a sense of a need for change and your serenity is not so sure. Uranus awakens you to new insights and dimensions pf self and this is a journey that you cannot push, and which continues till early 2018.. Stay flexible and watch the evolution with patience and open mindedness. Inevitable change will arrive so do not push the river.

Neptune continues to inspire all born July 1st –4th. He is enhancing your creative inspiration and spiritual side. Other countries and spiritual paths inspire. There is also a sense of increased empathy /compassion emotionalism, all positively expressed.

 Pluto however is still bringing to many born around July5th-8th. a feeling of struggle with powerful energies outside themselves …. This has been ongoing since early 2015 and fades from late this year.  Forces that feel dark or threatening somehow need careful handling. You have been and are tested to keep squeaky clean and to draw boundaries around those who may misuse power. You have to look at the dark but not be defined by it. Meet it eye to eye and deal with it with dignity and quiet defiance.. Walk away, even if it means cutting some losses if need be.  Endings of chapters are inevitable in some way, but you emerge transformed, stronger and matured.


This is your sign’s month. Enjoy being high profile and in the spotlight especially before the 5th if born after August 16th. Venus is then really adding to your popularity and enhances Cupid’s power… However you all need some focus on finance too and after the 5th, that area can be enhanced.

Mars after the 2nd is turning from feeling a stressful power to a helpful one and if born up to August 7th, you can look forward to a period of happy enjoyment, support and joy from offspring and a real sense of fun and romance may well be in the air . It is also a great time for the arts and creativity too… You are feeling extrovert and you take to the stage readily and happily.

 Jupiter is still at the least protecting your finances, at the best bringing financial opportunities.

 Saturn is also currently supportive and maturing for those born in the first two days of August.. You are stepping up to the plate re love life and children’s’ issues and have the discipline and maturity to do what is necessary to improve and secure those areas. You also have added discipline and patience in any creative pursuit.. You can gain admiration now because of your efforts and seriousness of purpose.

 Uranus is very exciting and liberating too now for those born August 16th-18th.  For this group exciting new chapters are opening up from long distance sources and travel is really awakening. Higher study and education is a great catalyst for enlightenment and the need for a new and more inspiring chapter in life calls somehow. Relationships are often the catalyst for this as others that come into your life trigger change that is quite a kick start into a new, more exciting future somehow. This is around till about February 2018, so look forward.

The new Moon falls in your sign on the 2nd directly impacting those born around August 2nd-4th. For these Leos there is the potential for a new chapter being born with the initiation of the new and positive in the ether.


This is a month of some need for privacy and maybe a need to revisit the past in some way, especially up till the 22nd.  However the presence of your ruler Mercury in your sign all month does point to a sharp mind and great ability and need to communicate. Just ensure you listen as well as talk.

Before the 5th, there is a possibility of behind scenes affections and good done for others rather privately. After the 5th, there is an enhancement for all born up to September 17th of an extra charisma and attractiveness and loveability is enhanced and affections are underlined.

 Mars leaving Scorpio on the 2nd brings the potential for some tensions /challenges/irritations from family and re home issues. Patience and tolerance is needed and also a need to listen to complaints with openness. However there may be some unnecessary and unwarranted irritations by others. Your energy could be a little overbearing at home however.

The very positive news for this born after September 14th, is that Jupiter, still in your sign, is now exactly conjuncting your Suns (Every 12 years). For this group, there is a real sense of joy, confidence, advantage, growth, inner or outer, and with travel very possibly underlined.  A happy period with a sense of enjoying life is indicated. The only down side is the possibility of over confidence or even a touch of arrogance, although these is not a typical qualities of your sign.

Saturn however is not so well disposed to those born September 1st-4th (as last December.) There is some block or problem possibly connected to home /family /real estate. A need to rethink relationships and your own behaviour is flagged up and it is also necessary to get real and to do what is necessary to put your house in order and reality checks now can be very useful. If you address the work needed to be done.  Look after health too.

Neptune still indicates a need to check the reality and the credentials of others if born September 2nd-5th. Do not project onto others what you want to see and don’t be easily seduced. This a great time for creative gifts, but over idealism and rose coloured spectacles are a danger.

 For those born September 7th-9th, Pluto is bringing the gift of empowerment, very possibly in love life and in the arts and in fertility generally. Confidence and destiny is on your side.  This lasts till the end of the year so appreciate the opportunities.


The desire to be sociable and work in cohesion with others for a common cause is strong for all, but especially for those born after October16th who will be especially warm and sociable and popularity in networking is strong.

There is also a tendency for much communication that has a private feel too and it is possible that sometimes there is a feeling of being rather isolated in opinion, despite the sociable environment. And after the 5th those born up to October 17th may well find that much love and caring has a behind the scenes feel.

 From the 2nd Mars, newly in Sagittarius gives effectiveness and boldness of communication and your words and communications are delivered with ambition and assertiveness.

Saturn also lends a serious, mature and grounded feel to all communications and thoughts, of those born October 2nd-5th.  There will be a positive, respected and constructive outcome from decisions and connections with others. Hard work is demanded, but pays off.

Uranus is a big player now in the lives of those beings born round October
17th-19th.. Others and circumstance are creating uncertainty , change and disruption in ones life , which can be upsetting or destabilising , but it can also create a new catalyst for change and freedom , that ultimately is a positive thing, even if initially it is not welcomed .. Change is inevitable now but it is also important to treat this period right up to early 2018, as a journey, so stay adaptable and flexible and go with the flow. 

Pluto is a challenge still till the end of the year for those born October 8th-10th.. . Issues re family and domestically are challenging and the need for independence and personal independence and empowerment is strong.. Struggle happens internally and possible externally… It is a time for consciousness about inner old dynamics that are quite primeval and now erupting. It is important to be conscious self aware and controlled now; so that you are in charge of the power you feel rather than let it overwhelm you.


There is a focus on career now and public standing as you are in the public eye and before the 5th if born up to November 17th, your charms and charisma aid and abet your status, but beware of sycophancy.  After the 5th friends are invaluable and social life is fulfilling.

 Mars finally leaves your sign on the 2nd after a protracted period where assertive behaviour and ambition and some convoluted conflict has been in the air.  From Sagittarius, there is a focus of determined ambition and drive towards finance.

Jupiter is happily supporting now those born after November 13th. Lucky meetings with others and generous friends/contacts enrich life and your generosity to others pays off and back twofold.

Neptune is still a very kindly influence now on the lives of those born November 2nd-5th. He is bringing a huge boost to creative drives, needs and talents, especially related to music, film and visual arts. It is also a time of great spiritual links in love life and huge idealism that rises above just the physical. Children/offspring are also a real source of inspiration and love and joy and general compassion and sensitivity is hugely amplified. This is around as a factor early 2018, so allow its strength to enrich your life. Being near the sea/water is also a particular healing experience when Neptune is strong.

Pluto your natural ruler is still and till the end of the year, really positively impacting the lives of those born November 7th-9th. For these privileged Scorpios, this once in a lifetime influence allows real intellectual self regeneration and courage and allows a flowering of the insight implicit in all Scorpio beings … focused particularly on the power of incisive forensic intellect, understanding and communicative skill.  Siblings too may play a significant role in this destined period of development.


The perfect month for travel and furthering academic and legal pursuits is at hand and before the 5th, if born after December16th, love life and the affections are linked to travel and learning somehow too.

Much careful focus and thinking/communicating is demanded in career for all too this month, but after the 5th if born up to December16th.. Your charms are good tools and advantageous career wise and socially.

 Mars moves into your sign on the 2nd, so all born up to December 7th, will feel an extra surge of dynamism and ambition at best, but maybe a sense of over assertiveness at worst.. Others too may be a little too ready to assert themselves in a rather domineering way in your life.  Mars is activated and he is a trigger planet.

Jupiter still square to your sign from Virgo, is now creating for those born December 14th-20th, a sense of possible over confidence (possibly career wise) and maybe a tendency to over commit, over do or be a bit over extravagant.. You can enjoy this transit, but have some caution and restraint. Saturn by contrast is now bringing some reality checks and blocks possibly to the lives of those born December 1st-4th, as last December.  This is a period to not circum to too much negativity.. but to step up to the plate and be practical and to work hard putting a better infrastructure into your life.  Patience and some endurance will pay off. Look after your health too.

Uranus is enlivening and awakening now if born round December15th-17th.. He is bringing a new sense of confidence in your authenticity and desire to have more freedom and uniqueness in life, possible connected to love life and the creative arts.. Children’s issues are sources of the new as well.  Awakening times are around you now and for till early next year..

 If born December 1st to 4th, you still need to be aware of (and till the end of next year) the need to see clearly… There is some sense of confusion and uncertainty in life, possibly connected to roots and at the same time as feeling a need to reach for ideals. Keep grounded and be aware that you check all information out and don’t assume you have everyone sussed. Beware smoke and mirrors and you need sleep and music to heal any sadness and hypersensitivity, but your compassion abounds now.


 A time for depth and not the superficial, not least a need to focus on private, intense issues, not least finances and intimate dealings.

 Long distance communications are underlined now and so is academic focus. .. Communications demand wisdom and the higher mind and after the 5th love life and travel/other realms can combine if born up to January 15th.

Jupiter is very much on your side now if born January 12th-19th. Expansion, growth, wisdom and luck is around you somehow. Holidays are flagged up and general happy travel and bonuses from far off places. Luck is suggested re legal and publishing issues too. Good academic results are also in the air.

Uranus is a little challenging from now till early next year, for those born January14th-16th. There is a real restlessness and sense of disruption within and externally, possibly round home /real estate and family issues… Change is in the air, but do not be too impulsive and over reactive. Stay flexible and see this period as a bit of a journey with some false starts and reversals but that is ok.  Changeable feelings from day to day are part of this transit, as is a need for some adventure/excitement /adrenalin, but caution is needed and risks carefully considered. Including physical ones. Have patience and know the outcome is a new chapter and that one of the only certainties in life is change. Uranus’ task is to awaken and enlighten in his rather unpredictable way. Finances may have unpredictability too.

 Pluto is still powerful if born January 5th-7th (and has been on and off since the beginning of the year). A real sense of power has erupted within and/or a realisation of an sense of endings of chapters in life that can be quite challenging, but which are the precursors of the new and empowering and self reinventive.  Destiny is in the air this goes very deep for sure and feels quite primeval in essence.. Keep squeaky clean and know this is a revolution that is not really completed till the end of this year.

Finally Neptune continues to inspire those born January1st to 3rd. More emotional response is now evident in you and your creative/artistic and spiritual sense is heightened as is compassion, empathy and love. Music and film and the visual arts can flourish in you life now. This has been underway  since early this year... and has not completed his work till the end of 2017.


It is all about the power of others in your life now for the good and before the 5th if born after February 12th, love life can particularly flourish.. Communication that is serious and meaningful can be useful this month especially related to complex finances and private and intimate issues too.

 Mars moves into friendly to you Sagittarius on the 2nd and from there will bring for all born up to February 3rd an intelligent energy, that gives leadership skills and a sense of constructive progress to your goals, especially if they are collective.

Friends too give good advice and inspire and vice versa…  Saturn is a serious and constructive force now for those born January 28th-31st. He is bringing maturity of stance and judgement, a sense of discipline and a hard work ethic and loyalty and duty to bear on what you are trying to achieve and your sense of duty to others now is admirable. Others, especially friends too can be a source of support and constructiveness in your life’s efforts.  This may a time of all work and little play, but the deferred gratification is well worth it and others admire you achievements and attitude.

 Uranus your ruling planet is now bringing out your best Aquarian characteristics now and for the coming 12 months, if born February 12th-14th.  Your mind is mow extra intuitive and you are looking outside the box and thinking laterally or divergently even more than usual. Eureka moments are in the air and you are also more than usually maverick and individualistic in your approach to life. The need to fight for a better future for self and others is strong. Your altruism, idealism and humanitarian instincts now are paramount. A new leap into a new consciousness is under way and your teaching and communication skills can be inspiring now .You are really fired with knowledge, and more importantly, wisdom. And insight.

The full Moon on the 18th hits those born around February 14th. For this group truths will erupt and the unconscious is unleashed in self and others. Endings of chapters show themselves somehow.


 Looking after routine work and organisational issues and indeed taking care of health is on the menu this month.   Mercury in your opposite sign of Virgo is also suggesting that you all will be in very strong communicative mode with information from others and conversation being prolific and beneficial and it is important that you listen and be listened to with focus. After the 5th, all born up to March 15th can also look forward to enriched affections and romantic potential with others.

Mars newly in Sagittarius from the 2nd is going to challenge to some degree those born up to March 5th. For this group there is the potential for some confrontation or irritation in a work context or with authority figures in any context. Impatience with others or intolerance issues are in the air and this can be you as victim or perpetrator.

Stop and count to 10 before speaking or reacting to any challenge or frustration.
Ambition can also create some ruthlessness in behaviour, so beware.

 Jupiter is moving now towards the end of his journey through Virgo, and this means he currently is opposing the suns of those born March 12th-20th. For this group there is a strong feeling of luck and advantage brought into your life through others (and through travel) and indeed from others from other cultures, or those who are able to bring advantage, luck and wisdom into your life. However this can also manifest as
an over strong sense of expansion and extravagance and often over confidence in all issues, especially related to others.. It can bring excess that can be later regretted a little, so caution is needed to get the best from this transit.

Saturn is a bit of a reality check now for those born February 27th- March 2nd… career /work issues are tricky and hard and delays and frustrations generally are possible Tiredness and a rather low mood is in the air too.  This is a time to bite bullets and rethink strategy and if necessary admit what you need to change and face facts with maturity .It pays off if you do. A bit of humility does not go astray with Saturn.

Neptune your ruler is also still really bringing full Pisces consciousness to those born March 1st to 3rd and this may well be modified by the Saturn influence. It is important not to let your hypersensitivity dominate and use it wisely for the betterment of others and for creative work, but keep grounded and don’t be over idealistic or escapist. If you are, Saturn will soon show you the realities and ground you.

Pluto is continuing to be a regenerative and empowering influence on those born March 5th-7th, mainly completed by the years end.. Your transformational influence in groups is strong and effective friends and contacts further your goals for self and indeed for others.